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Death of Joseph Buell

Western Spectator, June 20, 1812

Died in this town on Saturday the 13th inst. after a short illness Major General Joseph Buell, a native of Killingworth, (Con.), aged 49, and one of the first settlers of this place. His remains were interred the Sunday following with masonic honors, attended by the largest concourse of people ever witnessed in this place on a similar occasion – a testimony of respect to the ashes of one, whom while living they had appointed to stations of high responsibility. Gen. Buell had successively held the offices of Senator in our Legislature, Judge of our court for common pleas, Trustee of the university of Ohio, and Major General of the militia – all which offices have been discharged with fidelity. In Gen. Buell the state has lost an active and enterprising citizen, the inhabitants of this place a charitable and obliging neighbor, and his afflicted family a tender husband and an affectionate father.

List of Letters

Western Spectator, April 4, 1812

List of Letters remaining in the Post-Office at Marietta Ohio, on the 31st March 1812, which if not taken out by the 30th June next will be sent to the General Post-Office as dead letters.

Preserved Alger, Eleazar Allen, Mary Allyn

Peter Ball, Mr. Barber, Wm. Black or H. Trobridge, Thomas Brown, Elijah Butler, Robert Beal, Wm. Burch

Wm. Clark, Richard Campbell, Jonathan Chapman 3, Levi Chapman, Edward Conner

Michael Deterly, Jonathan Dunham, Sarah Davis, Isaac Davis

George Ewing

A. Saddler or M. Fuller, John Fowler, Wm. French, Daniel Fisher, Charles Ferry, Samuel Foster

James Greenle, Daniel Green 2, John L. Gordon, Elizabeth Groves, John Gledden, James B. Gardiner, Alanson Goodwin, John Gifford

Wm. Henbanks, Stephen Harokins, Wm. Hawley, Benjamin Hart, Coalman Holdren, Rotheus Hayward, Isaac Humphreys, Wm. Hutchison, Daniel Hearn, Samuel P. Hildreth, Mathew Hongerford

Wm. Knowlton, Francis Keller

George Latts

James McConnell, Charles McKedun, Alexander Molford, Clabaurn Martin, Samuel Moar, Elizabeth Maxson, Jacob Miller 2, Joseph Medley, Ephraim Mathews, Wm. Mayson, Isaac Mixer, Robert Marshall

Lothrop Parmelee, Joseph Palmer 3, Samuel Pond 2, Samuel Parker, Jabez Palmer, David Paine, Samuel Pugh, Andrus Powers

John Rothburn, John T. Robertson, John Ruckman, Joseph Rice, John Russell, Joseph Reed, John Roads, Ezra Read, Edman Rothburn

Wm. Or John R. Slark, James Tramell, Benjamin Stout, Caleb or J. Stephans, John Sloklly, Abraham Stephens, Hezekiah Smith or S. Branch, Parker Morris

Hedgman Triplet, Robert Triplet, Simeon Tuttle, Joseph Taylor, John Taylor, Samuel Thomson, Edward W. Tupper

Jeremiah Vangilder 2

George Williams, George Whittington, Wm. Woodford, Amasa Wiswall, Sarah Wells, Elijah Wilson, James Weathee, Hugh West, Wm. Wood

Griffin Greene, Post Master.
Marietta, April 2d, 1812

List of Letters

Western Spectator, July 4, 1812

List of Letters Remaining in the Post-Office at Marietta Ohio, on the 30th June 1812, which if not taken out by the 30 Sept. next will be sent to the General Post-Office as dead letters.

Samuel Allen, Eleazar Allen, Sally Aplin

Samuel Brown, James Bill, Joseph Bosworth, Clement Brook, Asa Beach, Zalman Bidient, John Baker, Wm. Brace, Solomon Brown 2, John Broome, Lewis Barber

James Cable, Jacob Clandy, Jacob Currier 2, Johnson Cook 2, Lemmuel Cooper, Mary Cheadle, Jnos. Clark, David Clarke, Richard Cheadle, John Curtis, David Chapman, Benjamin F. Carlile, Wm. Canaday, Wm. Clarke, Gnl. Wm. Clark, Mercy Cheadle, Nancy Champlin

James Dutton, Arfaxed Devaul, Vinson Dye, Charles Dunn, Elia Dickons, Ajalon Dillingham, John Dye, Edward S. Deeging, George Daugherty

Nathaniel Edson

Frederick Fally, Daniel Fisher, Abner Fuel, Hugh Flanagan

Wm. Green, Willard Green, Hannah Goodwin, Samuel Garen

Joseph Higgins 3, Jason Humiston, George Hartshorn, Anna Hart, Selah Hart, John Huston, Enoch Hoff, Elisha Hutchinson, Joseph Harris, Nathaniel Hamilton

Wm. Jackman

Henry Kikendall, Marah Knowls, Friedrick Kriedelbaugh, Robert M. Henzey

Wm. Linch 2, Abraham Long, John Loyd

Jacob Miller 3, Hannah McCluer 2, James Mall 2, John Merrill, James McMull, Nathaniel Morehead

James Nichols, Simeon Nott

Wm. Poulson, Anders Powers, Sally Palmer, Wm. Plumer, John Pugh

David Rawson, John T. Robinson, Wm. Red

Wm. Skinner, Jacob Slealey 3, James Sharp, Christian Smith, S. Spriggs, Joel Spencer, James St. Clair, Daniel Sheppard, Benjamin F. Stone

Thomas Turner

Moses Vervalin

John Wiley, George Warfel, John Waterman, Joseph H. Willson, Thomas Wallace, Alfred Weld, Wm. Wells, James Willson, David Williams, Charrity Wilkison

Griffin Greene, Post-Master.
Marietta, July 1st, 1812

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Western Spectator, December 21, 1811

On the morning of Monday the 16th instant, at 35 minutes past 2 A.M. the inhabitants of Marietta and the vicinity were alarmed by a violent shaking of their houses, which was soon found to proceed from an earthquake. The same motion was felt at 20 minutes past three and at half past seven, when the tremor of the ground continued, we are informed until about eight o’clock – and was again felt with less violence, on the following day, a few minutes before noon.

