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Major Joseph Lincoln

The Marietta Register, September 25, 1873

Major Lincoln was born in Gloucester, Mass., in 1760.  The time that he came to Ohio I am not able to state with certainty.  It seems that he was at Farmers' Castle during the Indian War.  While in that garrison, probably in 1791 or '92, he married Miss Frances, daughter of Capt. John Leavens.  At the close of the war he removed to Marietta and opened a store on the corner of Ohio and Post streets.  His dwelling house was just above, on Ohio Street.  This house was built by Col. Ebenezer Sproat, and was, at one time, occupied by himself and wife, with his father-in-law, Commodore Abraham Whipple and his family.  This store and dwelling was on the ground where the "Mansion House" now stands.  Major Lincoln owned all the ground on Ohio street, between Front and Post streets, and from Ohio, on Front, as far as the store of William B. Thomas & Co.  Here he did business and resided till his death, September 2, 1807.

Previous to his death, he had built a substantial brick dwelling and store, one of the best finished buildings in town, at the corner of Front and Ohio streets, but had not moved into it.  It was owned and occupied for some years as a store by Col. Mills.  Portions of the walls are still standing.

The first business houses of Marietta were on Muskingum and Ohio streets, below Post street.  When Mr. Lincoln first opened his store on Ohio street, it was further up than any other.  Major Lincoln had a high reputation for integrity and business talent, and he seems to have been reasonably successful, holding considerable property when he died at the age of 47.

Major Lincoln had three daughters and three sons - Susan, Frances, Matilda, Charles, Richard, and Joseph.  Matilda died October 5, 1815, aged 12; Richard died February 17, 1808, aged 1 year; Joseph died February 1, 1819, aged 18 years.

Charles Lincoln, when a young man, went to Kentucky, where it is understood he died within a year or two.

Susan was educated at the Moravian School, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  She was married, February 28, 1811, to Elijah B. Merwin, then a lawyer of Lancaster, afterwards of Zanesville.  Mr. Merwin died some years after their marriage, and Mrs. Merwin was married a second time, to Nathaniel Cushing of Gallipolis.  Mr Cushing did not live many years, and Mrs. Cushing was married a third time, to Rev. Augustus Pomeroy, a Presbyterian clergyman.  Probably several of her children are still living.  One son, Mr. Pomeroy, is living in Kansas.

Frances Lincoln married, October 28, 1817, Col. George Turner, a lawyer of Rhode Island.  She died in a few years after her marriage, and Col. Turner returned to Rhode Island, and was living, a few years since.

Mrs. Lincoln had several sisters:  Nanny, Esther, Matilda, and Betsy.

Betsey married Dr. Increase Mathews of Putnam; Matilda married John White of Fearing Township; Nanny married Jonathan Plummer, who died in 1807.  In 1811, Mrs. Plummer was married again, to Stephen Pearce.  There was one brother, John Leavens, who resided in Putnam.  Esther married Mr. Sandford of Alexandria.  After Mrs. Merwin's marriage to Mr. Cushing, Mrs. Lincoln moved to Gallipolis and resided there with the Cushings until her death.  She was an estimable woman.  The descendants of Major Lincoln are scattered, and as none now live in this part of the country, I have no knowledge of them.



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