Friday, January 6, 2012

Marietta Museum

American Friend & Marietta Gazette, September 17, 1831

The Marietta Museum is now open for the reception of company at the house of Maj. Alexander Hill, on Green street.  Among the numerous articles it contains are the following Natural Curiosities.

Of Animals,
Pied Deer, Panther, Wolf, Ounce, Tiger Cat, Canada Lynx, Opossum, Wild Cat, Porcupine, &c.

Of Fish,
Sea Elephant, Shark, Sturgeon, Sea Dog, Seal, Alligator, Guana, &c.

Of Birds,
The Ostrich, Bittern, Loon, Swan, Peacock, and a great variety of small birds. 

A handsome collection of Minerals, Shells, Petrifactions, Coins and Insects.  Also

Wax Figures,
Among which are Washington, Jackson, Bolivar, Paez, Bonaparte, and Josephine.  Wm. Wallace, Robert Bruce, Helen Mar; Capt. Wm. Morgan, Alexander the Great; Blue Beard as about to kill Fatima, when Selim interposes and slays Blue Beard, Irene stands weeping.  Romeo, Juliet, and many others.

The Cosmorama,
Representing the City of Rome, Forts, Fortifications, Shipping, &c.

Temple of Industry,
With more than Forty figures, Mechanics engaged at their different occupations.  Likewise a number of very interesting paintings.

The public is most respectfully informed that additions and changes will be weekly made, and no pains or expense will be spared to render the establishment worthy a continuance of the very liberal patronage it has already received.

Admittance 25 cents.

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