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New Registrants Listed by Two County Draft Boards

The Marietta Daily Times, July 11, 1941

Starting below is the list of new registrants who now are among the potential U. S. Army draftees of Washington County. These young men reached their 21st birthday after the first registration day, October 16, 1940, and so registered on "R" Day No. 2, July 1, 1941.

After the national lottery, tentatively scheduled for July 17, has been completed in Washington, D. C., each registrant can tell by the serial number that accompanies his name just where he fits into the sequence of induction. When this sequence has been determined by the lottery, each registrant will exchange his serial number for a permanent order of induction number.

In the following list, the first name after each serial number is the registrant for Board No. 2 (which includes Marietta) and the second is the registrant for Board No. 1. All these names and serial numbers are posted on the bulletin boards at the Marietta Armory.

S-1, Roy Eugene Radabaugh, 211 Market Street, and Richard Ishmael Armstrong, Coal Run.

S-2, James Harold Delaney, Box No. 343, Marietta, and Ralph Arthur Hall, Beverly.

S-3, Ernest Earl Masters, Marietta Route 6, and Bruce Clark Richards, Beverly.

S-4, Walter Harold Archer, Jr., 422 Seventh Street, and Hershel Eugene Thorne, Beverly.

S-5, Bryan Moorehead, Fayerweather Hall, and Ormond Ranson Lucas, Little Hocking.

S-6, Delmar Eugene Addlesburger, Reno, and Thomas Wesley Hinzman, Lowell Route 4.

S-7, James Allen Schafer, 325 Fourth Street, and Edwin Charles Duncan,Watertown.

S-8, Ross Edward Greene, 506-1/2 Lancaster Street, and Harold Richard Matthews, Marietta Route 6.

S-9, William Everett Epler, 733 Glendale Street, and William Joseph Burkhart, Marietta Route 3.

S-10, John Harris, Jr., 632 Pearl Street, and John Chester Thompson, Vincent.

S-11, William Harvey Lawrence, Marietta Y.M.C.A., and Delbert Earl Theis, Lowell Route 2.

S-12, Howard Glenn McIlyar, 111 Scammel Street, and Richard Neil Christy, Marietta Route 2.

S-13, Frederick Joseph Kremer, 407 Fourth Street, and John Quincy Perry, Lowell Route 3.

S-14, Ira Milo Pinney, Matamoras Route 3, and Adrian Lloyd Devol, Lowell Route 1.

S-15, George Washington Knowlton, Matamoras, and John Wylie Davis, Lowell.

S-16, Dean Robert Wark, 1149 Third Street, and Emmett Bishop Patterson, Marietta Route 4.

S-17, Ray Alfred Allender, 211 Ohio Street, and Roy Edward Cooper, Marietta Route 2.

S-18, Waldo Vilas Siegfried, 120 High Street, and Harold Edwin Cunningham, Stockport Rural Route (Washington County).

S-19, Robert Ellsworth Ralph, 422 Third Street, and Robert Neal Milner, Waterford.

S-20, Henry Clay Hookey, 519-1/2 Pike Street, and James Palmer Reed, Stockport Route 3.

S-21, Clyde Stanley Duvall, 121 Warner Street, and Guy Harold Stephens, 316 Walnut Street.

S-22, Vilas Donald Johnson, 434 Maple Street, and Austin Ralph Heslop, Gosset Fork.

S-23, Carl Frederick Kathary, Marietta, and Roy Dale Bennett, Bartlett.

S-24, Dale Courtney, Matamoras Route 3, and Gerald Dean Watson, Vincent Rural Route.

S-25, Richard Paul Robinson, 522 Front Street, and Lawrence Jefferson Carrol, Marietta Route 2.

S-26, Gerald Thelin Swaney, 813 Quarry Street, and Marion Kenneth Russell, Stockport Route 3.

S-27, Gordon Hogue Edwards, Rinard's Mill Route 3, and Clarence Brewer, Belpre Route 1.

S-28, Philip Edgar Allen, 104 South Third Street, and Harold Thomas Nice, Stockport Route 1.

S-29, Frank Detlor Flanders, 306 Washington Street, and Clesson Devaun Moore, Lowell.

S-30, Donald Stewart Smith, 533 Fifth Street, and Howard Webster Mayle, Cutler.

S-31, Richard Lang Meister, 605 Wooster Street, and Edwin Day Erbse, Whipple Route 2.

S-32, Paul Howard Bailey, Matamoras Route 3, and Gerald Donley Cozzens, Waterford Route 1.

S-33, Henry Victor Price, Matamoras Route 5, and Randal Ray Schmidt, Lowell Route 2.

S-34, Wilbur Everett Caseman, 132 South Fourth Street, and Ray Arthur Harra, Waterford Route 2.

S-35, Richard Rodell Gee, 112 Porter Street, and Ray Oliver Wallace, Waterford.

S-36, Paul Edgar Dye, 111 Highland Street, and John Boyd Story, Waterford.

S-37, Clyde Athey Brannan, 117-1/2 Wells Street, and Earl William Sams, 120 Main Street, Belpre.

S-38, Raymond Joseph Bostaph, Rinard's Mill Route 2, and Clark Floyd Lincicome, Marietta Route 4.

S-39, Donald Allison Beaver, Matamoras, and Austin Propst, Marietta Route 4.

S-40, Richard Raymond Porter, 834 Front Street, and Doy Ray Stollar, Watertown.

S-41, Leon Roger Edwards, Rinard's Mill Route 2, and Francis Raymond Burchett, Beverly.

S-42, Edgar William Beardmore, 315 Gilman Avenue, and Daniel Thompson Orndoff, Waterford.

