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Oak Grove Cemetery

The Marietta Register, June 14, 1866

The new Cemetery of the City of Marietta is now-a-days visited by a large number of people, and will soon become a very popular place for walks. Circumstances have been preventing that bestowal of care upon the grounds, to beautify them and render them attractive, that may hereafter be deemed advisable; but time will remedy all this. We would suggest that as soon as it can well be done, the approach from Wooster street be made an eligible entrance - by building a good carriage way across the run, and a suitable gate at the Cemetery. This will do much to render the grounds valuable in the popular estimation.

The first sale of lots was November 18, 1863.

The number of burials in the Cemetery to this date are ten, as follows:

Sunday evening, November 15, 1863, a child of E. R. Moore, aged about two weeks.

January 1864, infant of J. H. Unger.

April 25, 1864, Timothy Cone, aged 87.

____ __, ____, Alexander S. Nugent, student in the Preparatory Department of Marietta College, killed by railroad accident above Belpre, May 23, 1864, aged about 18; deposited in the vault at the Mound Cemetery, subsequently interred in Oak Grove.

November 9, 1865, Jennie A. Stratton, daughter of George E. Stratton, of Harmar, removed from Mound Cemetery.

January 17, 1866, Col. Alexander L. Haskin, aged about 35.

February 1, 1866, Miss Irene Oldham, daughter of W. H. Oldham, Esq., aged 19.

March 27, 1866, Mrs. Diantha Thurlow, aged 48.

May 31, 1866, William S. Nye, removed from Mound Cemetery - died September 21, 1862, aged 39.

June 3, 1866, Mrs. Frances Eudora Nye, wife of William S. Nye - died at Chicago, June 1, aged 35.

We would advise all who have not a special reason for burying friends in the Mound Cemetery, such as having friends already buried there, to call on A. T. Nye, City Clerk, for a permit to bury in Oak Grove, as the time my soon come when they will otherwise regret it.


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