Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Retaining Wall Is First Step

Marietta Daily Times, May 6, 1921

A retaining wall on the Washington Street side of the Campus Martius property is to be the first improvement made by the state.

This was decided upon Thursday when C. B. Galbreath and William C. Mills, secretary and curator, respectively, of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, came here and looked over the historic block house and site at Second and Washington streets, taken over a few years ago by the state.

Funds of the society for such work are limited, these men said, but inasmuch as there never has been any appropriation used on this property, it is to be taken care of this summer.  There will be other improvements, though the retaining wall is deemed the most imperative.  The Campus Martius property is only one of about 11 historic sites which the state now controls.

Shown over the site and through the old block house by representatives of the D.A.R. here, Galbreath and Mills expressed pleasurable surprise at the condition of the property.  They were especially impressed by the excellent state of preservation of the interior of the building.

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