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Deaths 1893-94

The List of Those Who Died in Washington County for the
Year Ending March 31, 1894.

The Marietta Register, July 19, 1894:
We give below a list of deaths for the past year in Washington county as returned by the Assessors, with date of death, disease and age.  As lack of space prevents a publication of all the townships, those not appearing in to-day's paper will appear in a subsequent issue.

Mary Doebereiner, old age, Aug. 11th, 81.
Oscar Henniger, unknown, June 30th.
Michael Rauch, rheumatism, Sept. 29th, 85.
Martin Schwartz, dropsy, Feb. 17th, 82.
Susana Stingel, paralysis, April 1st, 77.
John Schneider, la grippe, Dec. 19th, 80.

Hannah J. Stone, consumption, Jan. 12th, 60.
James Hall, obstruction of bowels, Feb. 22, 50.
A. R. Vaughn, heart disease, Oct. 26th, 74.
R. L. White, heart failure, Aug. 7th, 48.
Anna L. Warren, cholera infantum, Jan. 12, 6 months.
C. A. Ward, typhoid fever, March 19th, 28.

William Breckenridge, heart disease, Oct. 20th, 88.
Robert Dunlap, bladder inf., Dec. 23rd, 75.
Vincent Francis, cath. of stomach, Oct. 1st, 65.
Livingstone Fleming, suicide, Jan. 24th, 21.
Basil Harvey, Bright's disease, Dec. 7th, 92.
Amos Male, pulm. consumption, March 17th, 39.
John Ormiston, paralysis, Feby. 20th, 67.
John O. Shaw, pulm. consumption, April 27th, 22.
Gilbert N. Shaw, gun shot wound, Nov. 20th, 15.
Harriet Breckenridge, paralysis, July 8th, 63.
Lucy E. Pearce, child birth, Oct. 26th, 36.
Etta Proctor, pulm. consumption, July 23, 12.
Nancy Breckenridge, diarrhoea, Sep. 21st, 73.
Emma A. Smith, pulm. consumption, Oct. 28, 34.

Lucy D. Basim, consumption, May 2d, 15.
E. E. Bellows, killed by cars, Sept. 4th, 24.
Edith W. Curtis, heart disease, July 9th, 18.
John Dunfee, catrh. of stomach, Oct. 13, 67.
Ira Farson, killed by cars, Dec. 29th, 1.
Anna Galbraith, pneumonia, May 19th, 46.
Lucy E. Gilbert, old age, Feb. 9th, 90.
William L. Hunter, dropsy of abd., March 19, 73.
Clara S. Hawk, malarial fever, Sept. 27th, 18.
B. P. Leonard, Bright's disease, Feb. 14th, 76.
Reuben C. Menzie, catrh. of bowels, March 3rd, 74.
Maggie Simpson, malarial fever, Jan. 12th.
Leroy Stephens, heart disease, Sept. 12th, 9.

Oliver Barrett, heart disease, May 26th, 46.
Annie E. Conrad, consumption, Feb. 17th, 57.
Nicholas Gardner, heart disease, July 18th, 78.
David F. Hover, breast wound, Oct. 1st, 57.
Gertie Hendrickson, catrh. of bowels, July 18th, 2.
Thomas O. McTaggart, consumption, March 17th, 31.
Anna E. McClure, heart failure, Feb. 25, 71.
Peter S. McCualsky, bronchitis, Feb. 7th, 2.
Eliza A. Mulligan, child birth, March 4th, 42.
Jacob Raridan, paralysis, Oct. 10th, 80.
Etta Rawlins, peritonitis, April 15th, 18.
Margaretta Trautman, spinal meng., Feb. 6th, 6 months.
Peggy Taylor, paralysis, Feb. 7th, 73.

Mary Amour, grippe, Dec. 13th, 86.
Mary Alender, St. Vitus dance, March 16th, 23.
Alonzo Barrows, catrh. stomach, Sep. 8, 80.
Mary J. Berry, unknown, April 8th, 23.
William Cole, paralysis, August 25th, 79.
Eunice Harrington, unknown, April 14th, 81.
Joseph Sparling, heart disease, Feb. 14th, 9.
Leonidas Swords, unknown, Oct. 13th.

Richard Beasle, old age, May 20th, 85.
Thomas Lander, old age, May 14th, 70.
Louise E. Frazyer, paralysis, May 1st, 57.

