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Marietta Homes Compete For Cash Prizes

The Marietta Daily Times, December 17, 1930

Marietta will soon be gleaming with cheery Christmas lighted decorations and when the lights appear the city's Christmas spirit will be evident, for interest in the holiday season manifests itself in the amount of cheer and goodwill one offers to his neighbor, his friends and the casual acquaintance.  It is Christmas spirit that causes extensive buying less than a week before the day itself, and the same spirit causes lighting decorations to be hurriedly purchased or assembled and hasty designs worked out for decorating the outside of the homes. When buying for Christmas and erection of outdoor lighting decorations reach their peaks, then Marietta will be enjoying its holiday season.

For the second year The Times is offering cash prizes for the most beautifully and effectively decorated houses, and even more entrants in the contest are expected this year. Electrical contractors and others interested in things electrical report an unprecedented interest in outdoor lighting decorations this year, indicating to the sponsors of the prize contest that last year's lighted homes were missionaries in a wide field, and that each home lighted and decorated last year will mean four or five more that will display the true Christmas spirit this year. This is as it should be, for Marietta was never prettier, even in summertime, than it was last Christmas.

Many Ideas At Hand

Recently The Times published a list of outdoor lighting decoration ideas, but the list was not complete by any means, and hundreds of tips on methods of making the home radiate cheer through the medium of the little elfin lamps of many colors are available.  Ask any member of the family for his ideas about design and the chances are you'll have a dozen or more before the family is completely polled.  Neighbors can get together on designs for homes on the same street.  Everyone is sure to be interested and cooperation is certain to bring fine results.

Right now is the time to enter The Times' outdoor Christmas lighting and decorating contest in which cash prizes totaling $75 are offered.  Your home has an equal chance with every other one entered in the contest, and The Times calls attention to the fact that the small house suits itself as well to outdoor decorations as does the larger home, and that the amount of lights displayed and gaudiness of the showing will have no bearing on the judges' decision.

Mulford F. Smith of the illumination engineering department of the Monongahela West Penn Public Service Company, which is cooperating in the contest, is available for advice on home lighting and decorating, it was announced today. Mr. Smith, without charge, will be glad to draw up plans for lighting and decorating any home, store or building. He can be reached by calling the Monongahela West Penn offices, and will make suggestions and recommendations for outdoor lighting and decorating as soon as possible after the request is filed. Marietta persons, who find they have little time to make their own lighting and decorating plans, can obtain expert advice from Mr. Smith. It is urged, however, that all requests for such aid be filed immediately as Christmastime is drawing nearer and hundreds may avail themselves of this opportunity.


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