Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Marietta Park

The Marietta Register, May 9, 1867

That this Park generally and more appropriately known as "The Commons," should be used exclusively as a cow pasture seems an anomaly in so orderly and systematic a place as Marietta. No doubt those who reserved these grounds for the public benefit thought they were doing a good thing, and could picture in imagination the time when they would become an inviting retreat for those who had a leisure hour to while away under the shade, upon the banks of the river. But this time has not yet come, and it may never come.

Several hundred feet of the banks have washed away within the memory of persons now living. That immediate steps should be taken to preserve them from the encroachments of the water is apparent to all. It is true that a feeble effort has been made to do so by driving piles at long intervals, but they have proved ineffectual, and at almost every freshet, large slices of the sod are carried away.

Several lines of trees have been set out with military precision. Many of them would do well if they had a fair chance, but the cows have girdled some of the finest, and others have died a natural death and have not been replaced by live ones.

There are so many beautiful gardens, orchards and shaded spots in Marietta, where those who own them can enjoy the verdure and the songs of birds, that the necessity of a public park may not seem to be urgent. Still, there are those who have not these places of private resort. We have also a beautiful Cemetery, with its ancient mound, surrounded by many historic graves. Its grateful shade is refreshing, inviting and free to all. Yet it does not seem fit that the sensitive ear of the mourner should be shocked by the merry laugh and the light words of those who go there merely for pleasure.

Having already the ground for a place of public resort and amusement, would it not be well for the City Fathers to see that it does not wash away, so that if we do not need it, some future generation may have it to appropriate it to its legitimate use.

As to the cows, they can do the land no permanent injury; besides, they keep down the weeds and are excessively ornamental!



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