The sensations of different individuals on the first shock were different of course, but were generally those of alarm, aggravated beyond even what must naturally be felt on such occasion. We suggested in our last the groundless apprehensions of our citizens concerning the Indian hunters, squaws and papooses, encamped at no great distance from us. We regret to add, that instances of thieving and even housebreaking have of late been alarmingly frequent among us. The motion and noise caused by the earthquake we believe was rather calculated to impress people just waking from a sound sleep with the idea that some persons were breaking into their houses. To many the idea of invading Indians! was suggested with all its horrors – and several seized their weapons to repel the tomahawk. Some dodged with great skill to avoid being caught by invaders whom they fancied to have entered their castles. To others the idea of house breakers more naturally occurred.

The first shock was certainly very strong – but quite different from earthquakes which have previously been felt by the writer of this article. It was of much longer continuance and stronger with more regular motion, and less trembling.

By some, an explosion was heard – resembling the noise made by emptying loads of small stones, or that of a carriage in rapid motion on a pavement.

* * *

Gov. Meigs has issued a proclamation, reciting that whereas an unusual number of Indians are hunting on our grounds – to which they have a right by the treaty of Greenville – it being also forbidden by a law of Ohio to sell them spirituous liquors – all persons are enjoined not to molest said Indians while they demean themselves peaceably; and to forbear selling them spirituous liquors.

Shawnoe Indians

Western Spectator, December 14, 1811

Some people of our city have taken no small alarm on account of a number of Shawnoe Indians hunting in this vicinity, some of whom were in town yesterday. As they have with them their squaws and papooses we believe there is no cause of apprehension on their account. When asked why they do not go and fight with the prophet, they answered toh! he bad man. A considerable number of them are hunting within sixty or seventy miles of this place.

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Regimental Orders

American Friend, September 11, 1813

The record of the proceedings and decisions of the court martial convened at the court house in Marietta in pursuance of the Regimental order of the date of the 30th of March 1813 - of which Maj. Alexander Hill was president, William Woodbridge, Judge Advocate, and Joel Stacy, Provost Marshal; for the trial of Samuel Fox, Samuel Bell, John Riley, William Rowland and Samuel Peirce, privates in the 1st Regt., 1st Brigade and 3d Division of Ohio Militia, against whom severally, charges were in due form exhibited, that they severally neglected and refused to march on a tour of duty of six months, under the command of Capt. James Flagg, agreeably to the several Regimental orders of July 20th 1812 and Oct. 15th 1812 -- And the record of the proceedings and decisions of the Court Martial convened at McCandlish's Ferry in pursuance of the Regimental Order of the 30th March 1813 - of which Maj. Seth Baker was president, Benjamin F. Stone, Judge Advocate, and Alpheus Devol, Provost Marshal for the trial of James Ashcroft, John Adkinson, Thomas Murry, Stephen Devol, Jared Andrews, privates in the same Regiment, and Joshua Sprague a corporal in the same - having been reported in due form to the Col. Comt. of the Regiment - he has been pleased after due, and mature consideration, fully to approve of, and establish the several decisions of said Courts, on said charges; and does accordingly announce to said regiment, that Samuel Fox is adjudged guilty on the said charge exhibited against him, and is fined in the sum of sixty-five dollars.  And that Samuel Bell is adjudged not guilty of the said charge exhibited against him.

That John Riley is adjudged guilty of the said charge exhibited against him, and fined in the sum of forty-eight dollars.  That William Rowland is adjudged guilty on the said charge exhibited against him, and is fined in the sum of sixty-five dollars.

That Samuel Peirce is adjudged guilty on the said charge exhibited against him, and is fined in the sum of forty-eight dollars.  That James Ashcroft is adjudged guilty of said charge exhibited against him, and is fined sixty dollars.

And that John Adkinson, Jared Andrews, Thomas Murry, Stephen Devol and Joshua Sprague, are sevreally adjudged not guilty of the charges severally exhibited, as above mentioned against them.

In the consideration which the Col. Comt. has devoted to the proceedings and decisions of said Court, he has assumed as a correct principle, that by a liberal and proper constitution of the law, no native of Great Britain, who may not have been regularly naturalized, can with propriety be called upon to do military duty against his proper sovereign.  In coming to this conclusion, the Col. Comt. has been well aware that by a literal construction of the law, alien enemies, resident among us, are made subject to such duty.  But it is believed that the generality of the words of the law, ought in their construction to be restrained either to alien friends, or if to be understood more comprehensively, that alien enemies, should in no event, be required to perform any other than ordinary militia duty, at the usual places of muster.  On this principle the decision of the Court on the charge against Samuel Bell has been sanctioned.

Daniel H. Buell is appointed adjt.  Marietta, August 7th 1813.

James Mann, Col.
1st Regt. 1st Brig & 3d Division
Ohio Militia

The above is a true copy from the original Regimental Orders.