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John Hill

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

John Hill was born in Marietta, October 19, 1803, and resides on a small farm at the upper end of town. He is a carpenter and still follows his calling although past four score years of age. His children are Capt. Wallace Hill at Sydney, O.; Eunice Hill unmarried, Alice Williams in Iowa, Emily Waldeck of Logan, O., and Alexander of Oskaloosa, Iowa.

John Richards

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

John Richards was born in England March 28, 1803, and came to Marietta in 1832. His living children are, John in Matamoras; Edward in mercantile business here; William, a shoe maker of this place; Henton, a Chicago grocer; Elizabeth, in Plain City; Margaret, resident of Hillsboro, and Eliza, wife of J. J. Brenan, a grocer of Marietta.

James Dutton

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

An old resident of the county, removed from Macksburg to Marietta about twenty years ago. His son, William, still resides in the oil district of Aurelius Township. Mr. Dutton was born July 23, 1801, in Loudoun County, Virginia, and at this writing is in quite feeble health. He resides on 5th street near the College.

Daphne Squires

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

From the best information we have been able to glean, we learn that this aged maiden lady was born about the beginning of the present century, in Marietta, but although unable to rise from her bed, like many unmarried ladies of her sex she dislikes to acknowledge her true age and claims to be but 75 years old. She was for many years a domestic in the family of Governor Meigs and after his death recovered a considerable sum from the estate for unpaid services with which she purchased the property where she still resides near the Mound Cemetery.

Capt. William Warren

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884
Capt. William Warren was born in Middlesex, Massachusetts, in the year 1800 and moved to Marietta in 1814. The Captain is in excellent health, going out in all kinds of weather, and has lived in Marietta for 70 years. He has but one child, Sarah R. Warren, with whom he lives on 2d street near Scammel. Mr. Warren's recollections of Marietta, when he arrived, is that the village had about 800 inhabitants, while the courts were still held in a log building on the site of the present jail.

Rev. William Pearce

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884
Rev. William Pearce was born in Dover, Kent, England, in 1803, and moved to Marietta about forty years ago. His sons, Charles, near Marietta, and Ebenezer, of Long Island, are farmers; Thurza Pearce is teacher in the Union Schools here and Lena is a teacher in the High School. Mr. Pearce resides near Mound Cemetery and enjoys good health.

Rebecca Geren

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884. 
Rebecca Geren was born on the banks of the Muskingum, 3 miles from Marietta, in 1801. After her marriage, in 1823, she moved into town. She has 3 children living, Catharine, wife of Chris Burgeon, Mrs. Mary Tucker and William Geren a painter of Marietta. Her father was Henry Skinner who did mason work in Harmar for many years.

Thomas Porter

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Thomas Porter was born in Salem Township, this county, Nov. 7th, 1800. He came to Marietta in 1817 to learn a trade and 20 years later moved into the place. Mr. Porter is a son of Amos Porter, one of the original 47 men who made the first permanent settlement of this place and a member of the Ohio Company. He has but one child living, Harriet, wife of Joseph Cox, of Lowell. Mr. Porter was formerly a tanner. He still has good health and was out gardening when our reporter called on him.

Henry Wehrs

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Henry Wehrs, born in Hanover, Germany, in 1800, came to Marietta in 1851. He is in good health. His children are J. F. Wehrs, the grocer on Front street, Martha, wife of Charles Abecht of Lawrence Twp., and Henry Wehrs, Jr., farmer, near Columbus, Ohio.

Charlotte G. Grosvenor

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Charlotte G. Grosvenor was born in Windham, Connecticut, in August, 1799, and moved to Marietta about 1851. She is in fair health and resides with her son Samuel L., the postmaster of this place. Frank, her only other living child is in the lumber business at Ingersoll, Texas.

Jacob Lander

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Jacob Lander was born in Germany, June 27, 1799, and came to Marietta many years ago. He lives near the Stockade store and is in very good health. Three of his children are living: Jacob Lander, residing on Duck Creek, Elizabeth Lang, residing with her father, and Kate, wife of Mathias Strecker, of Marietta.

Asahel Woodruff and Wife

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

This aged couple have spent 62 years of married life. Mr. W. was born in Farmington, Connecticut, in 1798, and his wife in Middletown, Connecticut, a couple of years later. They came to Marietta in 1838, and now reside with their daughter Jane, wife of Ira Preston, a retired minister, living on Fourth street, above Scammel. They have three other children; George R., hardware merchant of this place, Norton, a Presbyterian minister of Kansas, and Mary, wife of Julius Bingham of Greensville county, Virginia. Mr. Woodruff is in feeble health and fast failing while the wife is in good health with retentive memory. (Since the above was prepared Mr. Woodruff has died.)

Ernest Styer

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Ernest Styer was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1798, and came to Marietta in 1838. He has since made three voyages across to the home of his childhood, but returned to Marietta to spend his remaining days. He is a batchelor, and resides on 4th street, between Scammel and Wooster.

Sarah Jones

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Sarah Jones was born in Washington county, Pennsylvania, in Dec., 1797, and moved to Marietta in 1851. She is quite feeble and failing in memory. Six of her children are living: David T. Jones, of Bay City, Mich., Thomas. F. Jones, of Columbus, Ohio, Nellie, wife of George T. Elston, with whom the old lady resides, both of Marietta, Sarah J. Hagan and Drusilla Lingo, both residing in Kansas.

Elizabeth Bishop

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Elizabeth Bishop was born in Kennebec county, Maine, March 19th, 1797, and is consequently now in her 88th year, but she has just been doing with her own hands a nice job of papering at her residence on Hart streeItalict, and says she feels as young as she did 70 years ago but tires out easier. She landed in Marietta in 1813, during the war. At that time it took two months to make the trip but at present a couple of days is sufficient. Of her dozen children and husband, but one remains - Elizabeth, a daughter, who resides with her mother.

Joseph E. Hall

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Joseph E. Hall was born in Coldchester, Conn., April 26th, 1793, having now just entered his 92d year. He moved to Marietta in 1817, the town at that time boasting of about 1,000 inhabitants. Mr. Hall is well preserved for one of his years, has a clear memory and bids fair to become a centenarian. He has three children living, Chas. B., so long with the Phoenix Mill, John, senior partner in Hall & Bailey's planing mill, and George a workman in the same.

Hartness Wells

The Marietta Register, May 13, 1884

Hartness Wells is, we believe, the oldest person in Marietta, having been born in New York on St. Valentines day in 1791, being now in the 94th year of his age. In early childhood he moved to Monmouth County, New Jersey, and from there removed to Marietta in 1840. He has five children living. William, a dealer in horses at Freehold, N. J., John C., also horse dealer in New York, Thomas K. Wells for 11 years past proprietor of the National Hotel of this place, Jane, wife of Douglas Daniels, horse dealer in Marietta, and Susan M., wife of James. P. Allaire, of Kansas City. Mr. Wells has been in good health until recently, but is now failing quite fast.

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Marriages Extracted From Old Marietta Newspapers

* * A * *

Geo. Adams to Elizabeth Hutchinson, both of Warren, April 9, 1822.

Richard Alcock to Wealthy Buell, both of Marietta, December 30, 1813.

Thomas Alcock to Miss Sally Wells, of Virginia, May 1, 1813.

Wm. Alcock to Sally Posey, January 26, 1820.

John Alexander to Polly Sinclair, both of Adams, March 16, 1825.

Alex. Allison to Nancy Seifert, in Adams, November 25, 1817.

Hugh Allison to Drusilla Davis, both of Adams, May 24, 1827.

James M. Amlin, of Fearing, to Eliza Sharp, of Lawrence, January 20, 1825.

David B. Anderson to Eunice Hall, in Marietta, September 2, 1821.

Henry Armstrong to Sarah Stephenson, September 21, 1824.

* * B * *

Emery Bailey to Sophronia Maxon, both of Fearing, April 4, 1827

Washington Bailey to Eliza Buck, September 10, 1820.

Col. Francis A. Barker, of Morgan Co., to Catharine Barker, of Washington Co., April 10, 1827.

Joseph Barker, Jr., of Newport, to Melissa W. Stone, of Belpre, May 11, 1817.

Luther D. Barker to Maria Devol, in Union, March 6, 1821.

Smith Bartlett to Mary Willis, of Union, June 9, 1825.

Col. Robert C. Barton to Rachel B. Van Duyn, both of Marietta, April 6, 1815.

Hiram Beach to Almonia Mixer, July 15, 1829.

Phinehas Beardsley to Mrs. Mary Ann Gevrez, of Aurelius, February 26, 1820.

Capt. Hopson Beebe, of Athens, to Mrs. Rebecca Warren, in Belpre, April 3, 1826.

Geo. Beerley to Sally Mixer, April 9, 1821.

Jas. P. Beswick, of Watertown, to Augusta Thorniley, of Marietta, December 10, 1825.

Joshua Bishop to Nancy Dunbar, in Wesley, June 25, 1822.

N. Bishop to Elizabeth Giles, both of Marietta, by John Brough, Esq., October 29, 1814.

John Bizer, of Warren, to Samantha Finch, of Belpre, November 9, 1826.

Richard Bodkin, of Belpre, to Mrs. Mary McCullough, of Marietta, February 25, 1827.

Mr. James M. Booth to Miss Sally Alcock, both of this place, by Rev. Stephen Lindlsey, March 1, 1812.

Robert Boothby to Isabella Chambers, March 30, 1823.

Capt. Charles Bosworth to Betsey Wilson, September 23, 1820.

Zephaniah Bosworth to Lucy Burlingame, March 27, 1817.

Nathan Bowen to Abigail Nichols, December 8, 1822.

Elijah Boyce, of Point Pleasant, Va., to Mary Stacy, of Union, June 8, 1819.

Dr. Burr Bradley, of Salem, Ind., to Esther W. Plumer, of Marietta, June 4, 1818.

John Breckenridge to Agnes Fleming, both of Warren, December 7, 1821.

Wm. Brewster, of Warren, to Lucretia Fuller, of Marietta, January 10, 1817.

Thos. Broom to Elizabeth Jackson, both of Salem, April 24, 1823.

John Brophy to Mrs. Caroline Smith, June 8, 1823.

John Brough, Esq., to Mrs. Bridget Cross, March 21, 1822.

Benj. M. Brown to Maria Lord, both of Wesley, June 8, 1826.

Wm. R. Browning, of Belpre, to Miss Sophia Barker, daughter of Col. Jos. Barker, of Union, October 27, 1819.

D. H. Buell to Miss Phebe Ward, of Belpre, April 18, 1813.

D. H. Buell, Esq., to Miss Theodosia Hall, December 21, 1829.

Salmon D. Buell, of Adams, to Miss Eliza Buell, daughter of Capt. Timothy Buell, of Marietta (parents of Maj. Gen. D. C. Buell), April 30, 1817.

Wm. H. Buell to Lavinia Rogers, January 4, 1818.

Chris. Burlingame, Jr., to Elizabeth R. Bartlett, November 15, 1826.

Edwin Burlingame to Jane Evans, March 11, 1819.

Thos. M. Burns, of Athens to Tabitha Bailey, of Fearing, April 5, 1827.

Jarvis Burroughs to Susan Stone, in Belpre, September 2, 1821.

* * C * *

John Cameron to Martha Atkinson, both of Barlow, January 8, 1826.

John Campbell, of Salem, to Lucy Driskill, of Aurelius, April 17, 1823.

Benj. F. Carlisle, of Union, to Clarissa Chapman, of Fearing, November 30, 1828.

Reuben Cartwright to Catherine Protsman, both of Marietta, October 30, 1814.

Wm. Case to Fanny Bryan, May 9, 1824.

Judah M. Chamberlain to Rhoda McIntosh, February 12, 1818.

Lawrence Chamberlain to Laura S. Clark, April 24, 1823.

Henry Chandler to Mrs. Sally Humiston, both of Wooster (Watertown), May 17, 1821.

Enos Chapman to Anna Doan, both of Fearing, November 24, 1825.

Simeon Chapman, of Fearing, to Phebe Beardsley, of Aurelius, April 11, 1822.

John Chase to Lydia Dennis, February 7, 1822.

Amos Chesebro to Lydia Maxon, August, 18, 1819.

Henry Clark to Patty Herrington, both of Marietta, August 21, 1816.

John Clark, of Belpre, to Matilda F. Chappel, of Warren, April 15, 1825.

Whipple S. Clark to Keziah McLane, January 24, 1825.

Harry Cogswell, of Marietta, to Elizabeth Carlisle, of Union, July 15, 1827.

Levi Cole to Sally Duncan, both of Marietta, March 20, 1814.

Nathan Cole, of Warren, to Lavinia Bryan, of Marietta, April 5, 1821.

Mr. Samson Cole to Miss Polly Duncan, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, January 28, 1812.

Samuel Collis, of Wesley, to Betsey Elvira Howe, of Marietta, June 29, 1828.

Capt. Jos. Cook, of Wood Co., Va., to Mrs. Rhoda Cook, of Belpre, November 23, 1817.

Pardon Cook, of Wood Co., Va., to Polly Russel, of Union, March 1, 1819.

Tillinghast Cook, of Wood Co., Va., to Betsey Russel, of Wash. Co., O., June 9, 1820.

Edwin Corner, of McConnelsville, to Rachel Howe, of Marietta, November 19, 1820.

Wm. Corner, of Marietta, to Miss Sarah Maxon, of Fearing, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, November 21, 1811.

