Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Mill At Wiseman's Bottom

Western Spectator, November 23, 1811

The Subscriber hereby gives Public Notice that in consequence of an increase of business in the Clothier's Works erected by himself and Carlisle, at their mill at Wiseman's Bottom, that they have lately employed an additional mechanic, in said branch of business, with the advantage of Patent machinery for shaving Cloth, by which means customers will be served with dispatch.  They are now at said mill in every branch of their business in full tide of successful experiment, having lately been at considerable expence for Bolting Cloth, and other repairs; they hereby acknowledge with sentiments of gratitude the encouragement of a large custom, but do at the same time consider as their best patrons those who are prompt in their pay.  Those persons who have wool to card will do well to send it in soon as we wish to get through with Carding before severe cold weather.  

Jonathan Devol  
Marietta, Nov. 20, 1811.

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