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Recent Deaths of Several Former Residents of Marietta

The Marietta Register, March 11, 1875

I hand you an obituary notice of the late Mrs. Maria Grimes, of Dayton, at the advanced age of 93 years.  Mrs. Grimes was the daughter of Charles Green, one of the pioneers of Marietta, who came here early in the fall of 1788, and resided here for more than twenty years.  He was one of the early business men of Marietta, and you published, about two years since, the obituary of his son, Captain William G. Green, of St. Louis.

The next is that of Paulius Emelius Wood, son of the late Judge Joseph Wood, of Marietta, and for many years Register of the Land Office.  Mr. Wood was born in 1793, in Marietta, as stated in an obituary published in the Wood County Sentinel, a copy of which I hand you, with a request that you will insert it in the Register.

The next is that of Hiram A. Buell, son of the late Gen. Joseph Buell, and brother of the late Daniel H. Buell.  He was born in Marietta, and resided here for many years.

The last is that of Rev. Samuel P. Hildreth, son of the late Dr. S. P. Hildreth.  Mr. Hildreth was born in Marietta in 1821, and has resided for many years at Dresden.  More formal notice of Mr. Buell and Mr. Hildreth will, I presume, be furnished to you by their friends.

March 8, 1875.
A. T. Nye

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