Saturday, May 28, 2016


Marietta Intelligencer, September 2, 1841

Runaway from the subscriber on Sunday, the 15th inst., an indented apprentice to the Tailoring Business named Henry M. Humphrey. Said boy was between 17 and 18 years of age, of slender make, five feet six inches in height, dark hair; was dressed in an olive green frock coat, dark cassinet pantaloons, and a chip hat. All persons are forbid trusting or employing said boy, as I will collect his wages from his employer. Six cents reward will be paid to any one who will return him to me.

T. P. Harshberger
Marietta, August 24, 1841.


Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Plans For A New High School At Newport Adopted

The Register-Leader, March 23, 1916

Fine New Structure is to be Erected in Newport Village

Plans for the Newport high school building have been adopted by the Newport board of education, the plans having been submitted by Architect Harry Myer, of Zanesville. Work on the building will probably be begun in the near future. The residents of this section voted for a $15,000 bond issue for the school building on Jan. 4, and bonds have been sold to the state industrial commission.

The plans were adopted by the board at its last meeting, and Mrs. Effie S. Rea, who has the distinction of being the only woman president of a board of education in the county, has taken up a number of matters pertaining to the new school under consideration.

The new building will be a two-story structure with an assembly room, seating 300 on the second floor, and a large gymnasium will be installed in the basement, with shower baths, and with manual training and domestic science laboratories adjoining. There will be a number of recitation rooms, and complete physics and chemistry laboratories.

The building will be erected on the three-acre tract in the center of the town recently purchased by the board. The old high school building will be turned over to the grades.

Beginning next year, four rural school districts will be united with the Newport district, thus creating a new school district.

There are at present forty students enrolled in Newport high school of whom seven will receive diplomas this spring, and of whom thirteen are freshmen. The three high school teachers are Supt. R. E. Stone, Miss Mary Brown and Miss Ethel McCarley.


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Beautiful Colored Movie Being Made in Marietta Under Kiwanis Sponsorship

The Marietta Daily Times, April 30, 1941:

A group of Mariettans will see themselves as others seldom see them - in the movies. That's right. A technicolor motion picture is being made in Marietta with local people playing stellar and extra parts in the cast. Scenes from local industry are being incorporated into the plot.

The Marietta Kiwanis Club is sponsoring the production. The world premiere will take place Thursday and Friday, May 8 and 9, in the Betsey Mills Club gymnasium.

"We're in the Movies" is assured of being something extraordinary in home talent production. "Gary Owens" will be featured as he comes to Marietta and gets acquainted with the city.

Work on location and other matters of production and supervision have been moving along under guidance of President P. W. Griffiths, Floyd Pfaff, J. W. Kennedy, H. B. Schum and George Light of the sponsoring club. Miss Lillian B. Smith and Miss Sharon Howard, director, and William H. Moore, cameraman of the John B. Rogers Producing Company.

Among the cast selected are the following:

Mayor Earl D. Schob, Herbert U. Smith, Judge Frank Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ellis MacDonald, James Kennedy, Franklin Wagner, Postmaster Frank McCauley, Miss Marjorie Flaig, James Austin, James Morgan, Dan Baker, Henry Kaufman, Gene Sweeterman, O. E. Capehart, Carl Funk.

William Lesser, Wilbur D. Jones, Miss Ruth Ellen Savenye, Miss Phyllis Dodd, Miss Betty Griffiths, Miss Pauline Huck, Miss Louise Heldman, Miss Dorothy Dow, Miss Elinor Pryor, Miss Barbara Quigley, Miss Patricia Whiting, Miss Joan Sutton.

Miss Ruth Heath, Miss Elaine Riggs, Miss Carolyn Hayes, Miss Margaret Fleming, Miss Ruth Milbaugh, Miss Marjorie Knox, Miss Margaret Burton, Miss Alice Wagner, Miss Helen Nunn, Miss Lily Cochran, Miss Dorothy Matheny, Miss Dora Mae Belleville, Miss Evelyn Payne, Miss Edna Guckert, Miss Edith Kerns, Miss Edith Hill, Miss Jean Oliver, Miss Helen Hawkins, James Heyrock, Miss Jane Henry, Miss Marylin Henry, James Bird II, Gates Bird, Charles Ebinger, Richard Williams, David Peavy, Miss Judith Peavy and William Peavy.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Fire Destroys Marietta Country Club

The Marietta Daily Times, June 12, 1933

Fire believed to have originated in the men's locker room completely destroyed the club house of the Marietta Country Club, inflicting a loss, the exact monetary size of which may be difficult to estimate. The fire occurred late Sunday afternoon, having been discovered at 6:15 o'clock. Within an hours the building and the attendant structures were a mass of ruins.

