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Born Prior to 1820

Unidentified newspaper clipping, 1887. 

Below is given the names of one hundred persons, now living – 1887 – in Washington county. Another list will be given as soon as names and year of birth can be ascertained. Will be glad to have persons from each township, send the names of persons with age, and township in which they now reside. Only those born prior to and including 1820, that the list may be as complete as possible, and fully represent the oldest people of the county.

Col. E. S. McIntosh, Beverly, 1793.
Henry Fearing, Harmar, 1798.
Sala Bosworth, Marietta, 1800.
Joseph Dyar, Rainbow, 1800.
William Warren, Marietta, 1800.
Silas Fearing, Harmar, 1800.
John Malster, Waterford, 1800.
Dr. Addison Kingsbury, Marietta, 1800.
J. M. Plummer, Newport, 1801.
William Pearce, Marietta, 1803.
William Knox, Harmar, 1803.
Henry Armstrong, Marietta, 1803.
Luther Edgerton, Marietta, 1804.
Dr. Seth Hart, Harmar, 1804.
Joseph Leonard, Marietta, 1804.
Hiram Gard, Vincent, 1804.
Prof. John Kendrick, Marietta, 1804.
J. H. Deming, Warren, 1804.
Harlow Chapin, Marietta, 1804.
Jonathan Sprague, Rainbow, 1804.
Major George Payne, Marietta, 1805.
William Glines, Marietta, 1806.
James S. Stowe, Rainbow, 1806.
Douglas Putnam, Harmar, 1806.
David Putnam, Harmar, 1808.
L. J. P. Putnam, Marietta, 1808.
Matthew Wiley, Marietta, 1809.
Christopher Green, Newport, 1809.
Thomas Deterly, Marietta, 1809.
Jessee Mellor, Warren, 1810.
F. G. Guitteau, Fearing, 1810.
Elder J. D. Riley, Marietta Tp., 1810.
J. W. L. Brown, Marietta, 1810.
Aaron Edgell, Newport, 1811.
C. C. Smith, Rainbow, 1811.
William G. Woodford, Watertown, 1811.
W. P. Cutler, Marietta, 1812.
Andrew Ross, Marietta, 1812.
Cyrus Ames, Belpre, 1812.
A. Pixley, Harmar, 1812.
D. R. Sniffen, Marietta, 1812.
Dr. Geo. O. Hildreth, Marietta, 1812.
Rufus E. Harte, Marietta, 1812.
Mr. E. W. Nye, Marietta, 1813.
Martin Palmer, Palmer, 1813.
Stephen Newton, Marietta, 1813.
William D. Emerson, Marietta, 1813.
S. R. Turner, Marietta, 1813.
Horatio Booth, Marietta, 1814.
Levi Barber, Harmar, 1814.
Geo. M. Woodbridge, Marietta, 1814.
F. A. Wheeler, Marietta, 1814.
Dr. I. W. Andrews, Marietta, 1815.
Dr. Wm. L. McCowan, Lawrence, 1814.
W. F. Curtis, Marietta, 1816.
Pitt Racer, Marietta, 1816.
James Holden, Marietta, 1817.
Elijah Sprague, Beverly, 1818.
Beman Gates, Marietta, 1818.
Chas. R. Rhodes, Marietta, 1819.
William Bailey, Marietta, 1819.

Names of Ladies.
Nancy A Frost, Rainbow, 1784.
Mrs. Ruth Morris, (W. Home), 1796.
Mrs. Isabella Staup, Vincent, 1796.
Mrs. Nat. Bishop, Marietta, 1796.
Mrs. C. G. Grosvenor, Marietta, 1799.
Mrs. E. W. Burgess, Marietta, 1799.
Mrs. _____ Bryan, Vincent, 1799.
Miss Margaret Hill, Marietta, 1800.
Mrs. Lucinda Bingham, Warren, 1800.
Mrs. Benjamin Gearen, Marietta, 1800.
Mrs. Elizabeth Newton, Marietta, 1802.
Mrs. Abagail Westgate, Marietta, 1804.
Mrs. A. T. Nye, Marietta, 1805.
Mrs. Jonathan Sprague, Rainbow, 1805.
Mrs. S. F. Seeley, Beverly, 1805.
Mrs. Rhoda Vincent, Vincent, 1806.
Miss Julia Miller, Marietta, 1806.
Mrs. Mary Pattin, Harmar, 1806.
Mrs. Samuel Shipman, Marietta, 1807.
Mrs. Mary B. Fearing, Harmar, 1807.
Mrs. Betsey Leonard, Marietta, 1808.
Mrs. Marian Deming, Warren, 1808.
Mrs. J. H. Deming, Warren, 1808.
Mrs. Luther Edgerton, Marietta, 1810.
Mrs. D. W. Mills, Marietta, 1810.
Mrs. Sarah C. Dawes, Marietta, 1810.
Mrs. Mary Roseberry, Marietta, 1810.
Mrs. Elizabeth Wood, Marietta, 1811.
Mrs. Mary Gates, Marietta, 1811.
Mrs. Ataline Gage Gard, 1812.
Mrs. Jane Whittlesey, Marietta, 1812.
Mrs. A. F. Dale, Marietta, 1812.
Mrs. Henry Armstrong, Marietta, 1813.
Mrs. R. E. Harte, Marietta, 1813.
Mrs. J. D. Riley, Marietta Tp., 1814.
Mrs. Owen Franks, Marietta, 1814.
Mrs. J. W. L. Brown, Marietta, 1814.
Mrs. Melissa Edgell, Newport, 1816.
Mrs. S. A. Scott, Marietta, 1816.
Mrs. Eliza A. Weston, 1816.
Mrs. H. B. Turner, Marietta, 1817.
Mrs. Daniel Sniffen, Marietta, 1817.
Mrs. Douglas Putnam, Harmar, 1818.

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