John Corp to Elizabeth Dodd, both of Marietta, August 27, 1816.

Simeon P. Cowan to Mary Ann Worstell, March 24, 1822.

Robt. Crawford to Lucy Russel, March 16, 1825.

Lucius Cross to Thirza Stanley, April 15, 1821.

Capt. Jason R. Curtis to Polly Clark (parents of Wm. F. Curtis), both of Marietta, November 3, 1814.

Gen. Nathaniel S. Cushing, of Gallipolis, to Mrs. Susan Merwin, of Marietta, December 21, 1819.

* * D * *

George Dana to Deborah Fisher, in Belpre, September 22, 1816.

Stephen Daniels to Sophia Warren, March 30, 1823.

Asa Davis, of Madison Co., to Jane Lake, of Union, October 16, 1825.

Elisha Davis to Mrs. Susanna Mason, of Adams, October 22, 1820.

Jabez Davis to Laura Learned, February 13, 1825.

Nathan Davis, Jr., to Eliza Dye, in Lawrence, May 25, 1820.

Walter Davis to Caroline M. Otis, both of Union, August 27, 1829.

Willard Davis to Caroline Shepard, both of Adams, May 24, 1827.

Henry Dawes, of Morgan Co., to Sarah Cutler, of Warren, January 20, 1829.

Judge Ezekiel Deming to Mrs. Abigail Stanley, July 25, 1820.

Simeon Deming, Jr. to Mary A. Ford, both of Watertown, March 2, 1825.

Michael Devin to Harriet Chambers, in Waterford, October 7, 1824.

Simeon Devol to Mrs. Rubies Sprague, in Waterford, January 10, 1822.

Wm. Devol to Helen Putnam, both of Union, December 9, 1829.

Asahel Doan to Sarah W. Stanley, both of Fearing, December 12, 1825.

Benj. L. Dodge to Lavina McCullough, June 20, 1822.

Capt. Nat. Dodge, of Marietta, to Mrs. Lucy Adams, of Warren, March 31, 1823.

Nathaniel Dodge, Jr., and Elizabeth Burlingame, November 28, 1824.

Eliphalet Dow to Catharine Ryan, August 25, 1829.

Gilbert G. Drown to Eliza Perkins, in Fearing, August 11, 1825.

Notley Drown to Polly Hook, April 11, 1820.

Mr. George Dunlevy to the amiable Miss Harriet Devol, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, July 1812.

James Dun, of Marietta, to Mrs. Rachel Rolston, of Va., October 12, 1826.

James Dutton to Mrs. Barbara Ann Rayley, both of Aurelius, March 5, 1823.

Amos Dye, of Morgan Co., to Mrs. Sophia Dye, in Lawrence, December 22, 1825.

John H. Dye to Elizabeth Obleness, both of Lawrence, December 5, 1822.

* * F * *

Jas. D. Farnsworth to Eliza Knapp, October 31, 1821.

Silas Fearing to Mary B. Babcock, February 24, 1825.

James Ferguson to Elvira Morse, September 22, 1825.

Hugh Ferry, of Wood Co., Va., and Jane Brough, of Marietta, July 7, 1826.

Gustavus Fisher, of Belpre, to Abigail Stanley, of Marietta, December 22, 1822.

John v. Fletcher, of Adams, to Dorcas Emmons, of Marietta, January 1, 1827.

Uz Foster to Mary Riley, April 1, 1819.

Willey Fowler, of Fearing, to Cynthia Perkins, of Salem, October 21, 1819.

Aaron Fuller to Mary Irwin, August 2, 1817.

Asa Fuller to Eliza Toothaker, in Fearing, December 7, 1828.

Jedediah Fuller to Nancy Nesmith, December 4, 1817.

Dr. Nathaniel Fuller to Celestina Scott, in Waterford, August 3, 1817.

* * G * *

John L. Gage, Esq., of McConnelsville, to Miss Frances D. Barker, of Union, January 1, 1829.

Michael Gard to Clarissa Baker, both of Union, January 21, 1816.

John Gates, Jr., to Clarissa Crane, June 28, 1818.

Thompson Gates to Sarah Gold, May 23, 1818.

Jos. Geren to Nancy Hill, July 30, 1817.

John Gilliland, of Warren, to Betsy McAtee, of Waterford, March 21, 1822.

Wm. Glines to Eliza Truesdell, January 1, 1826.

David Gosset to Sarah Riley, September 10, 1817.

Sstephen Gould to Polly Proctor, both of Barlow, May 12, 1825.

Eli Green to Elizabeth N. Stewart, both of Barlow, January 11, 1824.

Arch. Greenlees, of Belpre, to Mary Young, of Marietta, February 6, 1823.

Erastus Guthrie, of Belpre, and Achsah Palmer, of Marietta, July 3, 1821.

* * H * *

Thos. Hall to Mary Carver, February 25, 1827.

Caleb R. Harris to Candace Wells, of Fearing, April 16, 1820.

Joseph G. Harris to Irene McAllister, November 18, 1820.

Russell Harris to Amy Amlin, July 2, 1823.

Maj. Wm. Hart, of Fearing, to Mrs. Mary McNeal, of Marietta, August 10, 1825.

Chas. Haskell, of Marietta, to Elizabeth H. Dana, of Newport, April 12, 1826.

Dr. G. S. B. Hempstead to Elizabeth Peebles, in Portsmouth, April 11, 1821.

Geo. W. Henderson to Elizabeth Ann Tomlinson, of Wood Co., Va., August 10, 1826.

Matthew Henry, of Watertown, to Mary Parke, of Union, April 28, 1825.

Dr. A. Hicks to Eliza Rump, in Fearing, October 6, 1825.

Maj. Jesse Hildebrand to Mrs. Senith Fowler, of Fearing, April 20, 1826.

Henry Hildreth to Abigail Haven, September 16, 1817.

Anthony Hill to Sally Lewis, both of Union, April 4, 1824.

Dan Hill to Mary Merriam, both of Salem, March 30, 1827.

Maj. Henry Hill to Mrs. Jerusha Doan, both of Salem, June 3, 1824.

James Hill to Phebe Hussey, in Salem, August 13, 1818.

Wm. Hill, Jr., of Lawrence, to Martha Amlin, of Marietta, January 31, 1822.

John Hoagland to Mary R. Proctor, both of Barlow, March 10, 1825.

Enoch Hoff to Mrs. Elizabeth Murray, February 10, 1829.

Jona. Hoff, of Marietta, to Louisa Greene, of Warren, October 11, 1827.

Powell Hoff to Martha Brewster, May 25, 1824.

Nathaniel Holden to Frances S. Buell, August 27, 1826.

Nathaniel Holden to Julia Shipman, January 21, 1829.

Sam’l. L. Howe, of Licking Co., to Catharine Perrin, of Adams, April 3, 1829.

Henry Hook to Mary Bukey, June 15, 1823.

Harvey C. Hovey to Clarissa Stanley, both of Fearing, November 14, 1822.

Nehemiah Howe to Sarah Hutchinson, in Barlow, January 1, 1822.

Perley Howe, of Belpre, to Sarah Emerson, of Marietta, September 4, 1827.

Renaiah Howe to Mrs. Abigail Tyler, July 1, 1827.

Jason Humiston to Mrs. Margaret Shaw, both of Wooster (Watertown), October 26, 1820.

Wm. Humphreys to Lydia Crane, October 10, 1819.

* * I * *

Eli Iams to Catharine Crawford (parents of R. P. Iams), both of Marietta, October 12, 1815.
* * J * *
Thomas Jenkins to Mary Dyar, in Union, October 6, 1818.

Jona. Jennings to Susan Reckard, March 20, 1823.

Junia Jennings to Hannah McCabe, August 5, 1820.

Zebulon Jennings to Betsey Maxon, November 21, 1816.

Thos. Jett, Jr., to Phebe P. Obleness, December 5, 1822.

Jacob Johnson to Anna Baker, of Wooster (Watertown), January 13, 1820.

Lewis Johnson, of Salem, to Lucretia Warren, of Union, March 2, 1820.

Dr. Perley B. Johnson, of McConnelsville, to Mary M. Dodge, of Adams, December 6, 1825.

Samuel B. Jones, of Fearing, to Desdemona Slaughter, of Marietta, April 15, 1819.

Chauncey T. Judd to Clarissa Hartshorn, August 26, 1824.

John T. Judd to Nancy B. Tucker, both of Union, October 2, 1823.

Merritt Judd to Mina Mead, of Salem, October 2, 1823.
* * K * *
Wm. Kelley, to Fanny Cady, both of Marietta, October 22, 1813.

Phineas C. Keyes to Mary A. Gould, April 15, 1822.
* * L * *
Peter B. Lake, of Wesley, to Caroline Wilson, of Adams, March 23, 1826.

Wm. Lamb, of Waterford, to Christiana Fraser, of Warren, October 11, 1827.

Josiah M. Larkin to Sarah Sweet, both of Newport, March 12, 1829.

James Lawton, Jr., to Eliza W. Paskell, in Barlow, September 30, 1824.

Jesse Lawton, of Barlow, to Maria Haskell, of Marietta, November 6, 1821.

John Leonard to Elizabeth Hall, in Union, March 30, 1817.

S. R. Leonard, of Muskingum Co., to Jane Rowland, of Newport, September 17, 1829.

John Lewis to Miss Frances Gates, March 4, 1828.

Solomon Lewis to Miss Sarah White, both of Wooster (Watertown), April 7, 1816.

Chas. Little to Mary Frazer, in Newport, December 9, 1817.

Andrew Livermore to Betsey Fuller, September 9, 1827.

Jonas Livermore to Sally Wills, September 3, 1827.

David H. Lofland to Amy P. Johnson, December 31, 1822.

Jesse Loring, of Belpre to Deborah Gray, of Waterford, October 14, 1821.

Jesse Loring, of Belpre, to Adaline Durfee, of Union, July 31, 1825.

Jesse Loring, Esq., to Maria Fisher, both of Belpre, April 22, 1827.

Oliver Rice Loring, of Belpre, to Miss Fanny warren, December 24, 1820.
* * M * *
Wm. Magee, Jr., to Sarah Bayard, in Newport, September 1, 1822.

Elijah Mason to Maria Pratt, both of Adams, November 10, 1828.

Wm. B. Mason to Henrietta McDonald, in Union, May 12, 1822.

John P. Mayberry, Attorney at Law, of Parkersburg, to Miss Lucy Welles Fearing, of Harmar, August 15, 1816.

Jas. McAllister to Susan Owens, March 16, 1821.

Wm. McAtee to Mrs. Nancy Mason, in Adams, August 10, 1820.

Hugh McCullough to Mary Pratt, December 8, 1822.

Geo. McDonald, of Union, to Ruth Broom, of Fearing, March 6, 1823.

E. S. McIntosh, of Marietta, to Elizabeth Seeley, of Waterford, November 26, 1816.

Wm. W. McIntosh, of Marietta, to Mrs. Hannah Regnier, of Aurelius, December 26, 1820.

Wm. McNeil to Susanna Corwin, August 18, 1818.

John Merrill, of Marietta to Ann Barber, of Clermont Co., August 11, 1825.

Clark Middleswart to Cynthia Barstow, both of Newport, September 20, 1827.

Tunis Middleswart to Abigail A. Barstow, both of Newport, April 19, 1829.

Jos. T. Millard to Lavina Warren, April 13, 1825.

Col. John Mills to Deborah S. Wilson, May 30, 1824.

Henry P. Miner to Experience Fuller, February 17, 1825.

Bertrand Miraben, of Marietta, to Emily Dunbar, of Union, May 27, 1821.

Isaac Monkton, of Wooster (Watertown), to Rebecca Haskell, of Marietta, July 2, 1817.

John K. Moore to Mrs. Catharine Smith, February 25, 1827.

Richard F. Morris to Martha Lake, June 23, 1825.

James Mullen to Sarah Rowland, of Newport, July 1820.

Jos. Murray to Nancy Nichols, of Fearing, April 9, 1820.

* * N * *

Oren Newton to Elizabeth Fuller, April 9, 1822.

Anselm T. Nye to Rebecca Cram, November 28, 1828.

* * O * *

Capt. Nathaniel Olney, of Union, to Mary Smith, of Adams, March 12, 1815.

Ezra O’Neal, of Belpre, to Matilda Ferguson, of Newport, October 17, 1825.

Jos. O’Neal, of Belpre, to Eunice Cole, of Warren, August 7, 1828.

Stephen Otis to Sally Dyer, of Union, February 17, 1825.

* * P * *

Hiram Paget to Jane Simons, in Adams, April 12, 1829.

J. F. Palmer, of Wesley, to Lydia Brown, of Warren, March 4, 1822.

Jewett Palmer to Rachel Campbell, in Fearing, March 13, 1823.

Salmon Parke, of Union, to Sophronia Mason, of Adams, February 3, 1825.

Abraham Payne to Philomelia Pixley, both of Marietta, April 7, 1814.

Geo. Payne, of Salem, to Julinda Hill, of Fearing, December 16, 1824.

Norman Payne to Lydia Hussey, August 13, 1818.

Presley Petty to Margaret Nixon, both of Lawrence, July 23, 1817.

John Pierce, of Marietta, to Polly Locey, of Warren, February 13, 1819.

Robt. Pierce to Susan Dye, in Lawrence, December 2, 1819.

Milton Pixley to Anna Perkins, in Salem, July 2, 1818.

