Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Three Students Take Cold Plunge in Back Waters At The Old College Grounds

The Register-Leader, December 2, 1921

Ted Williams, Harold Brown and Eldon Schafer, all students in Marietta College, took a cold bath in the back waters on the old college grounds, corner of Butler and Fourth street Thursday afternoon.  It was not an accident.

The three students donned their bathing suits and took a plunge into the chilly water, Williams taking a long swim.  None of the men stayed in the water very long, however.  On several occasions students have taken advantage of the flood waters in the college field, but it is doubtful ever before in December.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Boy's Arm is Fractured in Plane Crash

The Register-Leader, December 1, 1921

A fracture of the left arm suffered by Willard Kuntz, five-year-old son of Jake Kuntz, was the worst injury suffered when the plane in which the boy and his father were riding crashed to the ground on the Gill farm on Harmar Hill, Wednesday.  Pilot L. N. Scott, who was driving the plane, did not suffer a scratch.

An examination Wednesday afternoon showed that the Kuntz boy's arm was fractured and his shoulder was sprained.  Mr. Kuntz was badly scratched about the face and he suffered bruises about his body.  The boy was out playing with the youngsters in his neighborhood Thursday, little the worse for the accident.

Wednesday afternoon, when asked about taking another plane ride, young Kuntz stated that he did not care to go up tomorrow but that day after he might.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Murder at Bloomfield

The Home News, October 12, 1861

A man of the name of Adamson was stabbed at Bloomfield, Ludlow tp., on election day, by a desperado named Joseph Elder.  Elder has always been regarded as a dangerous man, and heretofore has made a practice of getting up a quarrel at every public gathering.  As he is a powerful, reckless fellow, people would unite and drive him away, to preserve the peace.  On a former occasion, Adamson, who was a law-abiding citizen, had helped to eject him from a company in which he was creating a disturbance, and Elder swore vengeance.  His victim was engaged in conversation with another person near the polls, when Elder came upon him unawares and inflicted two wounds in his left side with a dirk.  He lingered until the next day and died.  Elder swam the creek which was high, and hid in the woods but was finally captured, and is now in the county jail.  A bill has been found against him for murder in the 1st degree, and it is to be hoped that our county court will award him the punishment he so richly deserves.