Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Razing Old Catholic Church Building

Marietta Daily Times, July 3, 1917

A ripping crash, followed by a thundering noise, startled residents of lower Fourth street late Monday afternoon. It was only the steeple of the old Catholic church, which is being torn down by workmen employed by the Taylor and Dye Development Co., which is reconstructing the building to be used as a garage.

A jerk of the ropes attached to the steeple caused the huge woodwork and some slate to come down with a crash that echoed against Walnut Hills. The bell tower also is to be removed.

The cross that formerly perched far up on the church building was at one time the highest built point in Marietta.

Marietta's old Catholic Church on lower Fourth Street was built in 1853. It was the first building in Marietta constructed from bricks made of clay from the Sacra Via earthworks. Photo by Wilson Waters, ca 1880.

The old Catholic Church building was converted into the "New Auto Storage" and service station in 1917. Photo by Harry P. Fischer, ca 1920s, Marietta College Library.

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