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Launch Drive For Building

Marietta Daily Times, December 16, 1922

W. C. Mills, Curator of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society, which exercises guardianship over the historical properties of the state, was the principal speaker at the meeting of the recently organized Historical Building Association of Washington County in the Chamber of Commerce rooms on Friday afternoon.

J. C. Brenan presided over the meeting, with R. E. Thomas as secretary. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss plans for a prospective campaign to be waged through the Representative to the General Assembly and the Senator from this district in an effort to procure an appropriation of $100,000 for the construction of a fireproof memorial structure on the site of Campus Martius, which is now the property of the state, the new structure to house the valuable historic relics and treasures of this, the first settlement of the great North-West.

The plan for the agitation for the appropriation was definitely formulated through a resolution that was voted for unanimously by the representatives present at this meeting, in that a bill will be framed for presentation to the next General Assembly, urging the recognition and appropriation which is the rightful heritage of this city and county, whose history has made history for the state more than any other place in the state.

President Brenan will appoint a committee from the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club, Kiwanis Club, Ad Club, Woman's Centennial Association, D. A. R.'s, Colonial Dames, Civic Federation, Farm Bureau and Granges to work in the agitation for promoting this campaign in the legislature.

Representatives from the various organizations of men and women interested in this project were present in the meeting Friday, the list including the following:  W. W. Mills, H. E. Smith, E. Frank Gates, R. M. Beagle, G. W. Hovey, N. N. Thorniley, Asa Ward, B. F. Sprague, John Mills, Miss Willia D. Cotton, Miss Rowena Buell, Mrs. W. D. Bedilion, Mrs. Asa McCoy, Miss Ida Merydith, Mrs. Asa Ward, Mrs. O. D. Owen, R. E. Thomas and J. C. Brenan.


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