S. B. Pond to Ethelinde Clark, in Belpre, June 27, 1822.

Samuel Porter to Mary Palmer, in Fearing, May 4, 1820.

Thomas Porter to Rhoda Sutton, November 5, 1821.

Wm. Porter to Mary Sutton, in Salem, November 22, 1818.

Robt. G. Porterfield to Lucy Lyon, January 2, 1823.

James Posey, of Marietta, to Miss Ann Racer, of Newport, September 3, 1826. “She ran the Race. He gained the prize, a premium fair and rosy, As will all maidens, if they’re wise, But all can’t have a Posey.”

Geo. Powers, of Waterford, to Sarah Drake, of Marietta, February 28, 1822.

Clark Pratt to Cynthia Mees, January 1, 1827.

Genison Prentiss to Eliza Stone, February 12, 1823.

Benj. P. Putnam, of Marietta to Mary Dana, in Waterford, August 14, 1821.

Wm. Pitt Putnam, of Belpre, to Miss Rowena Nye, of Marietta, February 4, 1822.

* * Q * *

Dr. Ephraim Quimby to Mrs. Sarah Guitteau, both of Fearing, July 12, 1825.* * R * *
Benj. Racer, Jr., to Sidnah Posey, December 14, 1828.

Theophilus Ransom to Mrs. Sarah Shepard, in Adams, January 1, 1822.

Moses Rardin to Ruth Hill, both of Wesley, October 17, 1822.

Deming L. Rathbone, of Columbus, to Julia H. Putnam, of Belpre, March 25, 1823.

Deming L. Rathbone, of Columbus, to Catharine Putnam, of Belpre, November 3, 1825.

Joseph L. Reckard to Miss Delila Jennings, both of Marietta, May 1, 1816.

Salmon Reckard, of Marietta, to Susan Stacy, of Union, August 8, 1826.

James Reed to Mary Noble, both of Salem, May 31, 1817.

Wm. R. Reed to Amelia McAtee, in Waterford, January 2, 1823.

Alfred Regnier to Mary Ann Rowland, both of Aurelius, December 7, 1821.

Thomas Ridgeway to Esther Ann Dyer, both of Union, March 16, 1826.

Robt. Riley to Mary Hoskins, both of Newport, May 12, 1825.

Thos. Robbins to Mrs. Mary Smith, March 11, 1827.

Elisha Rose, of Lawrence, to Rebecca Cook, of Fearing, April 27, 1817.

Barker Rouse, of Belpre, to Mary Philips, of Marietta, June 6, 1824.

Henry Rumbold to Mrs. Eleanor Shepard, both of Union, February 23, 1823.

* * S * *

John Sawtell to Matilda Rood, in Fearing, January 1, 1829.

Lincoln C. Shaw to Miss Royal Protsman, February 16, 1819.

Cortland Shepard to Hannah Lake, June 3, 1824.

Henry Shepard to Huldah Shepard, October 11, 1821.

John Shepard to Lucy Burch, both of Adams, October 31, 1817.

Simon Shewey to Betsey Lewis, both of Union, December 26, 1822.

Wm. Shields to Catharine Nulton, both of Watertown, April 13, 1826.

Mr. Charles Shipman, of this town, to Miss Frances W. Dana, of Belpre, by Rev. Stephen Lindsley, November 12, 1811.

William Henry Shipman to Mary Ann Edgerton, February 15, 1821.

David C. Skinner to Eliza P. McFarland, January 28, 1827.

Silas Slocomb to Deborah P. Cone, March 25, 1828.

John Smith, of Newport, to Eliza Williams, of Marietta, April 25, 1824.

Milton Smith, of Wesley, to Susan O’Brian, of Belpre, April 25, 1822.

Nathaniel Smith to Jemima Broom, both of Marietta, February 13, 1814.

Benj. Soule to Lucinda Shanklin, September 9, 1826.

Louis Soyez to Miss Ann Protsman, January 30, 1817.

Dr. Cyrus Spooner, of Adams, to Mary Wing, of Marietta, April 23, 1817.

Harris Springer to Philinda Starling, both of Watertown, July 1, 1829.

Jonathan Sprague, Jr., of Adams, to Melissa Smith, of Union, April 26, 1827.

Joshua Sprague to Miss Phebe Brown, in Adams, January 2, 1817.

John Stacy to Lucoba Rice, both of Union, June 8, 1824.

John Stacy, of Union, to Louisiana W. Frost, of Adams, April 10, 1828.

Frances R. Stanley, of Fearing, to Nancy Payne, of Salem, December 1, 1814.

John Stephenson to Louisa Gray, July 13, 1824.

Col. Augustus Stone, of Harmar, to Miss Charlotte Putnam, of Belpre, July 2, 1829.

Rufus P. Stone, of Belpre, to Eliza Barker, of Union, January 2, 1814.

Marvin Swan, of Belpre, to Margaret Calder, of Warren, April 19, 1827.

Chas. Sylvester to Rhoda Bodwell, March 26, 1820.

* * T * *

Wm. Talbot to Jemima Smith, August 8, 1819.

Jasher Taylor to Elizabeth Hill, both of Newport, June 13, 1813.

John Taylor to Mary Kepple, both of Salem, March 25, 1819.

Peter Taylor to Margaret Ashcroft, in Wooster (Watertown), September 6, 1815.

Wm. Teas to Nancy Miller, February 24, 1825.

Francis Thierry to Fanny Blake, both of Marietta, May 25, 1815.

Weston Thomas to Miss Maria McFarland, April 20, 1820.

Jos. Thompson to Margaret Reckard, May 31, 1820.

Richard Thorla to Cammilla M’Allister, April 12, 1817.

Caleb Thorniley to Tabitha Erwin, April 25, 1824.

Wm. J. Thorniley to Esther Smith, November 8 , 1829.

Cornelius Tinkham to Hetty Plumer, March 1820.

Capt. Billy Todd to Helen Joline, September 1, 1828.

Geo. Turner, of Warren, to Janey Fleming, of Barlow, March 29, 1822.

Augustus C. Tuttle to Martha Flanders, both of Fearing, February 27, 1823.
* * V * *
Jona. Valentine to Theodosia Mees, July 3, 1822.

Daniel Viall to Mary Hildebrand, in Fearing, March 26, 1820.
* * W * *
Nahum Ward to Miss Sarah C. Skinner, Monday evening, October 20, 1817.

Christopher Warren to Maria Loge, April 7, 1820.

Wm. Warren to Nancy McAllister, October 19, 1823.

Levi L. Waterman, of Charleston, Va., to Mary Ann Cutler, in Warren, November 30, 1820.

Wm. Waterman to Abigail Sharp, February 12, 1820.

Dr. Erastus Webb, of Circleville, to Miss Eliza Cook, of Belpre, October 25, 1818.

Harrison Webster to Avis Devol, of Waterford, June 5, 1823.

Robert Wells to Hannah Case, both of Marietta, December 22, 1814.

Edwin West to Mary Gardner, February 20, 1827.

Samuel A. Westcott to Sarah L. Edgerton, January 1, 1821.

Wm. Wharff to Deborah Clay, in Salem, April 19, 1820.

Nathan Wheeler to Elizabeth Hart, January 11, 1824.

Otis Wheeler to Dianthe Morse, January 1, 1821.

Samuel Whipple to Mrs. Margaret Lincoln, June 13, 1825.

S. Whittock to Mixindia Stanley, October 6, 1825.

Warren Wilcox to Emily Morse, June 23, 1825.

Henry P. Willcox to Caroline Willard, March 24, 1822.

Robt. Williams to Mrs. Mary Needham, August 5, 1817.

Caius Martius Wood to Sophia Hall, of Union, April 15, 1821.

Morgan Wood to Betsey Allison, both of Adams, December 11, 1823.
* * Y * *
Johnson Young, of Pennsylvania, to Susannah Middleswart, of Newport, November 29, 1829.

Deaths Extracted From Old Marietta Newspapers

* * A * *

Elisha ADAMS, aged 22, son of Tiffany Adams, during the epidemic in Warren, November 15, 1821.

Daughter of James ADAMS, aged 12, in Warren, 1820.

Child of James and Mary ADAMS, during the epidemic in Warren, 1821.

James ADAMS, aged 48, during the epidemic in Warren, September 11, 1821.

John ADAMS, aged 25, son of Tiffany Adams, during the epidemic in Warren, October 6, 1821.

Mary ADAMS, wife of James Adams, during the epidemic in Warren, November 27, 1821.

Sabin ADAMS, aged 20, son of James and Mary Adams, during the epidemic in Warren, 1821.

Son of Tiffany ADAMS, aged 14, during the epidemic in Warren, October 10, 1821.

Tiffany ADAMS, during the epidemic in Warren, September 27, 1822.

Martha Ann ALCOCK, aged 13, daughter of Thos. Alcock, September 19, 1841.

Wealthy A. ALCOCK, aged 6, daughter of Rich'd. Alcock, October 1, 1822.

Child of Wm. ALCOCK, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 24, 1823.

Child of Wm. ALCOCK, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 6, 1823.

Mrs. ALGEO, April 20, 1822.

John AMLIN, a native of Germany, aged 77, in Fearing, May 24, 1814.

John AMLIN, aged 52, in Fearing, July 3, 1825.

Nancy AMLIN, aged 75, wife of James Amlin, of Fearing, March 23, 1842.

Wm. C. AMLIN, aged 20, a son of James Amlin, of Fearing, drowned in Duck Creek, at the mouth of Reed's Run, while bathing, June 4, 1818.

Eliza ANDERSON, aged 13, October 9, 1822.

Mark ANDERSON, October 5, 1822.

Robert ANDREWS, of Watertown, 1823.

Mrs. Sarah H. ANDREWS, wife of I. W. Andrews, December 17, 1840.

* * B * *

John W. BABCOCK, aged 14, in Harmar, March 29, 1827.

Jos. BABCOCK, of Marietta, 1822.

Wm. W. BACKUS, in Columbus, August 12, 1842.

Child of Mr. BACON, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 23, 1823.

Child of Mr. BACON, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 22, 1823.

Mrs. BACON, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 19, 1823.

Wife of Col. Levi BARBER, June 28, 1831.

Col. Levi BARBER, died in this town after a short illness, on Tuesday, April 23, 1833.

Mrs. Melissa BARKER, wife of Joseph Barker, Jr., in Newport, December 23, 1829.

Caleb BARSTOW, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 24, 1823.

Caleb R. BARSTOW, aged 19, in Newport, December 21, 1825.

Isaac BARSTOW, of Newport, in Louisville, May 11, 1826.

Silas BARTER, September 21, 1822.

Joseph BARTLETT, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 14, 1823.

Col. Robt. C. BARTON, formerly of Marietta, in Meigs Co., September 15, 1824.

Joseph BATES, of Marietta, aged 36, in Washington, Ky., October 31, 1815.

Dr. Wm. BEEBE, in Belpre, August 31, 1821.

Mrs. Henrietta T. BENEDICT, aged 25, wife of Geo. Benedict, June 23, 1842.

Levi BENJAMIN, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 28, 1823.

Mrs. Sarah S. BINGHAM, wife of Rev. Luther Bingham, former pastor of the Congregational Church in Marietta, in Cincinnati, March 8, 1840.

Andrew BISHOP, aged 22, son of N. Bishop, December 9, 1841.

Clarinda BISHOP, aged 22, daughter of Nathaniel Bishop, March 19, 1840.

Capt. Benj. BLAKE, aged 40, in Fearing, July 12, 1823.

David BLAUSET, of Fearing, 1823.

Caroline BLISS, aged 7, daughter of James Bliss, September 28, 1822.

Mrs. Nancy BLISS, September 14, 1822.

Nancy Ann BLISS, aged 19, daughter of James Bliss, October 15, 1826.

Mrs. BODWELLl, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 21, 1823.

Rev. Wm. BOLES, of Waterford, 1823.

Child of C. D. BONNEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 1, 1823.

Mrs. Sally BOOTH, aged 50, wife of James M. Booth, Esq., June 28, 1840.

Capt. Chas. BOSWORTH, aged 44, of Harmar, of yellow fever, in Memphis, September 26, 1841.

Capt. Joseph BOSWORTH, aged 73, April 26, 1830.

Sarah O. BOSWORTH, wife of D. P. Bosworth, December 9, 1835.

Wife of Capt. Nathan BOWEN, August 27, 1822.

Janna R. BOWERS, September 9, 1822.

Maj. Robert BRADFORD, in Belpre, September 10, 1822.

Son of S. BRIGGS, buried in Mound Cemetery, July 11, 1823.

Mrs. Elizabeth BRIGHAM, aged 73, formerly of Princeton, Mass., May 31, 1841.

Miss S. Maria BRIGHAM, formerly of Princeton, Mass., August 11, 1839.

Daughter of BROADHURST, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 5, 1823.

Sam'l. BROOKS, aged 70, in Union, April 7, 1823.

Bridget BROUGH, wife of John Brough, Esq., four weeks and one day after marriage, April 19, 1822.

Jane BROUGH, wife of John Brough, Esq., October 20, 1821.

John BROUGH, Esq., aged 74, October 16, 1822.

Wm. P. BROUGH, aged 22, in Columbus, October 27, 1841.

Mr. BROWN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 1, 1823.

Child of Mr. BROWN, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 13, 1823.

Child of J. BROWN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 23, 1823.

Son of Jacob BROWN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 3, 1823.