Raymond Barrett, brain, Aug. 25th, 4.
Jacob Bennett, grippe, Nov. 27th, 70.
Philip Moore, grippe, Nov. 25th, 69.
Melissa Dilley, stomach, Oct. 14th, 82.
Joanna Moore, grippe, Nov. 25th, 69.
Theodore Biehl, paralysis, Dec. 15th, 68.
John T. Dowling, old age, Sept. 2nd, 81.
Rev. Daniel Hirsch, asthma, May 19th, 78.
Joseph J. Hous, typhoid fever, Oct. 28th, 37.
William H. Hous, typhoid fever, Aug. 9th, 30.
Adam Schultheris, heart disease, May 7th, 48.
Philip Wirth, inf. kidneys, June 17th, 66.
Louis Young, diabetes, June 25th, 36.
Jane Daniels, dropsy, Aug. 16th, 85.
Lizzie M. Hous, typhoid fever, Sept. 18th, 22.
Matilda A. Kneff, catrh. stomach, Dec. 1st, 57.
Flora E. Rech, meningitis, July 15th, 6.
Margaret Seyler, old age, Jan. 5th, 82.
Lydia R. Schramm, ch. infantum, Sept. 15th, 1.
Clara A. Young, lugamonia, Feb. 20th, 6 mo.

Adam Braun, cancer stomach, Jan. 31st, 67.
William S. Cameron, consumption, Oct. 17th, 17.
William Canary, typhoid fever, Jan. 18th, 23.
Russel Dorff, Bright's disease, May 12th, 75.
Thomas F. Flowers, spinal cord, April 25th, 20.
William E. Fry, rheumatism, Feb. 10th, 62.
Edward Folsom, burn, Jan. 21st, 42.
Jacob Grohs, paralysis, Jan. 15th, 56.
Henry Hackathorn, heart disease, May 10th, 78.
William Hedelsten, apoplexy, April 19th, 77.
Edward Huffman, suicide, Jan. 13th, 25.
Hamilton Jones, consumption, June 28th, 27.
Thomas McMahon, typhoid fever, Aug. 14th, 44.
J. W. McIntyre, heart disease, March 8th, 19.
Samuel Nealis, catrh. of stomach, Aug. 12th, 65.
Charles Skinner, whooping cough, March 22nd, 1 yr.
Charles Smith, hemorrhage, May 21, 42.
Ezra C. Salsberry, cholera inf., Aug. 16th, 5.
Freddie B. Salsberry, cholera inf., Oct. 26th, 1 yr.
John Shrake, heart disease, March 12th, 65.
Charles Young, spinal trouble, April 9th, 4 mo.
Drusilla W. Cordray, catrh. stomach, Sept. 27th, 87.
Mary Adams, old age, Aug. 7th, 77.
Maria Barnhart, consumption, Dec. 22nd, 58.
Charlotte Bowman, consumption, Sept. 19th, 71.
Eliza B. Eddy, spinal cord, July 10th, 6yrs.
Jessie Ephlin, catrh. of stomach, May 30th, 18.
Margaret Felton, old age, Nov. 27th, 75.
Elizabeth Hedelsten, consumption, March 22nd, 71.
Francis E. Kette, pneumonia, Jan. 27th, 10 mo.
Rebecca McMahon, consumption, Oct. 16th, 81.
E. V. McMahon, suicide, Sept. 1st, 40.
Terissa McMahon, pneumonia, Dec. 11th, 67.
Etta Moore, cholera infan., Jan. 4th, 1 yr.
Ette E. Moore, catrh stomach, Jan 29th, 26.
Nannie McMunn, catarrh-epidemic, Feb. 5th, 25.
Catharine Shankland, heart disease, July 7th, 64.
Ethel Whittington, whooping cough, Feb. 28th, 5.
Abigail Stedman, old age, Aug. 14th, 86.

The Marietta Register, July 26, 1894:

Catharine Hill, old age, Jan. 31, 77.
Jacob Miller, consumption, Jan. 7, 27.
Anna E. Miller, spina befidu, March 9, 3.
Harry R. Metts, inflam. of brain, March 21, 10 mo.
Lonzetta Stewart, unknwon, July 13, 3 mo.
Norman Tice, inflam. of brain, Jan. 5, 3 mo.
Elizabeth Ward, paralysis, March 24, 74.
Levi E. Decker, hemorrhage, Aug. 22, 82.

