Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brewer's Art Studio

The Marietta Times, December 9, 1869:

Our people should see the portraits of Colonel Mills and William F. Curtis at Mr. Brewer's studio over Pearce & Triem's Drug Store. As likenesses, they cannot be bettered. Besides, the artist has shown consummate skill in every detail of the work before him.

We cannot but express the hope that Mr. Brewer will be appreciated and patronized, as he should be, in a community like this. It is seldom that one so thoroughly master of his profession is at the service of those who wish to procure excellent portraits of themselves or of their friends. 

It is folly or nonsense to engage pictures - as some do - by having a photograph taken here, while the work of the painter is done elsewhere. The proverb, Descriptions decide nothing, is absolutely true in respect of persons. To make a good likeness, the artist must see the subject of his pencil, even though casually and but once. Otherwise, the portrait will be weak and unsatisfactory.

The Marietta Times, December 30, 1869:

 Mr. Brewer is now at work on portraits of President Andrews; W. H. Oldham, Esq.; William Warden, of the National House; and Dr. Stout. The pictures, as yet, are unfinished, but sufficient progress has been made to show that they will be good likenesses. 

It is worth the time and trouble to pay a visit to Mr. Brewer's studio over Pearce & Triem's Drug Store, on the Island. We have, heretofore, spoken in decided terms of his merits as an artist, and we could now but repeat what we said then. We do not believe that better work than his can be procured in the large cities, and we are certain that in Cincinnati, pictures greatly inferior to those which he produces, command twice the price he asks for a portrait.

The Marietta Times, January 27, 1870:

Mr. Brewer has finished a crayon portrait of W. H. Oldham which is worth seeing. It is not only a good likeness in that the features of his face are all there, but the vigor and force of expression which he has managed to throw into it make it one of the best pictures we ever saw.

A portrait of Mr. Warden of the National House, done in oil colors, will be recognized at once by anyone that has ever seen him. There are besides, admirable likenesses of other Marietta men - Col. Mills, W. F. Curtis, President Andrews, R. M. Stimson, and N. Fawcett.

Mr. Brewer will stay but a little while longer, and those who wish to have first-rate portraits should now avail themselves of this, the best opportunity they will ever have. No better pictures can be produced anywhere. To satisfy yourself of this, call at his studio, over Pearce & Triem's Drug Store. 

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