Mary Ann BROWN, aged 29, wife of J. W. L. Brown, in Fearing, June 1842.

Samuel BROWN, aged 82, who settled in this county in 1797, January 15, 1841.

Mrs. BROWNING, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 28, 1823.

Mrs. Phebe G. BROWNING, aged 32, wife of Rev. Wesley Browning, and daughter of E. Battelle, of Newport, in St. Louis, September 14, 1841.

John BRYAN, killed near the mouth of Duck Creek, by the fall of a stick of timber upon him, while engaged in turning over a new-built flatboat, October 14, 1825.

Josiah BUCK, April 4, 1822.

Titus BUCK, aged 48, October 2, 1822.

Mrs. Catherine BUCKINGHAM, wife of Ebenezer Buckingham, daughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, in her 29th year, at Springfield, March 14, 1808.

Clarissa BUELL, wife of Capt. Timothy Buell, September 30, 1822.

Maj. Gen. Joseph BUEL[L], aged 49, who was one of the first settlers of Marietta. He had been in the Ohio Senate, and Associate Judge, June 13, 1812.

Mrs. Phebe BUELL, wife of D. H. Buell, Esq., January 21, 1829.

Roswell BUELL, eldest son of Capt. Timothy Buell, aged 19, May 29, 1814.

Mrs. Siba BUELL, aged 62, widow of Gen. Joseph Buell, April 29, 1831.

Child of T. BUELL, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 17, 1823.

Child of T. BUELL, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 15, 1823.

Capt. Timothy BUELL, a native of Killingworth, Conn., aged 69, February 6, 1837. He had resided here over forty years, was Sheriff several terms, and Representative.

Wm. H. BUELL, in his 29th year, May 30, 1821.

Wm. Lucius BUELL, aged 12, son of D. H. Buell, Esq., died from the effects of injuries received by the fall of a Liberty Pole, by which his skull was fractured, on the 11th of September previous, November 10, 1830.

Christopher BURLINGAME, aged 87, in Harmar, July 12, 1841.

Mrs. Susannah BURLINGAME, aged 74, wife of Christopher Burlingame, and daughter of Gen. Rufus Putnam, in Harmar, May 10, 1840.

Edward H. BYINGTON, aged 11, son of Rev. Cyrus Byington, in Choctaw Nation, September 11, 1840.

* * C * *
Mrs. Sally CAIN, aged 48, in Fearing, February 22, 1823.

Rev. James CALLAHAN, M. E. Church, September 7, 1833.

Maj. Benj. F. CARLISLE, in Fearing, March 23, 1831.

Mrs. Clarissa CARLISLE, aged 33, wife of Benj. F. Carlisle, in Fearing, September 8, 1829.

Jona. CARNES, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 30, 1823.

Elizur CARVER, 1823.

Mrs. Wm. M. CASE, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 3, 1823.

Mrs. Hannah CAYWOOD, wife of Joseph Caywood, and daughter of Samuel Dye, Esq., in Lawrence, May 12, 1840.

A young man named CHAMBERLAIN died of hydrophobia a few miles from Marietta, April 1843.

Nancy Emily CHAMBERLAIN, in Aurelius, April 17, 1830.

Hannah CHAMBERS, aged 20, wife of Jos. Chambers, of Waterford, July 11, 1827.

A son of John CHAMBERS, aged 20, killed by lightning, in Lawrence, June 21, 1820.

John CHAMBERS, in Lawrence, October 31, 1823.

Jona. CHAPMAN, aged 72, in Fearing, February 24, 1820.

Jonathan Job CHAPMAN, aged 8, son of David Chapman, killed by the kick of a horse, in Fearing, June 21, 1828.

Child of Jed. CHASE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 18, 1823.

Child of Jed. CHASE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 28, 1823.

Child of Jed. CHASE, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 20, 1823.

Son of Jed. CHASE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 29, 1823.

Son of Jed. CHASE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 2, 1823.

Child of CHERRY, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 19, 1823.

Henry CHERRY, of Marietta, killed when the steamboat Tri-Color exploded at Wheeling, April 19, 1831.

Jacob CHURCHILL, of Newport, 1823.

Elizabeth CLARK, aged 28, wife of Capt. Nat. Clark, December 30, 1823.

Child of J. CLARK, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 23, 1823.

John CLARK, aged 61, September 26, 1822

Sarah CLARK, aged 50, wife of John Clark, September 26, 1822.

Miss Hannah G. CLOGSTON, aged 25, June 2, 1829.

John CLOGSTON, aged 58, February 18, 1824.

Eli G. COGSWELL, buried with Masonic honors, in Waterford, July 7, 1817.

Polly COGSWELL, aged 28, wife of Henry Cogswell, May 21, 1825.

Andrew COLE, aged 28, October 1, 1826.

Ann Eliza COLE, daughter of Levi Cole, September 20, 1822.

Mrs. Mary COLE, aged 54, during the epidemic in Warren, September 7, 1821.

Philip COLE, aged 50, in Warren, January 25, 1831.

Mrs. Polly COLE, "an amiable woman," wife of Samson Cole, April 7, 1814.

Son of Sampson COLE was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun, June 20, 1833.

Mary Ann COLLINS, aged 14, daughter of John Collins, in Fearing, November 30, 1839.

Mrs. Sophia CONVERSE, aged 33, wife of L. G. Converse, November 7, 1834.

Jos. COOK, Jr., of Belpre, 1823.

Julius F. COOK, aged 13, son of Silas Cook, November 3, 1827.

Elijah COOPER, August 5, 1821.

John CORNELL, August 26, 1822.

Daughter of Geo. CORNER, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 22, 1823.

Esther CORP, aged 69, wife of Benj. Corp, in Aurelius, May 26, 1826.

Jona. CRAM, aged 42, January 20, 1821.

Mary CRAM, daughter of Jona. Cram, aged 12, June 3, 1820.

Child of CRANDALL, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 19, 1823.

Child of CRANDALL, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 22, 1823.

Mrs. CRANDALL, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 13, 1823.

Ezra CRANE, 1823.

Maria CRAWFORD, aged 21, daughter of Geo. Crawford, May 27, 1827.

Wade CROSS, aged 41, August 14, 1819.

Mary A. CUNNINGHAM, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 18, 1823.

Philip CUNNINGHAM, aged 23, October 8, 1822.

Mrs. Eunice CURTIS, wife of Capt. Eleazer Curtis, aged 48, in Belpre, May 4, 1814.

Jason R. CURTIS, for many years a well known citizen of Marietta, father of Hon. W. F. Curtis, died after a short illness, September 13, 1834.

Col. Nathaniel CUSHING, aged 57, in Belpre, August 14, 1814, and on the 26th, his wife Elizabeth, aged 61, both of fever; moved from Massachusetts in 1788.

Gen. Nathaniel S. CUSHING, in Gallipolis, July 26, 1826.

Samuel CUSHING, of Waterford, 1823.

Manasseh CUTLER, aged 12, son of E. Cutler, in Warren, October 2, 1822.

* * D * *

Luther Otis DANA, aged 13, December 27, 1825.

Mrs. Mary DANA, aged 80, in Belpre, December 26, 1831.

Pamelia DANA, aged 15, daughter of Wm. Dana, September 26, 1826.

Son of A. DANIELS, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 26, 1823.

Child of A. DANIELS, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 11, 1823.

Benj. DANLEY, aged 22, son of John and Amy Danley, in Wesley, February 12, 1820.

Mrs. Stephen DAVIS, May 21, 1827.

Capt. Wm. DAVIS, aged 70, a native of Connecticut who landed at Marietta November 16, 1788, in Adams, February 18, 1843.

Wm. DAVIS, Jr., in Adams, August 22, 1830.

Mrs. DEEM, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 25, 1823.

Jona. DELONG, of Salem, aged 55, June 26, 1814.

Mrs. Ezek'l. DEMING, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 14, 1823.

Mrs. Hannah DEMING, wife of Ezekiel Deming, Esq., in her 40th year, in Wooster (Watertown), April 23, 1819.

Mrs. DEMPSEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 13, 1823.

Wife of Joseph DENNIS, August 2, 1821.

Capt. Gilbert DEVOL, Jr., aged 46, April 1812.

Mrs. Rosanna DEVOL, aged 34, in Union, November 10, 1835.

Eliza DICKEY, aged 25, in Union, May 9, 1840.

Solomon DICKEY, Esq., in Union, March 17, 1835.

Hugh DIXON, aged 40, September 27, 1822.

Orgilous DOAN, of Salem, 1823.

Dudley DODGE, October 18, 1822.

Mrs. Nat. DODGE, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 28, 1823.

Nathaniel DODGE, Jr., formerly of Marietta, in Parkersburg, November 20, 1826.

Oliver DODGE, aged 53, buried with Masonic honors, in Adams, August 26, 1817.

Theodosia DODGE, aged 35, wife of Oliver Dodge, June 5, 1835.

Jacob DRAKE, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 8, 1823.

John DROWN, aged 19, on the Island, September 25, 1822.

Mary DROWN, daughter of S. D. W. Drown, on the Island, October 1, 1822.

Notley DROWN, killed by the explosion of the steamboat Tri-Color, at Wheeling, aged 35, April 19, 1831. Mr. Drown was Captain of the Tri-Color, and was a resident of Harmar. Eight persons were killed, including Henry Cherry and Joseph Worstell of Marietta, and O. B. Nowland, who had formerly lived here, and eight were severely injured.

A little daughter of Notley DROWN, about eight years old, was so badly burned by her clothes taking fire, that she died soon after, in Harmar, February 1831.

Sally DRUSE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 14, 1823.

Samuel H. DUNBAR, of Union, 1823.

Robt. G. DUNCAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 22, 1823.

Valentine DUNCAN, aged 24, of Marietta, in Kaskaskia, Ill., May 6, 1826.

Mrs. DUNCAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 16, 1823.

Jona. DUNHAM, aged 70, in Warren, September 8, 1823.

George DUNLEVY, Esq., aged about 62, December 28, 1836. He had been Clerk of the Court for twenty years, and for some years before his death was a member of the M. E. Church.

Miss Mary DUNLEVY, aged 52, February 19, 1837.

Capt. Phineas DUNSMOOR, aged 50, in Wesley, May 6, 1823.

Joseph DUTTON, aged 66, in Aurelius, September 1, 1841.

Jas. R. DYAR, aged 29, son of John Dyar, in Union, September 21, 1821.

Jeremiah DYAR, aged 58, of Lancaster, Massachusetts, here on a visit to his friends, died from severe injuries received by falling from a horse, three miles up the Muskingum, while riding to town in company with his brother, two days before, July 16, 1829.

Mrs. Abigail DYE, aged 69, in Lawrence, April 25, 1823.

John DYE, Sen., aged 88, November 27, 1822.

Moffit DYE, aged 29, in Lawrence, December 18, 1826.

* * E * *

Mrs. Eunice EDGERTON, aged 81, July 4, 1831.

Luther EDGERTON, Sr., buried in Mound Cemetery on September 14, 1823.

Susan EDGERTON, infant daughter of Capt. L. Edgerton, April 2, 1822.

Catharine EMERSON, wife of Luke Emerson, aged 27, in Roxbury, August 7, 1818.

Mrs. Deborah ERWIN, aged 81, September 27, 1822.

Mrs. EVANS, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 1, 1823.

David EVANS, aged 40, in Lowell, January 15, 1842.

David EVERETT, of consumption, aged 44, Tuesday, December 21, 1813.

* * F * *

Amos FAIRCHILD, of Decatur, 1823.

Cynthia FEARING, aged 45, wife of Paul Fearing, within 6 hours of her husband's death, August 21, 1822.

Eliza FEARING, aged 39, wife of Henry Fearing, of Harmar, January 13, 1842.

Hon. Paul FEARING, aged 60, in Harmar, August 21, 1822.

Paul FEARING, Jr., in his 17th year, in Harmar, April 1, 1817.

A son of James FERGUSON was drowned, May 29, 1828.

Thomas FLEMING was drowned while passing over Chambers' dam, on Little Muskingum, April 26, 1840.

Mr. FOLLETT, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 2, 1823.

Wm. FORD, Jr., in Watertown, September 15, 1823.

Wm. FORD, Sen., of Watertown, 1823.

Ephraim FOSTER, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 15, 1823.

Leonard FOSTER, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 29, 1823.

Sophia FOSTER, aged 59, wife of Milton Foster, March 22, 1843.

Theodore S. FOSTER, aged 30, of Belpre, October 17, 1825.

Wm. FULTON, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 29, 1823.

* * G * *

James B. GARDINER, in Marion, O., April 1837. He published the Commentator in Marietta, in 1808-9 and afterward published papers at other points, Columbus among them.

Mrs. GARNET, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 3, 1823.

Elder John GATES, aged 55, September 25, 1822.

Mary GATES, aged 52, wife of Elder John Gates, August 1, 1822.

Rev. Hiram GEAR, aged 39, pastor of the Baptist Church in Marietta, a native of Connecticut and for over six years a resident of Marietta, February 20, 1843.

Julia A. GEREN, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 29, 1823.

Didier GEVREZ, a native of France, aged 52, March 29, 1814.

Henry GIBSON, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 28, 1823.

John GIBSON, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 12, 1823.

Child of D. GILBERT, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 30, 1823.

Child of G. GILBERT, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 30, 1823.

James GILBERT, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 27, 1823.

