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Women Organize To Work For A Memorial Hospital

Marietta Daily Times, June 23, 1921

The women's movement to provide free hospital service for Marietta and Washington County achieved permanent organization of its forces at a meeting at the court house, Wednesday afternoon.  The organization will be known as the Memorial Hospital Association; its object the establishment of a modern hospital of ample size to serve the needs of Marietta and Washington County, and to provide such service free whenever necessary.  Active work will begin in the fall.

A large representation of women were present.

On motion of Miss Katherine Nye, the temporary organization was made permanent:  Mrs. Thomas Sheets, chairman; Mrs. Edmund S. Merriam, secretary; Mrs. O. G. Hawk, treasurer.  The advisory board will be limited to ten members.  Those already appointed are Mrs. John A. Gallaher, Mrs. Edward S. Parsons, Mrs. B. O. Skinner, Mrs. James S. Devol, Mrs. O. C. Dunn, Mrs. E. A. Coil.  This list will be completed later on.

A most helpful and encouraging feature of the meeting was the reading of a letter from American Legion, Marietta Post No. 64, pledging the most generous and wholehearted support and co-operation with the women's movement for a hospital.  

Statements of W. E. Daker and Charles Weber, of the Chamber of Commerce, were reported, expressing appreciation of the initiative of the women in this movement, and promising co-operation and assistance in every way possible.

The chairman reported information regarding the new city hospital at Parkersburg.  Purchased and equipped by the citizens, and given over to the city free of debt.  It has 60 beds, and is under the management of a superintendent and three trained nurses who are paid by the city.  Assistant nurses are supplied by the young women who constitute the training school.  The city is pledged to appropriate a certain sum to meet a deficit, but so far, something more than a year, there has not been any deficit.

The women of the Memorial Hospital Association appeal to all the women of the town and county to rally to the work of founding a permanent memorial to the heroes of the World War.  Is it not fit that this memorial shall take the form of permanent service to the community, as they served their country.  And that its benefits shall go largely to their comrades in arms who are suffering from wounds and the effects of poison gasses, and who are not adequately cared for at present, as reported in the letter from the Legion referred to above.

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