Sunday, June 20, 2010

Town Ordinance

Marietta and Washington County Pilot, April 14, 1826

Town Council. An Ordinance to prevent sheep from running at large, on the Streets and Commons of Marietta, in the night-time.

Sec. 1st. Be it ordained, by the Mayor, Recorder and Trustees of the town of Marietta, in town Council assembled, that it shall not be lawful for sheep to run at large on the streets and Commons of the town aforesaid, between sunset in the Evening, and sunrise in the Morning, from the 10th day of April, to the 10th day of Oct. in each and every year, and if any owner or owners, holder or holders, of any sheep, shall suffer the same to run at large, against the provisions of this ordinance, he, she, or they, shall forfeit and pay to the said town of Marietta, any sum, not exceeding two dollars.

Sec. 2nd. All laws and parts of laws, ordinances and parts of ordinances passed to regulate the grazing of sheep on the streets and Commons of Marietta, previous to the first day of April, 1826, be, and the same are hereby repealed. Passed April 10, 1826. James M. Booth, Mayor. John Mills, Recorder.

Edmund Perry - Runaway Apprentice

Western Spectator, February 22, 1812

Went away from the subscriber on the seventh instant, an indented apprentice to the tanning and currying business, named Edmund Perry -- nineteen years old last December; of common stature, light eyes and hair. Had on, when he went away, a bluish coloured Surtout, a brownish coloured closebodied coat, cord vest and brownish overalls, and coarse shoes. Took away with him a striped cotton coat, a pair of cord and a pair of velvet pantaloons, a pair of boots and several other articles of clothing. All persons are hereby forbidden harboring, trusting, or hiring said apprentice under penalty of the laws. Whoever will take up said apprentice and return him to the subscriber shall receive one Dollar reward.
Amos Bartlett.
Marietta, Feb. 14, 1812.