Benjamin Ives GILMAN, Esq., aged 68, formerly of Marietta, at Alton, Ill., October 12, 1833.

Mrs. Hannah GILMAN, aged 71, widow of Benj. Ives Gilman, formerly of Marietta, in New York, August 24, 1837.

Nathaniel C. GILMAN, formerly of Marietta, in Lancaster, December 15, 1826.

John GLIDDEN, instantly killed in Fearing by a stick of timber falling on him at the raising of a house, May 17, 1814.

James GLINES, a young man of 17, killed by a tree falling upon him which his father and brother (Wm. Glines, Esq., of this city), were chopping down, near where Samson Cole now [1863] lives, August 16, 1826. The top was caught, which threw round the butt, knocking young Glines down and falling upon him.

Joseph GLINES, aged 63, formerly of Marietta, in Wisconsin, August 8, 1841.

Harriet GOODWIN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 13, 1823.

Mr. GOODWIN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 19, 1823.

Mrs. GOODWIN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 18, 1823.

Child of J. GRAHAM, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 17, 1823.

Child of J. GRAHAM, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 20, 1823.

Wm. GRAY, Esq., one of the first settlers of Waterford, in his 52d year, July 24, 1812.

Nancy GREEN, of Adams, 1823.

Miss Adaline GREENE, daughter of Capt. John Greene, at Covington, Ky., June 17, 1833.

Bathsheba GREENE, aged 72, widow of Richard Greene, September 27, 1842.

Mrs. Eunice GREENE, aged 21, wife of James H. Greene and daughter of Moses McFarland, November 14, 1842.

Hopkins GREENE, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 3, 1823.

John GREENE, Esq., aged 69 years and 6 months, formerly of Warwick, R.I., in Newport, May 27, 1813.

Mary GREENE, of Newport, 1823.

Mrs. Nancy GREENE, aged 25, wife of Dudley D. Greene, in Beardstown, Ill., February 18, 1837.

Capt. Jeremiah GREENMAN, aged 71, in Waterford, November 15, 1828.

Adoniram J. GUITTEAU, aged 30, in Fearing, November 12, 1823.

Benj. GUITTEAU, January 30, 1831.

Edward GUITTEAU, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 29, 1823.

Jona. GUITTEAU, of Marietta, 1822.

Judson GUITTEAU, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 1, 1823.

Mrs. Sarah GUITTEAU, wife of Jona. Guitteau, aged 31, October 31, 1817.

Mrs. GUITTEAU, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 26, 1823.

* * H * *

Mrs. Eunice HALL, aged 70, May 17, 1826.

Harriet HALL, daughter of Wyllys Hall, September 28, 1822.

Child of Wyllys HALL, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 17, 1823.

Augustus Hanson, formerly of Marietta, in McConnelsville, April 10, 1830.

Child of Mrs. HARLEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 16, 1823.

Thomas HARPER, of Marietta, drowned in the mouth of the Muskingum, July 4, 1818.

Jos. HARRIS, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 13, 1823.

Royal G. HART, aged 29, of Harmar, in New Orleans, of yellow fever, September 10, 1839.

Sally W. HART, aged 45, wife of Maj. Wm. Hart, in Fearing, March 7, 1824.

Harriet HARTSHORN, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 24, 1823.

Mrs. Mary HARTSHORN, aged 28, May 20, 1818.

Charles HASKELL, of Newport, was drowned while swimming to try to secure his wood-flat, which had broken loose from the bank of the Ohio, in high wind, Jul 23, 1831. He was a highly respectable citizen.

Rotheus HAYWARD, aged 62, in Waterford, May 22, 1842.

Harriet HEARN, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 24, 1823.

Miss Harriet HEMPSTEAD, aged 40, late of Marietta, in Portsmouth, July 26, 1842.

Mrs. Lucretia HEMPSTEAD, aged 52, October 10, 1822.

Bathsheba HENDERSON, aged 32, a sister of Wm. Pitt Putnam of Belpre, in Natchez, June 11, 1841.

Samuel C. HENDRIE, aged 17, son of A. Hendrie, of Watertown, was instantly killed while riding a horse in front of a yoke of oxen, falling from the horse, which fell on him and broke his neck, October 21, 1841.

Mrs. Mary C. HIGGINS, aged 24, daughter of Joseph T. Millard of Union, in Burlington, Iowa, April 27, 1842.

Geo. HILDEBRAND, aged 73, August 9, 1827.

Dr. Charles T. HILDRETH, aged 45, formerly of Belpre, in Boston, Mass., March 8, 1843.

Mrs. Steph. HILDRETH, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 30, 1823.

Mrs. HILL, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 14, 1823.

Maj. Alexander HILL, aged 64, of Marietta, February 9, 1841.

Ephraim HILL, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 20, 1823.

Ira HILL, aged 87, of Salem, October 13, 1841.

John HILL, aged 83, in Union, November 22, 1842.

John HILMAN, aged 23, August 6, 1821.

Stephen HODGMAN, April 13, 1824.

Elizabeth HOFF, wife of Enoch Hoff, November 17, 1829.

Emily HOFF, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 30, 1823.

Nancy HOFF, aged 41, wife of Enoch Hoff, October 14, 1827.

Mrs. Sophia HOFF, aged 70, in Lawrence, July 8, 1819.

Mrs. HOFF, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 28, 1823.

Miss Eliza HOLDEN, of Marietta, ca. January 14, 1832.

Eliza HOLDEN, aged 20, eldest daughter of Jos. Holden, November 7, 1831.

Mrs. Frances S. HOLDEN, wife of Nath. Holden, May 23, 1827.

Elder William HOLLEY, "for some years a teacher of the Baptist order," in Marietta, in his 60th year, July 7, 1808.

Mrs. Mary HOLLISTER, aged 37, wife of Sereno Hollister, June 30, 1837.

Child of W. HOLYOKE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 6, 1823.

Humphrey HOOK, aged 56, in Wood Co., Va., July 10, 1822.

Chester HOWE, of Marietta, aged 27, at Vicksburg, January 1831.

George HOWE, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 5, 1823.

Hiram HOWE, aged 27, April 11, 1842.

Mrs. Persis HOWE, in Belpre, September 16, 1822.

Rachel HOWE, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 28, 1823.

Abigail HOYT, wife of Benajah Hoyt, aged 59, May 9, 1814.

Charity HUMPHREYS, daughter of Isaac Humphreys, Esq., in Harmar, September 9, 1841.

Chas. W. HUMPHREYS, aged 33, in Harmar, April 17, 1842.

Rufus HUMPHREYS, aged 25, in Newport, October 3, 1823.

Mathew HUNGERFORD, having been mortally injured a day or two before by a limb of a tree falling on his head while chopping in the woods near Marietta, May 7, 1814.

Robert HURDSMAN and a Mr. Yates were drowned at Beverly, while attempting to cross the Muskingum in a skiff, March 28, 1840. Mrs. Yates was in the skiff, but retained her hold on it after it passed over the dam, and was rescued.

* * I * *

Jos. IRWIN, 77, April 7, 1820.

* * J * *

Solomon JARVIS, aged 56, in Wood Co., Va., October 1, 1822.

Mrs. Hannah JENNINGS, wife of Junia Jennings, December 19, 1831.

Mrs. Dr. JETT, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 15, 1823.

Elizabeth JEWETT, wife of Leonidas Jewett, in Athens, December 9, 1842.

Ruth JOHNSON, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 27, 1823.

Thos. JOHNSON, aged 90, a revolutionary soldier, in Watertown, April 14, 1826.

Judge Henry JOLLY, aged 84, formerly an Associate Judge and Representative of this county, July 19, 1842.

Rev. Wm. H. JOLLY, aged 43, a Universalist clergyman, in Belpre, September 8, 1839.

Mrs. Parthenia JUDD, aged 54, in Adams, September 29, 1834.

William JUDSON, aged 37, October 8, 1822.

* * K * *

Mrs. KEATING, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 18, 1823.

Infant son of John KELLY, October 1, 1822.

Susan KELLY, aged 14, daughter of Joseph Kelly, June 7, 1842.

Samuel KIDDER, aged 26, a native of Wardsboro, Vt., and a graduate of Marietta College, Class of 1840, at Lane Seminary, February 11, 1843.

Returning from Beverly, a horse and wagon driven by a German named KNEILLE, of Marietta, was precipitated from the bank near Coal Run, and Mr. Kneille was instantly killed, and his wife very much injured, September 11, 1840. There had been some racing, and the horse was frightened.

James KNIGHT, aged 31, October 2, 1822.

* * L * *

Wm. LAKE, aged 22, in Union, November 23, 1820.

John LANE, hung at Gallipolis, for the murder of Wm. Dowell, September 9, 1817.

Child of S. LEE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 22, 1823.

Angelina LINCOLN, aged 17, September 28, 1822.

Charles LINCOLN, aged 4, October 14, 1822.

James LINCOLN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 5, 1823.

Jefferson LINCOLN, aged 12, October 1, 1822.

Joanna LINCOLN, aged 20, September 9, 1822.

Jos. LINCOLN, aged 19, "an amiable young man of fine promise," January 1, 1819.

Capt. Obadiah LINCOLN, aged 53, September 26, 1822.

Jonas LIVERMORE, aged 56, October 12, 1822.

Mrs. LIVERMORE, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 22, 1823.

John LOCKER, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 21, 1823.

Child of Mr. LOCKER, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 26, 1823.

Col. Abner LORD, aged 61, a former business man of Marietta, in Columbus, May 2, 1821.

Adaline LORING, wife of Jesse Loring, Esq., in Belpre, August 2, 1826.

Mrs. Fanny LORING, aged 32, wife of O. R. Loring, June 13, 1828.

Alfred L. LOVELL, aged 23, in Marietta, September 6, 1842.

Mrs. Elizabeth LYON, wife of Aaron Lyon, July 6, 1829.

Mrs. LYON, October 9, 1822.

James LYTLE, son of Geo. Lytle, of Harmar, went into the river with some other boys, and getting beyond his depth, was drowned, July 7, 1832.

* * M * *

John L. MACKEY, May 19, 1826.

Jona. MAES was drowned opposite his residence near the mouth of the Little Muskingum, May 30, 1828.

Moses MALSTER, aged 19, youngest son of C. Malster, in Watertown, August 10, 1825.

Mrs. Mary MATHEWS, wife of James B. Mathews, and daughter of Capt. Daniel Greene, April 14, 1831.

Eliza H. MAXELL, aged 35, wife of Professor Samuel Maxwell, January 24, 1842.

Solomon MAXWELL, aged 16, student and a nephew of Prof. Samuel Maxwell, was drowned in the Muskingum, while bathing, May 23, 1835.

Rev. James MCABOY, at Charleston, Va., October 27, 1833.

Wm. MCALLISTER, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 9, 1823.

Child of R. M'CABE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 17, 1823.

Mrs. M'CABE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 30, 1823.

Robert McCABE, aged 43, June 10, 1823.

Mrs. Catharine MCCLINTICK, aged 47, August 30, 1822.

Samuel MCCLINTICK, "a respectable citizen of this town," was drowned a short distance below Harmar, leaving a numerous family, March 30, 1815.

Alex. MCCOY, of Waterford, 1823.

Wm. MCCRACKEN, drowned in the Ohio, near McFarland's landing, December 11, 1818.

Hugh MCCULLOUGH, drowned in Duck Creek, April 17, 1823.

Mrs. MCCUNE, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 28, 1823.

Elizabeth MCDONALD, aged 56, wife of Thomas McDonald, in Waterford, July 5, 1840.

James C. MCFARLAND, Esq., of Marietta, at Louisville, October 5, 1817.

John MCINTOSH, aged 70, February 21, 1822.

Dr. N. MCINTOSH, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 5, 1823.

Dr. Nathan H. MCINTOSH, aged 30, in Gallipolis, July 11, 1830.

Samuel D. MCINSTOSH, aged 27, November 30, 1829.

Lydia MCKAWEN, 1823.

Chas. MCKEWEN, aged 75, May 10, 1820.

Allen MCNEAL, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 24, 1823.

Chas. MEDBERRY, aged 37, in Belpre, September 29, 1828.

Mrs. MEES, October 7, 1822.

Nelson MEES, from a severe wound occasioned by the bursting of a small cannon on the day before, March 23, 1822.

Samuel MELLOR, aged 76, in Watertown, July 30, 1825.

Child of MERCER, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 11, 1823.

Mrs. MERRIAM, in Adams, September 9, 1822.

Reuben MERRIAM, in Adams, September 10, 1822.

Mrs. MERRILL, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 6, 1823.

Elijah B. MERWIN, Atty. at Law, in Zanesville, November 16, 1817.

Dea. Benj. MILES, in Belpre, October 29, 1817.

Mrs. MILLER, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 25, 1823.

Wife of John MILLER, April 15, 1827.

A son of Rev. John MILLER, of the German M. E. church, aged four years, of Marietta, fell into his father's cistern and was drowned, June 19, 1843.

John MILLER, September 20, 1822.

Mrs. MILLS, September 25, 1822.

Deborah Selden MILLS, aged 41, wife of Col. John Mills, March 6, 1842.

Child of R. MILLS, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 22, 1823.

Mrs. Elizabeth MINER, wife of Capt. Matthew Miner, aged 45, in Newport, March 12, 1815.

John Miner, a son of Henry MINER, was drowned in the Little Muskingum, about a mile from Corner's mill, May 19, 1840.