Otto E. Miller, scarlatina, Feb. 25, 10 mo.
Peter Wagner, cancer of stomach, Dec. 22, 81.
Walter Wainstock, convulsions, April 28, 16 da.
Margaret Draker, heart disease, Aug. 22, 74.
Ada Forshey, scarlatina, Jan. 14, 4.
Lizzie C. Miller, scarlatina, March 6, 2.
Elizabeth Bloomingdale, consumption, April 18, 67.
Catharine Dye, apoplexy, July 25, 76.
Lydia Gutberlet, consumption, July 11, 58.
Flora B. McPeek, consumption, Feb. 21, 26.
Martha E. Stoneking, consumption, Feb. 14, 52.
Minnie Stoneking, consumption, Dec. 5, 20.
John Clark, dropsy of abd., April 10, 66.
Cornelius Greathouse, croup, May 18, 2 mo.
Andrew McGregor, dropsy of abd., Aug. 27, 77.
Edward West, typhus fever, Feb. 22, 1.

Harvey Holland, paralysis, Nov. 26, 78.
James M. Mulinex, tumor of brain, Nov. 6, 22.
Robert Mulinex, paralysis, Jan. 7, 74.
Albert McKee, consumption, March 18, 73.

Jacob Archer, consumption, Jan. 6, 36.
George W. Kidd, insanity, Nov. 21, 68.
Michael Koan, jaundice, March 6, 66.
George Kern, consumption, March 13, 43.
Oscar C. Sprout, cho. infantum, Sept. 28, 1.
Samuel Sprout, penumonia, April 15, 5 mo.
Jacob Schramm, grippe, March 18, 84.
Susan Arb, cong. of lungs, Jan. 26, 74.
Caroline Best, dropsy of abd., Dec. 10.
Maggie Gill, pneumonia, March 1, 13.
Agnes Howell, consumption, March 9, 68.
Martha E. Sprout, consumption, July 8, 55.
Mary J. Watters, Bright's dis., Oct. 29, 53.

Kate Cherry, consumption, July 11, 47.
John Clacy, conges. of lungs, July 4, 66.
Harry Donohue, cholera infan., Sept. 1, 3 mo.
Sarah Howard, consumption, Sept. 15, 20.
Rebecca Howard, consumption, July 30, 50.
Hugh Hill, grippe, Dec. 30, 86.
Elizabeth Snodgrass, infl. liver, Dec. 7, 42.
Eddie Wheatly, dipththeria, Oct. 4, 2.

Catharine Allender, unknown.
Mrs. A. Bennett, consumption, Nov. 6, 67.
W. F. Curtis, heart disease, March 10, 78.
W. A. Humes, jaundice, Feb. 17, 57.
Elizabeth May, pneumonic asthma, Dec. 2, 67.
Neal McGinty, pneumonia, June 14, 61.
Elida Mansueto, consumption, March 25, 15.
Mary Morgenstern, old age, March 10, 82.
Wallace Tittle, drowned, May 14, 24.
Lizzie Shearer, infl. of bowels, Feb. 20, 23.

Catharine Armstrong, neuralgia of heart, Nov. 2, 80.
Magdalene Barnhart, nervous prostration, March 3, 65.
Maria L. Booth, neuralgia of stomach, Jan. 20, 76.
Catharine Cauffield, insanity, March 18, 35.
Mary Ann Coulter, creeping paralysis, 66.
Julia Campbell, old age, July 18, 87.
Mary Cunningham, hemorrhage, Feb. 17, 71.
Susan E. McGee, consumption, Feb. 26th, 56.
Goldie Thomas, unknown, April 30, 9 mo.
Rebecca M. Wilson, old age, Aug. 29, 87.
Howard Chamberlain, croup, Sept. 23, 6.
Henry E. Chapin, Bright's disease, May 19, 53.
William H. Davis, drowning, June 11, 21.
Frank H. Dutton, pneumonia, Sept. 15, 74.
Henry H. Hite, mem. croup, Nov. 3, 5.
Frederick Lohsse, grippe, Aug. 9, 77.
John Moore, old age, April 8, 104
Sanford McMillin, consumption, Apr. 15, 26.
Frank Roeser, cancer, Sept. 22, 30.
Reuben Russell, complication, Oct. 21, 75.
Valentine Spies, neu. of stomach, Dec. 13, 63.
Clarence Tittle, unknown, Apr. 10, 2 mo.
Charles Trien, heart failure, 76.
Isaac H. Talbot, typhoid fever, Sept. 2, 73.

