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Education in Marietta

 Marietta Gazette, February 28, 1835

Marietta, at this time, affords advantages for educating the young and rising generation, equal to any town of its size in the great west. We have a regularly incorporated College, on the manual labor system, with able and experienced professors, and well attended by scholars. A Female Seminary, the teachers in which it would be supererogation in us to praise. A school under the management of the Rev. J. T. Wheat, the worthy pastor of the Episcopal Church; and several common schools, all of which are in successful operation.

The town is healthy, boarding cheap, and the society equally moral and intelligent with that of any town. Parents and guardians would no doubt find it greatly to their interest to examine the seminaries of learning in Marietta before sending their children and wards to any other place. The Ohio river, and two or three different lines of stages, give all the requisite means of conveyance for those who wish to come from distant parts of the country.