Mathew MINER, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 23, 1823.

Mrs. MINER, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 24, 1823.

Isaac MIXER, tavern keeper, aged 78, in Harmar, Jan. 29, 1815.

Thos. MIXER, aged 26, November 29, 1827.

Wm. MIXER, July 28, 1830.

Lucy Ann MONCKTON, aged 23, of Watertown, February 5, 1841.

John MOORE, of this township, was killed by a tree falling upon him while on horseback with his wife, who was severely injured, April 15, 1827.

Amos MORRIS, of Adams, 1822.

Daniel D. MORRIS, formerly of Marietta, in Clermont Co., July 26, 1840.

Obadiah MORRIS, of Adams, 1822.

Justus MORSE, September 21, 1822.

Margaret MORSE, 1823.

Pearce MORSE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 9, 1823.

Mrs. Pearce MORSE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 2, 1823.

Mrs. MORSE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 17, 1823.

Edmund MOULTON, aged 76, August 26, 1822.

James MULLEN, aged 27, in Newport, August 19, 1824.

Henry MURPHY, aged 9, October 21, 1822.

Child of D. MURRAY, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 12, 1823.

Davidson MURRAY, November 6, 1823.

* * N * *

N. NEEDHAM, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 11, 1823.

Noah NEEDHAM, formerly of the State of Delaware, June 1, 1817.

Almira NEWTON, aged 17, in Warren, September 8, 1842.

Wife of Oren NEWTON, during the epidemic in Warren, September 15, 1821.

James NICHOLS, in Harmar, August 26, 1817.

H. W. NOBLE, Esq., formerly of Portsmouth, N. H., a highly esteemed merchant, May 10, 1816.

Bazil NORMAN, aged 73, of Roxbury, a man of color and a soldier of the Revolution, was killed by falling from a precipice, twelve feet high, while returning home by torch-light from watching a deer lick, July 19, 1830.

Benj. Nott, of ADAMS, 1822.

O. B. NOWLAND, formerly of Marietta, killed when the steamboat Tri-Color exploded at Wheeling, April 19, 1831.

Samuel NULL, at the raising of a steam saw-mill in Harmar, was almost instantly killed by a fall of about twenty feet from the frame, August 3, 1830.

Squire A. NULL, aged 24, fell with a scaffold, sixteen feet to the ground while at work on the house of Vincent Payne, in Marietta, and was so severely injured that he died on the next Monday, August 28, 1840.

Mrs. Minerva NYE, aged 67, wife of Col. Ichabod Nye, April 20, 1836. She was a daughter of Gen. Benj. Tupper, of Chesterfield, Hampshire county, Mass., one of the projectors of the first settlement at Marietta. She arrived at Marietta, August 19, 1788, in company with her husband and two children, Gen. Tupper, Col. Cushing, Maj. Goodale and Maj. Coburn, and their families that came as settlers of Ohio. She was the first female who lodged in the "Stockade" [Campus Martius]; and on that ground she afterward lived nearly 48 years.

Col. Ichabod NYE, aged 77, November 27, 1840. A native of Tolland, Conn., his family, with that of Gen. Benj. Tupper, who was his father-in-law, and those of Col. Cushing, Maj. Goodale and Maj. Coburn, landed at Marietta, August 29, 1788, the first families that arrived here.

Rowena NYE, aged 45, wife of Arius Nye, January 24, 1842.

* * O * *

Joel OAKS, in Belpre, May 12, 1823.

Cogswell OLNEY, February 14, 1842.

Mrs. Cynthia OLNEY, granddaughter of Joshua Sprague, Sen., in her 20th year, in Union, October 4, 1816.

Geo. W. OLNEY, of Harmar, died at Lane Seminary, about December 10, 1842. He was a graduate of Marietta College in the Class of 1840.

Joel OLNEY, in Harmar, April 19, 1831.

* * P * *
Eliza PALMER, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 29, 1823.

Ephraim PALMER, Esq., aged 41, of Wesley, in Iowa, June 1841.

Isaac PALMER, aged 42, June 28, 1819.

Lucius S. PALMER, aged 22, December 6, 1840.

A lad named PARKER, aged 14, was drowned in the Ohio, opposite Harmar, while skating, January 8, 1835.

Silas PARKER, a candidate for the Gospel Ministry, aged 25, May 13, 1819.

Nathan PARR, aged 59, in Grandview, November 9, 1826.

Nathaniel PATTERSON, of Adams, 1823.

Abraham PAYNE, Sr., aged 68, in Salem, October 30, 1826.

Mary PAYNE, aged 45, wife of Rufus Payne, in Salem, November 11, 1839.

Mrs. Elizabeth PERRY, aged 56, wife of Abram B. Perry, June 15, 1831.

William W. PETIT, formerly of Marietta, in Detroit, April 26, 1826.

Posey PETTY, in Newport, January 7, 1827.

Elias PEWTHERS, Esq., aged 37, in Roxbury, August 16, 1840.

John PHELPS, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 20, 1823.

Capt. John PHILLIPS, aged 66, March 17, 1830.

Susan PHILLIPS, aged 19, formerly of Marietta, in Portsmouth, October 10, 1830.

Gordius G. PIERCE, son of Stephen Pierce, in his 23d year, August 7, 1815.

Mrs. Catharine PLUMER, aged 62, wife of Wm. Plumer, April 23, 1821.

Alfred POOLE, July 30, 1833.

Mrs. Sabra PORTER, wife of Amos Porter, of Salem, May 13, 1812.

Andres POWERS, in Waterford, August 28, 1825.

Wm. PRATT, September 27, 1821.

Child of PRATT, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 8, 1823.

Mrs. PRATT, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 16, 1823.

Child of J. J. PRESTON, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 20, 1823.

Alfred PROCTOR, aged 25, of Watertown, in Cincinnati, October 12, 1834.

Child of D. PROTSMAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 6, 1823.

Lorenzo PROTSMAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 12, 1823.

James PURRINGTON, in Harmar, September 6, 1817.

A. W. PUTMAN, aged 55, in Belpre, September 21, 1822.

Benjamin P. PUTNAM, oldest brother of Douglas and David Putnam, in his 25th year, Sunday evening, January 2, 1825.

Miss Betsey PUTNAM, November 8, 1830.

Charlotte PUTNAM, aged 49, wife of A. W. Putnam, September 19, 1822.

Miss Catharine H. PUTNAM, aged 17, daughter of David Putnam, Sr., August 17, 1829.

Elizabeth PUTNAM, aged 59, widow of the late Israel Putnam, in Union, January 16, 1842.

Harriet Day PUTNAM, aged 2 years and 2 months, only daughter of Douglas Putnam, November 20, 1842.

Israel PUTNAM, a grandson of Gen. Israel, aged 58, in Union (now Muskingum), March 9, 1824.

Mrs. Lucy PUTNAM, widow of Maj. Ezra Putnam, aged 89, July 20, 1818.

Mary PUTNAM, wife of Benjamin P. Putnam, December 14, 1822.

Mary Ann PUTNAM, aged 34, wife of Douglas Putnam and daughter of Dr. S. P. Hildreth, October 24, 1842.

Peter Radcliff PUTNAM, aged 20, third son of David Putnam, Esq., March 20, 1824.

Gen. Rufus PUTNAM, aged 86, who was at the head of the first settlement here, May 1, 1824.

Wife of Gen. Rufus PUTNAM, aged 83, September 6, 1820.

* * R * *

Rowena RACER, aged 30, wife of Dennis Racer, in Marietta, September 11, 1839.

Chas. F. RANGER, son of Ephraim Ranger, June 27, 1822.

Mrs. Mindwell RANSOM, wife of Theophilus Ransom, aged 60, in Adams, September 8, 1821.

Theophilus RANSOM, of Adams, 1823.

Benedict E. RATHBONE, of Belpre, 1822.

Julia RATHBONE, wife of D. L. Rathbone, sister of Wm. Pitt Putnam, of Belpre, in Columbus, April 26, 1824.

Calvin RECKARD, aged 66, May 29, 1826.

Chauncey REED, aged 25, August 16, 1835.

Dr. John B. REGNIER, a native of Paris, and one of the most prominent citizens of the county, aged 54, in Aurelius, August 16, 1821. He removed from Marietta to Aurelius in 1819.

Catharine REPPERT, aged three years, daughter of Lewis W. and Susan Reppert, in Warren, January 3, 1840.

Mrs. Josephine N. RICE, daughter of J. Gabaudan, of Marietta, in Michigan, May 26, 1840.

Child of Mr. RICH, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 28, 1823.

Mrs. Martha R. ROBBINS, aged 28, wife of Rev. Saml. P. Robbins, [Jr.], August 18, 1841.

Rev. S. P. ROBBINS, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 3, 1823.

A little son of Jas. ROBERTS, of Marietta, aged three years, was drowned by falling into a cistern, June 9, 1843.

Anna ROGERS, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 29, 1823.

Pamelia ROOD, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 26, 1823.

Mr. ROOD, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 1, 1823.

Mrs. ROOD, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 6, 1823.

Sylvander ROOT, aged 28, September 4, 1825.

Elisha ROSE, of Newport, was thrown from his horse and so badly injured that he died within two days afterwards, August 12, 1841.

John ROUSE, aged 77, found lying dead in a pool of water where he had been watering a horse, supposed to have fainted and fell in, in Belpre, July 1, 1818. He came from New Bedford, Mass., in 1789.

Mrs. Rebecca ROUSE, aged 70, in Belpre, September 30, 1820.

A man named ROWE was killed two miles below Harmar, where he had been employed in getting out stone for the lock on the Muskingum, July 15, 1837. He took shelter from a heavy shower, under a shelving rock, which took a slide and crushed him to death.

Isabella ROWLAND, aged 63, wife of John Rowland, August 29, 1824.

Charles RUSSELL, aged 33, in Union, November 28, 1841.

John RUSSELL, aged 65, in Union, suddenly, August 13, 1829.

Child of E. RYAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 14, 1823.

Mrs. RYAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 21, 1823.

* * S * *

John L. SALTONSTALL, April 16, 1821.

Lucretia SALTONSTALL, 1823.

Jona. SAMSON, February 9, 1824.

T. J. H. SANFORD, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 14, 1823.

Artemas SAWYER, Esq., a lawyer and a native of Sterling, Mass., in Marietta, July 16, 1815.

Mrs. SCHACHTELIN, October 10, 1822.

Jacob SCHACHTELIN, September 24, 1822.

Christian SCHULTZ, Esq., in Wood Co., Va., May 8, 1830.

Thos. SEELEY, aged 61, in Waterford, July 22, 1829.

Abram SEEVERS, aged 74, in Fearing, August 1, 1822.

Jeremiah J. SELBY, aged 30, in Union, February 14, 1842.

Abraham SHARP, aged 38, October 10, 1822.

James SHARP, Esq., aged 51, in Harmar, July 31, 1818.

Hon. John SHARP, in Lawrence, November 1, 1823.

Dr. John L. SHAW, aged 54, February 15, 1824.

A. SHAY, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 12, 1823.

Anna SHEPARD, 1823.

Dea. Enoch SHEPARD, September 17, 1821.

Joel SHERMAN, son of Josiah Sherman, of Waterford, aged 21, shot four days before at a Wolf Hunt in Windsor township, Morgan, Co., by careless persons who fired at a deer, January 3, 1825.

Frederick SHIPMAN, aged 44, August 22, 1839.

Joshua SHIPMAN, buried in Mound Cemetery on October 3, 1823.

Joshua SHIPMAN, aged 31, formerly of Marietta, in Wheeling, August 14, 1829.

Mrs. Sybil SHIPMAN, aged 59, widow of Joshua Shipman, June 16, 1828.

Wm. H. SHIPMAN, formerly of Marietta, in Wheeling, April 8, 1829.

Mr. SHOEMAKER, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 12, 1823.

Wyllis SILLIMAN, aged 64, in Zanesville, November 13, 1842. He, in connection with Elijah Backus, started the first paper in Marietta in 1801, the "Ohio Gazette."

Lewis SKINNER, son of Wm. Skinner, March 23, 1822.

Miss Maria SKINNER, daughter of Wm. Skinner, aged 25, July 25, 1821.

Wm. SKINNER, Esq., aged 71, December 14, 1840.

Selah SLOCOMB, aged 54, wife of Wm. Slocomb, October 29, 1839.

Mrs. SLOTER, in Marietta, August 31, 1821.

Aaron SMITH, aged 48, September 14, 1822.

Casper SMITH, aged 46, January 30, 1823.

Capt. Nathaniel SMITH, aged 25, April 20, 1817.

Mrs. Sabra SMITH, wife of Wm. Smith, in Warren, May 8, 1831.

Mrs. SOLINGER, in Union, September 16, 1822.

Eben SPEARS, aged 60, in Salem, January 3, 1835.

Dr. Jos. SPENCER, aged 74, in Wood Co., Va., May 11, 1824.

Mrs. SPENCER, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 1, 1823.

Mrs. Mary SPOONER, wife of Dr. Cyrus Spooner, in Adams, February 24, 1819.

Joshua SPRAGUE, Esq., of Adams, 1823.

Joshua SPRAGUE, Sen., in his 89th year, in Adams, October 1, 1816.

Mrs. Sabra SPRAGUE, wife of Jona. Sprague, aged 48, in Adams, May 2, 1815.

Amzi STANLEY, 1823.

Eliza STANLEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 5, 1823.

