Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Speed Limit

The Marietta Daily Times, May 10, 1907

Speed Limit Is Exceeded By Automobile Drivers In Many Instances.

There are said to be about seventy-two automobiles and electric machines in Marietta and it is doubtful whether or not many of the owners of them know the law in regard to the speed in which they may be run.  If they do some of them at least completely ignore it.

There have been some accidents in this city and many narrow escapes by reckless driving.  There is a State law that the speed of such machines shall not exceed more than eight miles an hour in the cities and twenty miles an hour in the country.  It has been noticed that some of them are run at the rate of twenty-five and even thirty miles in the business portion of the city and even faster in other parts of the city.  The owner of every machine is supposed to pay a license to the Secretary of State of Ohio, who will give him a number.  This with the first two letters of the name of the state must be put on the machine.

At the last meeting of the Board of Public Safety the matter was brought up and a committee appointed to look up the law.  It is probable that another meeting of the Board will be held at which steps will be taken to have the drivers of the machines conform with the law.  Notice will be given afterwards the law will be enforced.

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