Christopher Bergen, rheumatism, April 10, 71.
William Bay, old age, July 27, 85.
Betsey Curtis, peritonitis, Nov. 9, 33.
Grover Chamberlain, cer-spin.-meningitis, Aug. 17, 5.
Mary Gephart, paralysis, Jan. 1, 79.
Charles Lorentz, rheumatism, April 1, 39.
Adam Lang, Jr., pul. consumption, Aug. 12, 34.
Fred Mahnken, paralysis, May 17, 58.
Margaret McAllister, apoplexy, March 16, 76.
Lucina Owen, consumption of bowels, Sept. 1, 75.
Isabelle Rhodes, catarrh of stomach, May 2, 36.
Mabel L. Schneider, cong. of lungs, Dec. 5, 5.
Laura E. Theobald, inf. of kidneys, June 26, 20.
Ruth Tolbert, old age, July 12, 81.
Katharine Theobald, heart disease, Nov. 12, 81.
Clyda Zimmer, convulsions, Jan. 21, 5 da.

Archie G. Bell, cholera infantum, Aug. 25, 4 mo.
Amos Bell, gall stones, May 15, 34.
Henry Fearing, prostatic disease, Jan., 96.
Richard Olegue, blood poisoning, June 23, 23.
Elmer L. Preston, cong. of lungs, Nov. 4, 3.
Sarah E. Cornell, chol. infantum, Oct. 1, 1.
Bridget Reynolds, heart disease, Feb. 8, 61.
Lucy Turner, scarlet fever, Oct. 29, 3.
Mary E. Theis, scarlet fever, Dec. 18, 1.

Catharine E. Beltz, la grippe, July 16, 76.
Lillie Muncey, pneumonia, April 22, 19.
Sarah H. Finch, old age, July 25, 83.
Rose B. Kirby, child birth, Sept. 6, 23.
Kate Skipton, child birth, Dec. 12, 38.
Grace E. Smith, la grippe, Jan. 21, 81.
Lulu Hall, consumption, Jan. 8, 18.
Charles Brickwede, Bright's disease, Jan. 25, 64.
Whiting B. Hollister, infl. rheumatism, Aug. 1, 78.

George McCormick, railroad accident, May 30, 24.
Thomas McCormick, blood poisoning, Jan. 14, 85.

Mary G. Athey, consumption, Feb. 26, 34.
Margaret Beabout, old age, July 26, 99.
Julia Coffee, consumption, Oct. 18, 76.
Hamilton Coffee, consumption, Oct. 18, 76.
Emma L. Chambers, heart disease, May 13, 32.
Biddy Long, dropsy of chest, March 21.
Jane Monroe, asthma, Feb. 7, 83.
Maurice Reed, inf. of liver, March 13, 6.
Thomas K. Wells, cancer, March 4, 70.
Christopher Windland, consumption, Nov. 5.
Susanna Wagner, rheumatism, May 6, 76.

The Marietta Register, August 2, 1894:

Clyde Lankford, peritonitis, July 17, 4 da.
George M. Miller, typhoid fever, June 3, 20.
Augustus C. Miller, fracture, Nov. 18, 14.
Lonzo L. Westbrook, typhoid fever, Dec. 10, 9.
Mary Posey, ulcer of stomach, May 28, 20.
Gertrude Smith, whooping cough, Feb. 12, 2 mo.
Sarah E. Westbrook, typhoid fever, Oct. 11, 19.

Zelma F. Davison, enteric fever, Sept. 16, 7 mo.
Cynthia Devol, heart disease, Dec. 17, 54.
Sarah Freeman, unknown, March 4, 82.
Jane Jones, paralysis, May 19, 84.
Elizabeth Saner, shot wound, Jan. 8, 50.
Alexander Robertson, suicide, Feb. 23, 22.
Henry Saner, gunshot wound, Jan. 8, 56.
Rufus Saner, not known, Jan. 8, 20.

Peter Becker, catarrh of stomach, Dec., 65.
John Cisler, pneumonia, March 9, 71.
Thomas W. Hoff, abscess, Aug. 8, 26.
Russell Hoff, consumption, June 30, 44.
William Haas, gastritis, April 16, 3.
Charles Stahl, typhoid fever, Nov. 10, 28.
Elizabeth Becker, heart disease, Feb. 22, 47.
Sarah Hadgers, cancer, April 8, 51.
Katie Rosenbusch, dropsy of chest, Jan. 20, 23.
Margaret Hadley, gall stones, May 31, 60.
Marcelene Kerr, cong. of lungs, June 6, 8 mo.
Mary M. Stewart, old age, Nov. 18, 76.

