Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Paving in Marietta

The Marietta Gazette, July 12, 1834:

Proposals for Paving the Streets of Marietta.

Sealed proposals will be received by the Trustees of the First Ward until Saturday, the 19th inst. at 2 o'clock P.M. for paving, with good hard sound flag stone, across the following streets, viz:

From the corner of John Mills' lot across Post street on Ohio street.

On the north side of Greene street, from J. Jennings' shop, across Second street: from the corner of S. Daniels' lot, across Third street; and from D. Gilbert's lot across Fourth street.

The flagging to be well bedded in sand, three feet wide and six inches thick, where it is to be crossed by teams; and not less than three inches thick in other parts; to be laid level with the side walk, or descending to the centre of the street,as the case may be, according to  the direction of the Trustees - leaving a free passage for the water in the gutters under the walk, covering them with stone of good length.

The Proposals will state at what price per rod the work will be done by the 10th day of August, another third to be done by the 1st day of September, at which time an order on the Treasurer for one half of the amount contracted for will be given; and the whole work must be completed by the 15th of September, to the satisfaction of the Trustees.

If the work is not done, a forfeiture of 25 per cent will be deducted from the whole sum contracted for, and the work given to some other person, unless some unforeseen cause should prevent its completion.

S. Daniels, N. Bishop, J. Lewis, Trustees.
                                        *     *     *     *

Resolved By the Mayor, Recorder, and Trustees of the Town of Marietta, That a paved foot walk, four feet wide, of hard burnt brick, or smooth flag stone, be made the present season, from the corner of the Court House lot on Second and Putnam streets, and on the eastwardly side of Second street to and across Scammel street, to the corner of lot No. 569, thence across Second street to the corner of lot 570, thence on the northerly side of Scammel street to Front street; and from the corner of lot No. 665 across Putnam strreet to the corner of square No. 52.

Resolved, That a gravel walk be made on the westwardly side of Second street, from Scammel street to the foot of Liberty Hill, and from Second street, on the northerly side of Scammel street, to Fourth street, except across the drains, which are to be made of stone.

Resolved, That the crossings of the streets, culverts on the drains, and the gravel from the drains north of the Methodist Meeting House on Second street, and from Second street to Fourth street, on the northerly side of Scammel street, be done at the expense of the third ward; and that the residue be done at the expense of the lots, or the owners of the same on said lines, so as aforesaid; all under the direction of the Trustees of the Third Ward.

Nahum Ward, Mayor.
J. P. Wightman, Recorder.
Passed June 30th, 1834.