George STANLEY, aged 21, formerly of Marietta, in Cincinnati, August 28, 1829.

Timothy STANLEY, aged 47, February 4, 1819.

John STEWART, of Warren, 1822.

Elizabeth Spencer STONE, aged 24, wife of Augustus I. Stone, in Harmar, July 5, 1840.

Israel STONE, at Rainbow, aged 60, July 13, 1808.

Dr. John C. STONE, aged 26, of consumption, in Harmar, May 27, 1841.

Mary STONE, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 28, 1823.

Mary STONE, Sr., buried in Mound Cemetery on September 6, 1823.

Mrs. Mary STONE, aged 61, widow of Israel Stone, July 8, 1825.

Mrs. Rebecca STONE, wife of Col. Augustus Stone, June 3, 1828.

Mrs. Ruth STONE, wife of Augustus Stone, of this town, December 1, 1808.

Hon. Sardine STONE, aged 66, long a leading citizen, died in Union, November 14, 1834.

Mrs. Susanah STONE, aged 78, in Belpre, November 4, 1833.

Son of Sam. STONE, buried in Mound Cemetery, July 23, 1823.

Mrs. Eliza SULLIVAN, aged 38, wife of Charles Sullivan, May 11, 1840.

Maria SUTTON, aged 28, wife of Henry Sutton, February 2, 1835.

* * T * *
Rich'd. TALBOT, of Grandview, 1822.

Child of Wm. TALBOT, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 24, 1823.

Mrs. Jane TAYLOR, widow of Col. Robt. Taylor, in her 79th year, February 26, 1819.

Mary Ann TAYLOR, daughter of Jasher Taylor, September 28, 1822.

Wm. TAYLOR, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 18, 1823.

Wm. H. TAYLOR, aged 24, December 7, 1842.

Harriet THARP, aged 29, wife of Silas Tharp, of Harmar, May 21, 1840.

Francis THIERRY, one of the early French settlers of Marietta, coming here in 1790, and long a resident, died in Gallia county, Ohio township, to which place he had removed from Marietta, August 2, 1832.

Jona. THOMAS, of Warren, 1823.

Child of C. THORNILEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 14, 1823.

Caleb THORNILEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 23, 1823.

Geo. THORNILEY, aged 19, July 28, 1841.

Mrs. Sarah THORNILEY (daughter of Col. Israel Putnam and sister of David Putnam), at Philadelphia, aged 54, June 14, 1818.

Mrs. THORNILEY, buried in Mound Cemetery on July 25, 1823.

Sally TODD, aged 36, wife of Billy Todd, June 6, 1825.

Hannah TOOTHAKER, aged 20, daughter of Roger Toothaker, March 2, 1835.

Horace TOOTHAKER, aged 23, in Fearing, August 12, 1830.

Hiram E. TRUE, aged 30, in Salem, January 7, 1843.

Dr. Jabez TRUE, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 6, 1823.

John TRUE, aged 59, in Salem, March 10, 1841.

Mrs. TUCKER, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 12, 1823.

Mrs. Huldah TUPPER, widow of Gen. Benj. Tupper, February 2, 1812.

Frances TURNER, wife of Col. Geo. Turner, June 30, 1822.

Augustus Caesar TUTTLE, aged 36, deeply regretted by all his neighbors, in Fearing, November 21, 1838. "He ceased to breathe at high noon sun! His race on Earth he then had run. A man unknown in distant place, But round his neighborhood a grace. Retired was he, though good and kind; To faults in others ever blind. All - all around him felt distressed; One pang of grief their hearts impressed When death did seal his honest fame, And Justice honored his good name. Ye who would live in peace and love, In Tuttle's track be sure to move."

Joel TUTTLE, Sen., of Fearing, 1823.

Simeon TUTTLE, in Fearing, October 21, 1817.

Dudley TYLER, aged 34, August 6, 1826.
* * U * *
Christiana ULMER, September 19, 1822.

Col. Jacob ULMER, October 4, 1822.

* * V * *

Mrs. Betsey VINTON, wife of Thomas Vinton, March 27, 1835.


* * W * *

Anna MariaWARD, aged 19, August 11, 1839.

George Washington Lafayette WARD, child of Nahum Ward, August 27, 1826.

Mrs. Mary Ann WARD, aged 26, wife of Col. Wm. H. Ward, and daughter of the late Gen. Jos. Buell, of Marietta, at Utica, N. Y, January 1831.

Richard WATERMAN, of Marietta, 1822.

Andrew WEBSTER, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 30, 1823.

Chas. WELLS, Esq., of Tyler Co., Va., who had lived on the frontier 40 years, aged 70, April 16, 1815.

Mrs. Deborah F. WELLS, aged 51, November 7, 1841.

Samuel WESTON, aged 24, in Marietta, April 22, 1840.

Child of Mr. WHEELER, buried in Mound Cemetery on August 18, 1823.

Caroline Augusta WHEELER, aged 11 months, daughter of F. A. and Harriet Wheeler, October 22, 1839.

Wife of Otis WHEELER, and on the same day their son, aged 2-1/2 years, July 30, 1831.

Commodore Abraham WHIPPLE, aged 85, May 29, 1819.

Mrs. Sarah WHIPPLE, wife of Commodore Abraham Whipple, aged 79, October 14, 1818.

David WHITE, aged 74, in Waterford, November 12, 1840.

Maj. Haffield WHITE, in Wooster (Watertown), aged about 80, one of the leading men at the first settlement of Marietta, December 15, 1818.

James WHITE, in Fearing, September 3, 1826.

John H. WHITE, in Fearing, April 17, 1826.

Lydia WHITE, aged 29, wife of Wm. White, in Fearing, November 4, 1822.

Mrs. Polly WHITE, aged 73, in Fearing, October 5, 1822.

Wm. WHITEHOUSE, aged 23, February 16, 1819.

Benj. I. WHITNEY, aged 24, formerly of Marietta, in Quincy, Ill., November 10, 1841.

Gen. Jos. M. WILCOX, in his 61st year, January 18, 1817.

Elizabeth T. WILLARD, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 19, 1823.

Rev. Jos. WILLARD, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 24, 1823.

Isaac WILLIAMS, in his 84th year, in Virginia, opposite Marietta, September 25, 1820.

Robert WILLIAMS, aged 81, April 26, 1843.

Lavinia WILLIAMSON, aged 44, wife of Robt. Williamson, in Marietta, October 10, 1821.

Charles Spencer WILSON, aged 17, a brother of Noah L. Wilson, in Vienna, Va., August 23, 1821.

Thomas WILSON, of Watertown, 1823.

Henry WINUM, aged 46, October 6, 1822.

Sarah WISEMAN, of Harmar, 1823.

Eliza B. WOLCOTT, aged 19, daughter of Elias Wolcott, in Watertown, September 29, 1826.

John WOOD, aged 80, during the epidemic in Warren, September 16, 1821.

A little son of S. WOOD, aged nine years, fell from a skiff at the mouth of the Muskingum, and was drowned, April 28, 1841.

D. WOODBRIDGE, Sen., buried in Mound Cemetery on August 6, 1823.

Mrs. Jane R. WOODBRIDGE, daughter of Benj. I. Gilman, and wife of Dudley Woodbridge, Jr., September 18, 1808.

Mrs. Lucy WOODBRIDGE, wife of Dudley Woodbridge, Sen., in Chillicothe, October 6, 1817.

Wife of Wm. WOODFORD, in Watertown, February 12, 1831.

Elisha WOODWARD, of Marietta, 1822.

Amos WORSTELL, aged 16, son of Jos. Worstell, in Marietta, September 8, 1821.

Joseph WORSTELL, of Marietta, killed when the steamboat Tri-Color exploded at Wheeling, April 19, 1831.

Phillip WORTHINGTON, aged 67, December 4, 1817.

Jotham WRIGHT, of Newport, 1822.

* * Y * *

Mr. YATES and Robert HURDSMAN were drowned at Beverly, while attempting to cross the Muskingum in a skiff, March 28, 1840. Mrs. Yates was in the skiff, but retained her hold on it after it passed over the dam, and was rescued.

A man named YOHO was found in Virginia, nearly opposite Marietta, with a charge of shot in his side, from the effects of which he died in about an hour, supposed to have been received from some farmer upon whose fruit or other property he had been committing depredations, August 20, 1841.

* * * NAME UNKNOWN * * *

Lucy, a woman of color, September 28, 1822.

Woman from Fearing, buried in Mound Cemetery on September 22, 1823.

A lad who was in service at the Mansion House was drowned in the Ohio at the foot of Front street, July 11, 1837.

Income Tax Payers of 1864

The Marietta Register, January 11, 1866

A List Showing the Amount of Income Returned for Taxation, in Washington County, for the Year 1864.

The figures in this list represent the amount of each man's income, in even dollars, subject to taxation, after making all lawful deductions, such as the $600 exempt, house rent actually paid, taxes of last year; and the amount of tax each one pays is five per cent on the first $4,400, and ten per [c]ent on all above that. Generally, the total income may be found by adding $600 to the figures given, as that is the principal exemption:
Anderson D. B.$511
Andrews E. B. $4853
Andrews I. W. $1443
Arnold Albert $170
Athey Chas. $618
Ames Cyrus $2331
Averbeck Max $700
Amlin H. M. $500
Ames Chas. R. $340
Armstrong Jas. $257
Adkins E. $347
Arnold Henry S. $378
Adkins Isaac K. $1009
Alexander John $345
Allison L. G. $104
Atkinson Isaac $948
Atkinson B. F. $691
Baldwin J. W. $848
Benedict Geo. $1600
Battelle A. B. $3505
Bennet W. P. $706
Brenan J. J. $1300
Biszantz Phebe $500
Brigham A. P. $143
Bosworth D. P. $2916
Bosworth Sala $540
Brown J. W. L. $6911
Brown LeRoy S. $10829
Boyd John $600
Bundy Z. G. $451
Bruce Almer $200
Broughton John $72
Buell E. D. $267
Barker Geo. W. $2050
Buell Wm. H. $2789
Brough Abigail W. $31
Blain Robinson $200
Blackinton J. B. $207
Bartlett John $131
Bosworth Geo. S. $1479
Bailey Wm. D. $400
Breckenridge R. $855
Breckenridge A. F. $379
Bell Wm. $414
Bundy Thos. $426
Bartlett Levi $670
Bailey Aug. S. $1700
Basim Jos. $97
Barkley Wm. H. $40
Blue Malcom $65
Burgess Dyar $381
Browning A. H. $972
Ballard P. E. $482
Briggs Dean $300
Bowman Jas. $567
Barnes Henry S. $531
Brown Jas. $257
Bucey Jos. K. $4838
Berry Z. C. $100
Breckenridge G. $10
Breckenridge Wm. $155
Breckenridge Ed. $278
Buchanan W. M. $1500
Bean Johnson est. $2888
Brown John C. $2000
Bosworth Jer. C. $1310
Bosworth Wm. A. $127
Bell Nathan $33
Battelle E. $2205
Benedict H. N. $14
Buell P. B. $3700
Boyd Chas. A. $850
Buchanan C. $737
Biszantz John $254
Blankenbuhler A. $509
Berkley S. L. $3241
Barnhouse W. W. $3810
Bess Robt. $58
Brown D. T. $700
Beach J. D. $169
Bacon Martin $77
Bowen Chas. $3249
Beckett John $39
Beish Chas. $200
Baldwin David $65
Brown Sam'l. S. $54
Bane James B. $940
Brown Parley $500
Blake Moses $591
Boye Fred $560
Burris Stinson $712
Bules Lewis $48
Bowen Geo. $5500
Biszantz Conrad $42
Brown Wm. $686
Cadwallader J. D. $1909
Carman I. N. $400
Chambers Thos. $500
Cogswell B. F. $721
Cogswell Eliazb'h. $114
Conley John W. $4400
Curtis W. F. $8212
Currier C. K. $1080
Cline Andrew $112
Chapin Harlow $4900
Cutler Wm. P. $4143
Crawford Wm. H. $2558
Coulter Jos. C. $380
Cooper Jona. R. $299
Curtis A. S. $615
Chamberlain L. W. $200
Carothers Reason $122
Cook John $324
Corner M. R. $202
Cole H. H. $699
Christopher B. $359
Campbell Daniel $1606
Canfield Daniel $668
Cole Wm. P. $318
Curtis Chas. D. $132
Cunningham E. E. $300
Cook Chas. D. $667
Curtis Walter $179
Cook Jacob $148
Casady Geo. $309
Cree A. P. $500
Cook Chas. H. $965
Cox Jos. $400
Cassel Alex. $325
Clark A. S. $200
Chapman F. D. $100
Creighton Wm. $617
Cochran Z. $72


Darrow A. R. $1293
Darrow O. S. $1365
Darrow O. S. Ag't. $2726
Davis S. W. $108
Dunlevy Geo. W. $4150
Dana Geo., estate $2382
Drown H. H. $1885
Drown John H. $200
Drain Duncan $745
Dickey Chas. S. $1868
Devol C. M. (Har) $218
Deming Isaac H. $573
Devol B. F. $524
Devol Theodore $546
Devol Dudley W. $629
Dana L. D. $185
Davis John W. $650
Dunsmoor D. N. $864
Dyar Jos. B. $397
Dyar Augustine $34
Denney Wm. S. $208
Deming Jas. H. $189
Dustin John $165
Dyar John W. $50
Drain Dan'l. $84
Dye Moffit $742
Dana Stephen A. $2025
Dana Caroline W. $1769
Dana Sarah M. $1769
Dana Watson $800
Dovenbarger J. $438
Davis Willard $328
Davis Walter $232
Deaver Jas. H. $670
DeLong Thos. J. $1900
Dutton Hanson $436
Dutton Wm. $2504
Dutton S. W. $46
Davis Jas. B. $100
Diehl C. M. $292
Devol C. M. (Bev) $825
Dodge P. O. $310
Dowling Lewis $118
Dye A. J. $46
Dye Sam'l. $2801
Dye Amos $150
Doan Philo $43
Dorsey Lloyd T. $100
Donahoe H. $1053


