Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A False Report

Marietta Intelligencer, March 9, 1853

We have noticed the following article in two or three of our exchanges.  It now turns up in the Pittsburg Gazette:

"The Sacrifice of a Medium.  A man whose name is Samuel Cole, residing in Washington county, Ohio, who was made insane from the workings of the spirit-rappings delusion became possessed of the idea that he must offer, like Abraham of old, a sacrifice to the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.  He accordingly proceeded to carry his object into execution, by taking off one of his feet, which he succeeded in doing some days since, in a very scientific manner, and with a heroic determination that it should compare with the self-sacrificing deeds done in the earlier ages.  His family, fearing that some other of his limbs might be demanded in a like cause, had him conveyed to the Lunatic Asylum at Columbus, where he is now in the enjoyment of as much liberty as the nature of his disease will warrant the superintendent of that institution in granting him."

Such an occurrence may have taken place somewhere, but we think not in "Washington county, Ohio."  At least we never heard of it until we saw it in some remote newspaper, and we do not think there is, or has been, such a man as "Samuel Cole" residing in this county.


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