Mary F. White, consumption, Jan. 7, 37.

Caroline Hall, old age, Dec. 20, 69.
Caroline Schlobohm, asthma, Jan. 5, 61.
Mary F. Huff, insanity, March 8, 38.
Mary E. Spencer, consumption, March 11, 43.
Sallie Spencer, diphtheria, Aug. 23, 13.
Allena Kelly, cancer, Nov. 30, 57.
Christopher Schlobolm, lung fever, Jan. 13, 77.
Adam Felk, paralysis, Aug. 7, 45.
Andrew Wolfert, paralysis, May 30, 56.
George Thomas, unknown, Nov. 26, 20 da.
Grover C. Stephens, diphtheria, Nov. 18, 6.
W. L. True, paralysis, Feb. 18, 52.

Miranda J. Cochran, tumor, Feb. 28, 61.
Mary E. Franey, dropsy, April 11, 38.
Liddie Hanna, bronchitis, March 10, 67.
Nancy Morgan, remittent fever, May 16, 80.
Lucy Mathews, stomach trouble, Jan. 17, 33.
Retta L. Parsons, consumption, Sept. 3, 17.
Isabel Shaffer, dropsy of chest, June 24, 57.
John C. McNary, catarrh, March 5, 63.
Patrick Naughton, heart disease, Jan. 1, 76.
James O'Herrin, contusion, Feb. 20, 52.
Benjamin F. Sprague, dropsy, Oct. 3, 61.
Patrick Walsh, Bright's disease, June 16, 71.

Jane Browning, paralysis, March 26, 76.
Anna Beckett, consumption, Oct. 21, 18.
Willard Brown, consumption, May 2, 33.
Almina Burrows, consumption, Aug. 27, 35.
Hannah Callahan, consumption, June 4, 35.
A. J. Crooks, inflammation, Aug. 26, 43.
Lucinda Cowell, heart disease, Aug. 12, 74.
Ann Coney, cancer, April 1, 66.
G. Dickerson, paralysis, April 5, 75.
Cecil Donaldson, pneumonia, Apr. 20, 1.
Lydia H. Demster, paralysis, May 22, 51.
Mary Hootzel, consumption, Aug. 23, 20.
S. G. Hoge, heart disease, Nov. 24, 68.
Mary Layner, apoplexy, May 21, 40.
Wilber Malyneux, meningitis, Sept. 2, 2 mo.
Orena Pedgill, paralysis, Feb. 1, 43.
Julia D. Robinson, diphtheria, March 22, 3.
Caroline Schilling, child birth, July 28, 39.
Amy Swift, pneumonia, July 30, 82.
Juliet Stewart, paralysis, Nov. 6, 62.

David Starlin, heart disease, Jan. 5, 64.
Christopher Meiser, consumption, May 5, 25.
Hannah Gossett, paralysis, Jan. 3, 81.
Isabel Newbanks, typhoid fever, Jan. 7, 56.
Mary B. Weisend, burn, Feb. 23, 8.
Anna P. Wagner, child birth, May 19, 22.

Albert Morlan, pneumonia, Nov. 1, 79.
Thomas Swayne, paralysis, Dec. 13, 78.
Joseph E. Wagoner, consumption, Dec. 18, 16.
Maggie Wagoner, consumption, Feb. 4, 22.
Barbara Wagoner, consumption, Sept. 14, 14.
Catharine Zumbrow, dropsy, Sept. 30, 84.

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An Old Marietta Man

The Marietta Register, Semi-Weekly, June 5, 1888

Probably the most aged veteran of the War of 1812 now living, as well as one of the very first and oldest steamboat owners in the Ohio Valley, is Mr. Jacob Rice, who resides at Silver Run, about two miles below Middleport, on the Ohio river, he having been ninety-eight years old on the 2d day of last January, and is yet remarkably well preserved.

Mr. Rice was born at Murraysville, near Pittsburgh, in 1790, and therefore has survived every Presidential Administration except Cleveland's since the Constitution of the United States was adopted.

He served a short time in the War of 1812, afterwards enlisting again and staying to the end, for which he now receives a pension.

