Monday, November 28, 2011

Boy's Arm is Fractured in Plane Crash

The Register-Leader, December 1, 1921

A fracture of the left arm suffered by Willard Kuntz, five-year-old son of Jake Kuntz, was the worst injury suffered when the plane in which the boy and his father were riding crashed to the ground on the Gill farm on Harmar Hill, Wednesday.  Pilot L. N. Scott, who was driving the plane, did not suffer a scratch.

An examination Wednesday afternoon showed that the Kuntz boy's arm was fractured and his shoulder was sprained.  Mr. Kuntz was badly scratched about the face and he suffered bruises about his body.  The boy was out playing with the youngsters in his neighborhood Thursday, little the worse for the accident.

Wednesday afternoon, when asked about taking another plane ride, young Kuntz stated that he did not care to go up tomorrow but that day after he might.

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