Light gray smoke from the fire clouded the sky north of Marietta and attracted large crowds. Hundreds of motorists drove to the scene and highways in all directions were congested during the early evening. Equipment from the Marietta fire department was sent to the scene but no water supply was available.

Members Present

Members of the club were present when the fire was discovered. Golf players who had spent the afternoon on the club course had been using the locker rooms and the last of them had left that part of the building, and family parties were forming in the dining rooms when some one shouted fire. A few of the men entered the locker rooms and found it a roaring mass of flames. They saved scattered bits of clothing and some of their personal effects, but the oncoming flames drove them down the stairs.

The few minutes' time that intervened between discovery of the fire and the breaking through of the flames into the main floor of the building permitted members and others from the neighborhood to carry out most of the furnishings in the main hall. Employees of the club had time to save much of the dining room and kitchen equipment.

Water Tank Burns

So intense was the heat from the burning building that the flames were communicated to the elevated water tank on the northeast corner of the main structure and to the maple trees that surrounded the building. Many of the trees, weakened by a cyclone a few years ago, proved ready fuel for the fire and were destroyed.

Men who have been officers of the club in recent years gathered about the burning building and discussed the loss of their property. They declined to place definite estimates on the loss. They said that the property was insured on a schedule fixed by approved appraisal engineers and total coverage on building and contents amounted to $10,900.

The Marietta Country Club was formed more than a third of a century ago. It is located on the Devol and Chamberlain farms in the Devol's Dam neighborhood. The club house was situated originally in the heart of a grove overlooking a stretch of the Muskingum Valley. A large part of the grove was destroyed by a cyclone that swept the valley a few years ago.

Built in 1900

The club house was built in the late summer and fall of 1900 and was occupied in the year 1901, according to Gordon Devol, one of the owners of the site. The club had remained in constant operation since that time. It has been one of the social centers of the Marietta territory for a third of a century.

The club has maintained and supported a nine-hole golf course and many Marietta golfers have had their training there. It is the home course of the new Central Ohio champion, Max Devol, and his home is only a few hundred yards from the site of the burned club house. He is one of the owners of the ground occupied by the club.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Lewis Anderson Obituary

The Marietta Intelligencer, January 30, 1861

Died, near Mason City, in Mason county, Va., on Saturday the 19th inst., Mr. Lewis Anderson, aged 85 years. Mr. Anderson was born in New Jersey, Sept. 5th, 1776, and came to Marietta, Ohio, in the year 1800, where he resided until the year 1834, when he sold his farm in the vicinity of the town, and removed to the place where he died. He ever maintained a high standing for integrity, industry and candor. He was for many years a member of the ancient order of Masons, and was buried at Marietta, under their brotherly care, with the usual impressive ceremonies, on Tuesday, the 22d inst., in the beautiful Mound Cemetery, where several of his family are interred.


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Marietta Has Real Licensed Radio Station

The Register-Leader, May 1, 1916

Marietta is among the few cities in southern Ohio that can boast of a government licensed wireless operator. Mr. Stanley W. Carroll of the Y.M.C.A. is the only man in southeastern Ohio who possesses the operator's license. 

Carroll not only possesses the operator's license, but also a station license as well. His three years of experience in the wireless field fits him to become the head of the "Muckers Club," a name given by Thomas Edison to all experimenters.

There are about ten wireless stations in Marietta whose operators, like thousands of others in the United States, are experimenting. These local boys will form the "Muckers Club" or Radio Club on Tuesday night, May 2, at 7 o'clock, at the Y.M.C.A.  Mr. Carroll's United States government radio call is 8AIY.