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Killed and Wounded in the 36th Ohio

The Marietta Register, September 26, 1862

From a list furnished by Surgeon James H. Whitford, and from scattering reports in the daily papers, we have collated the following list of the killed and wounded in our 36th regiment during the engagements in Maryland last week.  The list is probably not complete, as the wounded had not all been brought in when Surgeon Whitford made up his report on the 18th.  Considering the severity of the fighting and their advanced position, the regiment has come out with a fortunately small loss.

Battle of Middletown Heights, Sunday, Sep. 14:
Corp. Cortland Shepard, Co. A, killed.
Priv. Theodore Edmondosn, Co. C, killed.
Priv. H. J. Gibbons, Co. G, killed.
Priv. A. J. Daly, Co. K, killed.
Priv. Leander Simmons, Co. K, killed.
Priv. J. J. Anderson, Co. K, killed.
Priv. W. W. Kinnison, Co. K, killed.
Wounded - Priv. James huey, Co. A, slight.
Private Abraham V. Coy,* Co. B, foot, slight.
Private Marion Alloways,* Co. B, leg.
Corp. Samuel H. McKibben,* Co. C, slight.
Private Elisha Reeves, Co. C, serious.
Sergeant George J. Bartmess,+ Co. G, leg, severe.
Private Charles Pennybacker,* Co. H, head, slight.
Private John W. Hoover,* Co. K, right arm broken, serious.
Private John H. Stephenson,+ Co. K, abdomen, serious.
Private Morris Fullerton,* Co. K, head, slight.
Private William Lane,* Co. K.
Private James H. Langsdale,+ Co. K, right side, severe.
Private Frank M. Farney,* Co. K, slight.
Private Leonard Hutton, Co. K, serious.
Private James Ozler,+ hand, very slight.
Private Spencer Cherington,+ Co. K, head, serious.
Private William Duane,* Co. K.
Private George Malcolm,* Co. I.
Private John Zurcher,+ Co. I, left arm.

By Accident, Monday, Sept. 15.
Private William Rice, Co. K, killed.
Private John W. Smith, Co. E, wounded slightly.
Private James Alban, Co. G, wounded slightly.

Battle of Antietam, Wednesday, Sept. 17:
Lt. Col. Melvin Clarke, killed by solid shot through thighs.
Corp. Gustavus Wood, Co. A, wounded seriously.
Private Arthur W. Barker, Co. A, thigh, severely.
Private D. F. Wyatt, Co. B, wounded slightly.
Corp. A. J. Lloyd, Co. D, wounded slightly.
Private George Dillinger, Co. D, wounded slightly.
Private D. Hildebrand, Co. D, wounded slightly.
Private John S. Watkins, Co. D, very slightly.
Com. Sergt. S. H. Dustin, wounded slightly.

Wounded Thursday, Sept. 18, skirmishing:
Private Henry Thomas, Co. E, severely.
Private James Rainer, Co. I, severely.

* In General Hospital in Frederick.
+ In German Reformed Church, Middletown, Maryland.
Others unknown.

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