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New Map of Washington County

The Marietta Republican, October 29, 1858

Map of Washington County, Ohio, by William Lorey, published by Edwin P. Gardner, Philadelphia, 1858. Library of Congress.

We have received a copy of the splendid new map of our county drawn by William Lorey, Esq., one of the best Civil Engineers in the State, and published by Mr. E. P. Gardner, who has the reputation of getting out some of the finest maps ever published. 

It shows the boundary lines of every lot and tract of land in the county, and gives the owners' names, besides giving all the roads, township lines and all the principal streams. It is very accurately drawn, beautifully engraved and elegantly framed. It is likewise ornamented with excellent views of a number of fine dwellings.

No resident of the county, especially a real estate owner, should be without it. It is very cheap at $5, the selling price. The limited number only over those subscribed for can be furnished, and those desirous of procuring a copy of this ornamental and almost indispensable article, should apply to Mr. Gardner at once. Copies may be had at the County Auditor's office and seen in the business houses and dwellings of Marietta generally.

Map of Washington County, Ohio (1858), Library of Congress website:

Illustrations include: Residences of G. W. Barker, Union Township; Edwin Guthrie, Belpre Township; Walter M. Buchanan, Watertown Township; E. S. and William McIntosh; Mrs. S. M. Dana, Waterford Township; and the Mansion House hotel, Marietta, Mrs. F. Lewis, proprietress.

Plats include: Newport, Bonn, Plymoutha nd Pleasanton, Beverly, Salem, Marietta, Harmar, Buell's Lowell, Matamoras, Grandview, Watertown, Barlow, and Cutler. 

Interesting sites on the Marietta plat include:  Plank Road (above Marion Street); a Powder Magazine on Montgomery Street near Sixth; a Brewery on the corner of Sixth and Montgomery streets; a Candle Factory on Third Street near Warren; Tanneries on Second Street near Sacra Via, on Montgomery at Sixth, and on Second between Butler and Greene; Wendelken's Flour and Grist Mill on Front near Knox; Cotton and Grey's Churn Factory near Seventh and Putnam streets; the Brick Yard of J. Pierce near Seventh and Cutler; the Union Chair Factory on Sixth between Putnam and Butler; J. O. Cram's Saw and Flour Mill along the Muskingum River near Butler; the Gas Works on the corner of Fifth and Greene streets; and the Steam Ferry crossing the Muskingum River at Putnam Street.

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