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Fireman's Parade

Marietta Intelligencer, September 8, 1852

It is but a short time, we think not more than three or four months, since a Fire company was organized in the upper ward of this corporation, and we were not a little surprised at the "turn out' which it made on Saturday last. We confess that we look upon such a parade as that of Saturday with much greater pleasure than almost any other, for the reason that the services of these men, with their engine, are necessary to the protection of the property of our citizens.

The engine which this company has in charge, though of much less power than the one purchased last year for the 1st Ward, is really a fine one, and if it is kept in good order - as we doubt not it will be by the "Defiance Company" - it will be of great service, and may often entirely stop the progress of fires which would prove very destructive if no engine was nearer than the one in the 1st ward.

The Engine House of this company is near the "Sacra Via." A very good bell has been procured for it, of sufficient size to alarm the people of the upper ward before notice of a fire in that neighborhood could be given in the 1st ward.

The members of the company have adopted a very neat uniform, and we understand have regular and frequent meetings. They have taken hold of the business in the right spirit - with a determination to maintain a thorough organization, to keep up a full company, to have their engine and apparatus always in good working order, and to be always "on hand" when they are needed.

We hope our citizens, and our authorities, will give them substantial "aid and comfort," so that they may not only keep their engine and fixtures in good repair, but purchase such additional hose, buckets, etc. etc. as may from time to time be needed.

We also hope that this demonstration may "provoke to good works" the other fire companies in Marietta and Harmar, and lead to a more thorough and efficient organization of our entire fire department.

We learn that after the parade on Saturday, the members of the "Defiance Company" were addressed by N. Ward, H. A. Towne and Davis Green, Esqrs.

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