Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ask a Street in Rathbone

Marietta Daily Times, March 19, 1915

Residents of Rathbone Addition have petitioned the County Commissioners to open a fifty-foot street from the street car station at the road crossing, to the Minshall home, opposite the Children's Home, and running parallel with the street car line.

In Doan & Mann's Rathbone Heights addition a deal is pending for the sale of property upon which the prospective owner plans to erect a building for a store.

The addition may soon be the site of a new church building, a well known local minister being active in the work of agitating interest in the erection of a place of worship in the addition. Doan & Mann have agreed to donate ground for the site.

E. Patterson of Mill Creek has moved into the C. A. Whiston property in Rathbone Heights addition.

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