Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Too Much Whisky

The Marietta Register, April 12, 1894

Geo. Phillips Imbibes Too Freely and Raises Trouble Around His Father's House.

George Phillips, the twenty-three year old son of Lyman Phillips, made affairs lively about his father's premises Tuesday evening.  He had been working at his father's brick plant all winter.  On Monday, he had a little trouble with another employe, but nothing of a serious nature.

Tuesday, the men did not work in the brick yard, because of rainy weather, but in the evening, George went to his father's.  He was somewhat intoxicated, and it seems, from inquiry, he is very ugly after having imbibed much whisky.  He went in the house, took off his coat and vest, and left the house.  The next seen of him, he was coming toward the house, from the brick barn, when he met his father, and exclaimed:  "Oh, look there," pointing toward the brick barn, which was on fire.  His father hastened to the brick barn, and succeeded in conquering the flames and saving the barn, but while he was doing that, George set fire in three other places, to other buildings of wood.  One barn was burned to the ground, but the loss is not heavy.  The fire companies were sent for, and the alarm turned in.

George struck at his father once but did not hit him.  He went to the house where he broke several windows and attempted to destroy other property.  He was finally overcome by a number o fmen and held until Deputy McAllister arrived and took him to jail where he still remains.

George Phillips is not known as a vicious or ugly man when sober, and the above occurrence is due solely to an over indulgence in liquor.  It is an unfortunate affair.

The Register called on him at the jail, yesterday.  "Well, George, said the Register, "this is a strange place to find you."

"Yes," said he, "this is a h__l of a place."

"Will you make a statement for publication," was asked.

"No," he replied, and we left him.

He has been married about two years and has one child.

Later. -- We understand that Mr. Phillips refused to appear against his son and he is no longer in custody.

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