Friday, July 5, 2013

Mound Builder Relic

The Marietta Times, August 17, 1882

One day last week Daniel I. Baker, who resides on Fifth street between Montgomery and Warren streets, while hoeing potatoes in his garden, struck an ancient rock fire-pit about eighteen inches in depth in which he found the body of a female image about two and a half inches in length, which is evidently the work of a Mound Building sculptor.  The features are those of the ancient Egyptian or Nubian type.  The waist is encircled with a bandage, the head enclosed in a skull cap, the lower jaw is very long, the lips protrude and the breasts are remarkably well developed.  It is made of red clay or rock and is a very remarkable specimen, and is undoubtedly a genuine piece of Indian art.  Some flint arrowheads and charcoal were in the pit with it.  Capt. D. F. Sayre has it in his possession and will place it with his extensive collection of Indian relics.

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