Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Decoration Day

The Marietta Register, May 27, 1869

By Lieut. Col. John J. Nevin

"The 30th of May is hereby designated for the purpose of strewing with flowers the graves of our comrades who died in defence of their country, with the hope that it will be observed from year to year by all the people." - Extract from Gen. Logan's Order No. 11, Headquarters G.A.R., May 5, 1868.


 Let us gather to the ground,
Our soldiers' graves around,
And strew each lonely mound
With the choicest flowers of spring;
And the spirits of the brave,
O'er the land they died to save,
Shall keep watch while we these offerings bring,
And when we forget their valor
Gave our liberty new birth,
May their ungrateful country
Perish from the face of earth.


We'll gather to the ground,
Our soldiers graves around,
And deck each lonely mound
With the fairest flower o'er,
And the land they died to save
Still shall honor thus her brave,
And forget them never more.


Oh then, on bended knee,
Let us mingle silently
The pale anemone
And the dark blue violet,
And the fragrant flow'rs of May,
With forget-me-nots and bay,
And garlands of spring beauties wet;
And their pure breath shall ascend,
Like a prayer, like a prayer,
That our land may find hearts as true,
As those that moulder there.


And year by year we'll come,
When the flowers are in bloom,
And we'll deck each hero's tomb
On this "Decoration Day";
Till all the South and North
Shall link it with the Fourth,
Twin holidays and holy days for aye;
Yes the Fourth and this new May day
Through all the coming years;
That we'll keep with loyal glee,
But this with patriot tears.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

German School

Marietta Intelligencer, January 2, 1855

The undersigned intends to give private lessons in the German Language. All gentlemen who want to form a class, please to apply to me on next Tuesday evening, the 2nd day of January, 1855, at 7 o'clock, at my residence on 3rd Street, next door to Mr. J. Sheppard & Co's Candle Factory, in the house belonging to Mr. Schweitzer, wagon maker.

Rev'd. E. C. Zobel.


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Suffragette to Visit Marietta

Marietta Daily Times, May 9, 1912

Miss Laura Clay of Lexington, Kentucky, an officer of the National Woman's Suffrage association, will be in Marietta on Wednesday, May 22nd, and will deliver an address at the assembly room of the court house that evening at 8 o'clock.

The meeting here will be held under the auspices of the local suffrage campaign committee, on which are Rev. and Mrs. E. A. Coil, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Morgan, Mrs. Charles H. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Middleswart and other prominent men and women.

It is expected that an active campaign in behalf of the extension of the suffrage to women will be launched in this city, in common with hundreds in all parts of the country, the National association and state organizations being more active than ever before. There are many supporters of the movement in Marietta.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Crystal Ice and Preserving Company Buys Plant

Marietta Daily Leader, November 18, 1900

One of the biggest deals in real estate and manufacturing interests that ever occurred in the city was consummated Saturday. The Marietta Ice Company disposed of their lots, buildings and plant lying below Butler Street, between Third and Fourth streets, to the Crystal Ice and Preserving Company of this city.

The real estate embraced in the deal consists of one hundred feet fronting on Third and extending through to Fourth. The plant is an extensive one and has been successfully operated by the Marietta Ice Co.  The consideration is said to be in the neighborhood of $45,000.

The company purchasing this valuable property was recently incorporated under the laws of Ohio and is composed of several well known Marietta and Pittsburgh capitalists. The officers are as follows: President, L. C. Braun; Vice President, George Van Dusen; Secretary, George B. Eyssen; Treasurer, William Harrington. Mr. Harrington is also general manager and will have charge of the plant.

The company was incorporated with $50,000 capital stock, but this amount will be increased to $75,000 in order to put in the improved machinery necessary to fully equip the plant for the work in which it will be engaged. In addition to improving the ice making machinery, a complete outfit for the preserving of fruits, etc., and a cold storage plant will be added. These improvements will be undertaken in time to have them completed by the opening of next season. The new company will take possession on December 1.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Gas Light Works

Marietta Intelligencer, September 4, 1856

An ordinance to provide for establishing Gas Light Works in the city of Marietta, Ohio.  Be it ordained by the city Council of the city of Marietta, that E. Gwynn and his associates, and successors, to be organized as a Gas Light Company, shall for the term of twenty years, from the passage of this ordinance, have the exclusive privilege of using streets, lanes, alleys, and public grounds of said city, for the purpose of laying down pipes for the conveyance of gas in and through said city, for the use of said city and its inhabitants.

Provided, That all injuries done to said streets, alleys, and public grounds, shall be repaired by said grantees, with due diligence and the same be left in as good condition as before.  And

Provided, also, That for the period of ten years from the passage of this ordinance; the price for gas furnished to said city, and its inhabitants, by the said grantees, shall not exceed four dollars per thousand cubic feet, and that the gas so furnished shall be of the best quality.  And

Provided, also, That said grantees shall cause two miles of pipe to be laid down within four years, and at least one mile of pipe to be laid down, and the contemplated gas works to be erected and put in operation within two years from the passage of this ordinance, and shall by the first day of October next, deposit with the city Clerk of said city, a bond of one thousand dollars to be forfeited if the said contemplated gas works shall not be in operation within two years from the passage of this ordinance.  And

Provided, further That for the formation of said Gas Light Company, books of subscription for Stock therein, shall be opened by said grantees in the city of Marietta, and continue open for the purpose aforesaid, until the first day of October next.  Passed August 30, 1856.

W. F. Curtis, Pres't.
Attest:  R. E. Harte, City Clerk.
Marietta, Sept. 1, 1856.