Eells John M. $731
Evans E. W. $461
Ewart T. W. $2709
Emmons Isaac $137
Ellenwood Milton $98
Edgell Aaron $526
Eddy Erastus $357


Fay Wm. A. $1285
Fawcett Nathan $10690
Franks Owen $5105
Finley Wm. $2355
Follett M. D. $1561
Fuller Aaron $200
Fleming David F. $400
Faires J. V. $614
Ferguson David $450
Finch Calvin M. $757
Foster James $86
Fullerton W. (Dun) $257
Fleming Thos. $514
Fullerton W. (Bar) $884
Fish Alex. $243
Frees Wm. $8
Ferguson Baz. $365
Ferguson Jas. $425
Fish Henry C. $3000
Farnsworth J. C. $112


Gaitree Nancy $900
Gates Beman $5228
Glines C. E. $728
Gerken Henry $1400
Greenwood Geo. $225
Goodno Jas. T. $356
Goddard A. W. $342
Goddard W. P. P. $330
Gage Jos. H. $390
Greenwalt Wm. $319
Gard Hiram $250
Graham Thos. G. $323
Gettle Lewis $210
Guthrie Edwin $72
Gard Chas. E. $250
Greenhill Wm. L. $1027
Greenlees David $411
Gano John M. $500
Goddard C. H. (F.) $558
Gilfillan A. A. $600
Gayle Geo. W. $400
Gates M. B. $450
Gevrez Theodore $192
Gordon Geo. W. $128
Guist Leonard $434
Green Jesse $852
Guitteau F. G. $530
Glaub Adam $111
Greene Chris. $1522
Greene R. H. $216
Greene Jas. B. $989
Green Chas. W. $458
Green Mark $306
Gordon Alex. $387
Gurley Wm. H. $904
Greenwood Wm. $3095


Hall J. E. $922
Hall John $600
Hall Chas. B. $727
Hart S. D. $214
Harness Granville $376
Harness G. W. $4552
Hendershott J. $755
Hildreth Geo. O. $247
Hildreth G. adm'r. $2054
Hildreth Calvin $85
Hildreth S. B. $60
Hill E. F. $519
Holland F. M. $42
Hovey J. B. $1930
Hovey H. C. $93
Hallett Zenas $38
Hutchinson Lem. $475
Hendershot Ceph. $800
Hutchinson Sam'l. $400
Hoppel John $228
Hune Wm. $1600
Hinckley G. A. $100
Holden James $28
Hollister J. J. $243
Hobson Thos. $43
Hoff Alfred $1627
Hollister R. D. $658
Holdren Jas. $405
Holdren Coleman $328
Howe Geo. A. $780
Howe R. W. $507
Hance Kinsey $227
Hall John G. $500
Haines Chas. $8
Hart H. U. $1000
Hague John $634
Hildebrand Geo. $64
Hall Edw. K. $127
Hadley John $625
Harvey Mary $81
Henderson Josiah $274
Heald Sam’l. $314
Holloway E. J. $500
Hollinsworth E. $4
Hibbard Thos. B. $400
Hayward Rotheus $572
Hart Josiah T. $90
Huggins Enoch $150
Hutchinson W. W. $200
Hays David $571
Hays Rich’d. $654
Goff Jona. $1050
Hill Harvey D. $1067
Humiston Hiram $90
Hutchins John $100
Hall Jos. B. $763
Hogue Theodus $453
Hayward Roth B. $157
Hayward Jos. $261
Hayward Wm. G. $300
Howell S. D. $600
Hawley Wm. A. $1000
Hilton T. M. $500


Iams R. P. $1560


Johnson W. H. $360
Johnson Pierce S. $390
Jones E. A. $196


Kahleyss Wm. $682
Knowles S. S. $286
Kelly Henry $3000
Kunz John $185
Knox Wm. $3527
Kimball C. P. $2555
King Jas. $105
King Abel $630
Kiehl Henry $173
Kelly I. H. $150
Kilzer Geo. $370
Leonard C. K. $659
Lord Geo. H. $796
Locker Elijah $500
Lewis Fred $736
Lewis Parker $493
Lake Jas. B. $300
Lewis Mary $476
Little Geo. $259
Livesay John A. $300
Lasure Calvin $300
Loynachan Neil $378
Lawton James $298
Loring O. R. $733
Lamb Wm. $509
Lancaster Wm. H. $430
Lyne D. $310
Lyne G. $310
Lewis Sam. (Low) $69
Lund Isaac T. $1236
Little James $23
Lawrence Miles $217
Langenberg Hen. $300
Lane Julian $189
Lankford Jas. $307
Lukens Chas. $142


McCormick J. Z. $216
M[a]tthews D. G. $1143
Marshall John $518
Mills John $4100
Mills John receiv. $4500
Miller Daniel $400
Miller Jacob $400
Miller R. T. $1192
Morse Manley $2450
McAllister Mad. $1000
Mackey James $1071
Mullen Wm. $300
Marshall Thos. L. $231
Morris Chas. $630
Merrill D. H. $730
Merrill Jas. W. $566
McFarland Thos. $162
Matthews Geo. $141
Moore Thos. W. $2750
McLarty Edw. $280
Marshall A. S. $988
Morlan Albert $240
McTaggart Alex. $356
Malster John $1336
Malster John L. $245
Mott D. M. $450
McArthur D. $90
McKay Chas. $325
Murchy Arch. $296
McCoy Wm. W. $145
Morris Moses $143
McGrew Nathan $200
Miller Columbus $300
Miller Sam’l. T. $500
Milligan Jno. (Bar) $146
Milligan Jno. (Har) $498
McGrew Henry $234
Malster Moses A. $723
McElhinney Jos. $189
Middleswart Ellen $100
Mason Wm. $135
Minich Adam $150
Mackey Hugh $975
Mattern Philip $63
Merriam S. N. $2294
McIntyre W. F. $123
Mason Isaac $207
Mason Jonas $132
Markey Wm. H. $452
Morris Geo. $104
Mees Wm. H. $27
Markey J. B. $702
McIntosh Wm. $1467
McIntosh Shep. R. $1160
McIntosh E. S. $1574
Montgomery D. $280
McVey J. J. D. $29
Martin David $195
Matthews John $565


Newton John $7766
Newton Stephen $4105
Nye A. T. $2475
Nye A. T. jr. $1770
Naylor Wm. M. $1852
Nulton John $320


Oakes Daniel $392
Oakes Sumner $374
Ormiston John $200
Ormiston Jas. 3d. $42
Olney S. S. $157
Ormiston Jas. $272
O’Neal Ezra $2050
Owen Daniel $62
Plumly J. W. $3157
Paxton John C. $1849
Pearce F. E. $414
Porter Thos. $375
Putnam Douglas $27699
Payne Gabriel $113
Putnam David $640
Putnam Wm. R. $1941
Penrose Jos. $700
Pugh Rob’t. $428
Perdew Wm. M. $513
Palmer Jas. M. $50
Perry Jas. B. $209
Putnam Israel W. $400
Putnam Wm. Pitt $826
Putnam L. J. P. $922
Putnam Benj. P. $780
Pattin T. J. $844
Pickering B. C. $317
Paden David $4380
Plumly Jona S. $647
Perdew Chas. S. $439
Putnam Sam’l. H. $900
Plumer John M. $526
Phillips Lewis $714
Pattin Owen $642
Powers Wm. H. $310
Parker Jos. $100
Payne Vincent $74
Palmer Pembert’n. $630
Palmer Thos. $47
Patterson Matth. $134
Pool John $300
Pugh Thos. $470


Ridenour Wm. $768
Rolston W. L. $9828
Ross Andrew $1019
Rosseter G. R. $156
Rowland Thos. $2661
Roberts John $80
Ridlon A. G. $166
Reppert Jas. A. $576
Rathbone W. W. $527
Ray Jos. $223
Reed Burr $317
Romer Adolphus $200
Reckard J. L. $2755
Reckard J. L. jr. $2755
Richards A. S. $175
Racer Ezra O. $114
Racer Chas. $19
Racer Benj. $12
Racer D. W. $59
Racer Frances D. $127
Ross Richard $105
Ross Wm. $35
Robinson S. B. $1334
Richards Thos. E. $1000
Richards D. J. $1000
Robinson Wm. F. $200
Rinard John $109
Ridgway C. W. $500


Sprague J. S. $405
Stanley Jos. F. $1163
Stanley John W. $28
Stanley Wilson $420
Stephenson John $610
Stephenson J. G. $262
Shipman Sam’l. $2000
Shipman H. B. $309
Skinner Wm. P. $587
Skinner Sam’l. C. $3130
Smith Wm. T. $1630
Schmidt Wm. $260
Snider John $442
Stimson R. M. $1300
Scott James $408
Slocomb Silas $3000
Sheets Anthony $4000
Sheets Matthias $2500
Skinner, David C. $16780
Stacy A. P. $506
Smith Wm. $760
Stephens Jos. L. $2821
Stacy C. F. $113
Stratton Geo. E. $290
Spaulding Isaac $426
Stone Jona. F. $520
Stacy M. A. $400
Smith Caleb E. $471
Shields Levi $1514
Stow Jas. S. $2750
Seely S. F. $400
Spratt Thos. $71
Story David W. $187
Sibert John G. $500
Smith Wm. R. $478
Smith Harvey $371
Stone John $693
Stone S. Bol. Est. $332
Skeen S. M. $430
Stone Loring E. $1341
Shaw Duncan $800
Shaw Daniel $2768
Stone B. F. $120
Stone Francis, est. $463
Smith James $164
Sscott Wm. $403
Shepard Thos. L. $407
Sheets Henry $662
Starlin J. M. $244
Sprague Elijah $559
Sprague O. A. $125
Sprague Jona. $44
Stow S. S. $310
Sprague Dan. M. $68
Smithson John sr. $110
Smith Jas. W. $341
St. John R. W. $274
St John Geo. W. $83
Shaw Wm. B. $611
Shaw Boylston $15
Stewart John $530
Scott O. H. P. $1000
Smith Steph. (Sal) $644
Sheets S. M. $3000
Shannon Sam’


Tappen S. C. $255
Taylor Wm. C. $439
Turner S. R. $890
Tenney Jas. A. $519
Thomas Weston $527
Thomas W. B. $907
Thomas John $840
Thorniley Wm. $300
Thorniley P. V. $1493
Tiffany A. F. $282
Thompson Wm. $661
Tulloss Jona. $421
Thorniley Sam’l. S. $2339
Tilton Wm. jr. $4459
Tullius Andrew $262
Tucker Oliver $600
True Moses $93


Varley John $426
Vose Geo. H. $700
Vandermarker I. J. $752
Varner Jos. $340
Vincent H. E. $480
Vincent J. (Bev) $1117
Wilder F. A. $400
Wood C. M. $306
Wallace W. H. $2820
Ward Wm. S. $3303
Waters I. R. $23259
Wheeler F. A. $47
Wells M. P. $2641
Wells C. B. $1445
West John B. $2057
West Wm. $344
West Wm. jr. $207
West Wm. W. $207
West John A. $390
West Jas. C. $337
Wendelken Mart. $163
Wilson James $304
Whittlesey Wm. A. $310
Whittlesey S. A. g $700
Woodruff Geo. R. $1484
Wagner Andrew $500
Wickes Thos. $588
Wheeler Lem. $1566
Wakefield Wm. $281
Ward A. F. $345
Wendelken John $414
Winsor Augustus $600
Wilson Jacob $150
Wilson Alonzo $400
Ward James $1255
Williams Rob’t. $895
Wells Isaiah $360
Wier Hugh $62
Wells Thos. K. $1415
Waerneke Ernst $1102
Wells Geo. H. $1340
Winchester E. $989
Woodbridge J. M. $1000
Woodruff Abner $66
Woodford Wm. G. $882
Wilson Newhall $200
Wolf Henry $102
Wilking Franz $331
Wetherby Chas. T. $665
Warren Alden T. $425
Whissen Amos F. $749
Williamson H. A. W. $199
Whittock John $48
Young John L. $340

REMARKS. Persons in employ of the Government, military or civil, have their income tax deducted from their pay, consequently do not generally appear in the list. This return is no standard by which to judge of a man’s wealth. A man may have a large and unproductive estate, while another man may have no property, but a salary over all the exemptions; and again a fortunate “venture,” may make a handsome return, where the venturer may have but little means.

The number of names in the above list is 625; the number of voters in the county is nearly if not quite 8,000. It occurs to us that many whose names are not in the list, have a consciousness that they had an income over all exemptions, in the year 1864.

We have had the list for publication, three or four months, but a convenient time has not occurred to “put it in,” till now. We publish it with a good deal of reluctance. It is making an exhibit of a man’s private affairs that we do not altogether like; but we are “in the same boat’ with the rest.