He afterwards came to Marietta, in which place he remained about twelve years, and where he became one of the most prominent business men of the town.  While here he met Lafayette when he landed and shook hands with him.  Here he engaged in boat building, one among the boats built being the Muskingum, a side wheel packet with four boilers, the machinery of which was put up at Steubenville.  The engine alone cost $4,500, and the boat about $20,000.  She was in the Cincinnati and Pittsburgh trade.  He also built a number of keelboats at the same place.

From Marietta he went to Cincinnati, staying there a short time.  Going from there he went to his present home, where he has been for the balance of his life.

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The First Newspaper in Marietta

The Marietta Register, September 12, 1862

Julius Deming of Watertown, has furnished us an older copy of a Marietta paper than any we have before seen.  It is The Ohio Gazette and Virginia Herald of date Monday, Oct. 24, 1803 - six months older than the half sheet of the same paper owned by Francis Collins, of Grandview, noticed by us some weeks ago.

It was at this time (Oct. 24, 1803), published by Samuel Fairlamb; and according to the number of this copy, the first was published Nov. 30, 1801.  The size of the sheet is about three-eights that of the Register.

The first page is taken up exclusively with advertisements, set mostly in very large type, so that there are only seven in all, the "List of letters remaining in the Post office at Marietta, October 1, 1803," occupying a column and a half of the four columns on the page.  Griffin Greene was then the Postmaster.  Post offices were not very frequent at that day in these parts, for there are letters advertised here for persons, (we give the spelling as we find it,) at Belleprie, Little Kenhawa, Kanhaway, Galliopolis, Guiandot, and Great Sandy. 

John Cline and Enos Atwater give notice that they intend to apply at the next term of Court "for a right of establishing a ferry from the point at Fort Harmar across the Ohio river to Mr. Porter's, in Wood county, Virginia."  Notice is given that "the inhabitants of the townships of Newtown and Tuskarawa, in the county of Washington," intend to petition the General Assembly for a new county, with "a permanent seat of justice at or near the mouth of Licking creek on the Muskingum."  Joseph Buell gives notice that a horse and a colt "broke into the enclosure of the subscriber," and requests the owner to prove property and take them away.  N. Gates, Secretary, gives notice of an adjourned meeting of mechanics, to consider "the propriety of forming a Mechanical Society" in Washington county.  And Edward W. Tupper says he "has just received from Philadelphia, and offers for sale at his store in Marietta, a large and general assortment of Dry Goods, Hardware, Saddlery, &c."

The second page is wholly filled with foreign news, over two months old.

The third page is half filled with the "Laws of Ohio," four short, miscellaneous articles, and four advertisements, one from Clarksburg, Va.  John Green advertises that he had "opened a Public House in the Town of Newport, on the great road from Marietta to Wheeling, fifteen miles from Marietta."  James Riggs, of Grandview, says "an iron grey mare came to my plantation, and broke into my enclosure," and requests the owner to prove property, &c.  And Richard Green offers for sale "a very valuable farm in the town of Marietta, about half a mile from the city, containing 39 acres."  Also on the third page election returns are given for the counties of Washington and Gallia, as follows:


Republican:  Elijah Backus, 489; Joseph Buell, 488.
Federal:  Benjamin Ives Gilman, 304; Paul Fearing, 208.


Charles Mills, 495; Jesse Fulton, 494; William Jackson, 489; Simeon Deming, 298; Nathaniel Cushing, 297; Brewster Heigley, 288.

The Federal ticket it appears was beaten by a large majority in proportion to the vote.

The fourth page contains over a column more of foreign news and some miscellaneous matter - which ends the paper.

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Valuable Estate

Western Spectator, November 13, 1810

To be sold or exchanged for wild land (Ohio Company, shares excepted.)

That valuable estate owned, and lately occupied by the subscriber.  Said estate consists of three and one third city lots, containing three hundred feet of land fronting on the Muskingum river and one hundred and eighty feet rear - with a very handsome mansion house, barn, and out houses thereon, together with a good well of water, and a beautiful garden which contains a great variety of choice fruit, of almost every description that the western country affords.  Said estate is pleasantly situated in the centre of the flourishing town of Marietta, adjoining the new Meetinghouse and within a few rods of the Courthouse.  Also will be sold, thirteen and an half city lots, lying within half a mile of the above mentioned premises.  Said estate will be sold on the most reasonable terms for cash, or a liberal credit will be given for approved notes, or it will be exchanged for good wild lands.  Also is offered for sale pew no. __ in the new Meetinghouse.

For terms apply to Caleb Emerson, Esqr. in Marietta.
Thomas G. Prentiss
Boston, October 26, 1810.