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Washington County Teachers

The Home News, April 6, 1861

Candidates for teachers in Washington county are as plentiful as candidates for office in Washington city. Only 119 young ladies and gentlemen presented themselves before the county examiners, on Saturday last, all desirous of an opportunity to teach the “young idea how to shoot.”

Certificates were issued to the following outside of the city:

Adams – Misses Elizabeth Fleck, Mary E. Atherton, Melissa Mason, E. M. Mason and E. Sheperd, Lowell. Miss J. D. Brown, Coal Run.

Aurelius – Miss Eliza J. James, Regnier’s Mills.

Barlow – Miss M. J. Preston, Vincent. Misses Clarissa C. J. Beach, S. J. Turner, A. L. Shields, Julia Ferguson, Harriet E. Evans, Christiana Lamb and Elizabeth Fraser, Barlow.

Belpre – Misses Eunice A. Paulk and Sarah R. Druse, Belpre. J. A. Brown and Miss Lottie Ames, Center Belpre. Miss A. M. Guthrie, Little Hocking.

Dunham – M. C. L. Rich, Dunham. Misses Sarah McGill, Katy Brown, Maggie Brown, N. Shaw and J. Shaw, Veto.

Fearing – Messrs. William H. Lankford, Wesley Athey and John Ward, Fearing.

Fairfield – Misses Sarah C. Smith and E. R. Dunsmore, Layman. Misses Esther Kinney and Martha M. Divine, Dunbar.

Grandview – W. H. Thompson, New Matamoras.

Independence – James A. Parr, Ostend.

Ludlow – Messrs. Samuel Miller and William Waddle, Flints Mills.

Lawrence – C. and A. Dupuy, Lawrence. Misses M. J. McCowan and L. Dye, Moss Run.

Marietta – John Coffman and Misses Sarah Scott, Eliza Bartlett and Melissa Olney, Harmar.

Newport – Misses Christiana Gitchell and Belle Little, Newport.

Salem – Misses Lucy Crawford and Alice Athey, Bonn. David Thomas and Misses Eliza Twiggs, Louisa Zollars, Jennie Williams, Amy Gray, Elizabeth Gray, Electa Grimes and Hettie E. Lingo, Lower Salem.

Palmer – Misses Caroline Cooper, Mary E. Thomas and M. Greenlee, Brown’s Mills.

Watertown – Messers. A. H. Benedict, R. Wolcott, Lewis Cutter, David Woodruff, Darius Payne and Misses Rosa Wolcott, Prudentia Martin, A. H. Wolcott, Jane Combs, Margaret Dunham and Mary Breckenridge, Watertown.

Waterford – S. S. McNeal, I. Burris and Misses Delilah and Elizabeth Brabham, Waterford.

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