S-43, Clinton Harvey West, 201 South Fifth Street, and Vincent Andrew Arnold, Lowell Route 4.

S-44, Loren Alexander Nolan, 614 Eighth Street, and William Barnett Mason, Waterford.
S-45, Albert Oscar Burke, 733 Eighth Street, and Leroy Cline Ford, Vincent Route 1.

S-46, John Minch Taber, 605 Cutler Street, and George Edwin Payne, Waterford Route 1.

S-47, Virgil John Binegar, Matamoras Route 4, and Chester Almon Payne, Waterford Route 1.

S-48, Daniel Arnold Thompson O'Neill, 113 Vine Street, and George Raymond Arnold, Marietta Route 2.

S-49, Kermit Franklin Callihan, 210 Franklin Street, and Lawrence Kellis George, Little Hocking.

S-50, John Boughton Henthorn, Marietta Route 1, and Lyle Franklin Ryan, Rockland.

S-51, Harry Edward Hall, 221 Second Street, and Ralph Elbert Wiley, Rockland.

S-52, William Jennings Dennis, Jr., Marietta Route 1, and Wayne Chester Binegar, Dart.

S-53, Warren G. Petty, Marietta Route 1, and Harry Austin Kidder, Belpre Route 1.

S-54, John Douglas Richards, 521 Fort Street, and John William Buck, Belpre Route 1.

S-55, Neil Franklin Green, 125 North Hart Street, and Lyle Frederick Huffman, Elba, Route 1.

S-56, James Clayton Carpenter, 132 South Fourth Street, and Orlan Louis Newell, Rockland.

S-57, Roy Harvey Boley, 228 Ingleside Avenue, and Herbert Anson Roe, Marietta Route 4.

S-58, Charles Wesley Swaney, Star Route, Reno, and Leonard Leroy McGill, Cutler Route 2.

S-59, Eugene Edward Vadakin, 330-1/2 Fourth Street, and Howard Clifton Spencer, 216 Main Street, Belpre.

S-60, Charles Daniel Barth, Star Route, Reno, and Franklin George Campbell, Little Hocking Route 1.

S-61, Lewis Edgar Canary, Marietta Route 1, and Kenneth Ray Christopher, Fleming Route 1.

S-62, Elmer Riggs, Jr., Newport, and Albert Thomas Ray, Marietta Route 3.

S-63, Robert Leroy Sutton, Marietta Route 3, and Raleigh McCarl Mitchem, Fleming Route 1.

S-64, Earl William Ruble, Matamoras Route 4, and Harold Raymond Lowther, Jr., 606 Main Street, Belpre.

S-65, Albert Harry Prunty, 714 Eighth Street, and Lawrence Alfred Church, 702 Main Street, Belpre.

S-66, Robert Eugene Fouss, 123 North Hart Street, and William Graydon Kearns, Waterford.

S-67, Frank Leroy Milligan, 412 Greene Street, and Denzle Forest VanFossen, Rockland.

S-68, William Woodrow Pettit, 132 South Fourth Street, and Carl Heck, 310 Maple Street, Belpre.

S-69, Louis Robert Moore, Matamoras Route 1, and Wilbert Leslie Sloter, Cutler Route 1.

S-70, James William Brown, 108 Market Street, and Acel McDonald, Belpre.

S-71, Arthur Gurdon Eggleston, 725 Second Street, and Clyde Simers, Center Belpre.

S-72, Wilbur Willard Casto, 745 Glendale Street, and Harvey James Ritchie, Constitution.

S-73, Ishmael Earl Williams, Rinard's Mill Route 2, and Ray Elwood Morris, Fleming.

S-74, Delbert William Weber, 629 Seventh Street, and Robert Dale Stille, Lower Salem Route 1.

S-75, Derald Ballard Brown, Marietta Route 6, and Stanley Henry Morrow, Lower Salem Route 1.

S-76, Frank Weber, Jr., Marietta Route 3, and Emerson Waldo Sweet, belpre Route 1.

S-77, Richard Eugene Lancaster, 313 Franklin Street, and Harvey Edward Doman, 308 Fourth Street, Belpre.

S-78, Charles Francis Covey, Marietta Route 3, and Bernard Gale Goddard, 709 Charles Street (may be transferred to Board No. 2).

S-79, Orville Harrison Winland, Wingett Run, and Robert Miller Overmyer, 203 Maple Street, Belpre.

S-80, Charles Richard Nealis, Matamoras Route 4, and Philip Leon Mayle, Vincent.

S-81, Robert Eugene Giffen, 1242 Third Street, and Carl Harold Brethauer, Little Hocking.

S-82, Jack Edward Saffell, Marietta Route 6, and Richard Paul Shutts, Rockland.

S-83, Louis Henry Smith, 145 Harmar Street, and Randall Roger Bailey, Belpre.

S-84, Wilbur Freeman Miller, 108 New Street, and Herman Gregory Kern, Waterford Route 1.

S-85, Richard Scott Hartung, 408 Prospect Street, and Walter Regis Moore, Little Hocking.

S-86, Raymond Cornell Ritchey, 311 Elm Terrace.

S-87, Charles Eugene Staats, 735 Eighth Street.

S-88, Robert Earl Walters, 909 Phillips Street.

S-89, Otis Francis, Newport.

S-90, Raymond Emerson Pfeiffer, 206 Meigs Street.

S-91, Robert Uel Shuman, Marietta Y.M.C.A.

S-92, Henry Edward Albrecht, 708 Fourth Street.

S-93, Earl Pershing Kuhn, 601 Virginia Street.

S-94, Henry Gillin Castin, Jr., 218 Greene Street.



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