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Marietta’s Cows

The Marietta Register (Semi-Weekly), July 8, 1887

We print a list of the cow owners by wards in this impression. It will appear that 204 different persons own 265 cows. It is impossible to state just how many are at large but probably 140. At one cow to the acre there is not a living for more than 10 cows in Marietta. There are not more than 15 acres, of what might be called grass, if one measures every foot of it. Half o this is weeds or a thin sickly shaded growth that has no substance in it. The result is there are more than 10 cows to the acre of this stuff in Marietta and to say that it is a kindness to any poor family to permit the cows at large is to talk without reason, to talk nonsense. Besides, the list will show that most of the cow owners are also owners of homes. The only advantage, if any, to the cow is the exercise and shade of the streets, but this is at the expense of making her a common scavenger and common thief. For the rest of the summer, if permitted, the cows will be restless tramps, chasing after every wagon, grocery stand, dooryard and garden, with a constant bawling and suffering much of the time for water.

The council takes the only justifiable view of it, and we are glad that it has decided to take the cow by the horns and lead her out of the streets. It is another indication that Marietta is advancing.

The following is the list of cow owners by wards. Where more than one is kept the number is stated. It will be seen that several own two, some three and one five.

First Ward (32)
D. B. Anderson
George Bachman
Frank D. Booth
Anthony Brown
J. J. Brenan
N. A. Creighbaum (two)
Jacob Conrath
F. R. Decker
Davis Bros., mother and sister (two)
John Gorman (two)
R. Merydith
J. W. McMaster (three)
L. R. Moore (two)
Kate McMaster
A. G. Martin (two)
Wm. W. Marvin
Jochien Otto
Jesse Pugh (two)
Jacob Rech
B. F. Sprague
Henry Van Bergen
A. Winsor
T. K. Wells (two)

Second Ward (44)
E. R. Alderman
M. B. Buell
Thos. C. Bay
A. H. Brown
Cynthia Bradford
R. L. Curtis
Jonathan Cline
Jacob Dye, trustee (two)
Ross Dye
Clarissa Dye
Henry Groves
Gross & Blohm (two)
Anthony Garry (three)
John Hill (two)
Thos. Highland (two)
James B. Haight
John Highland
S. S. Knowles
Peter Kline
J. L. Mills
Pape Bros. (two)
I. R. Rose
Wm. P. Racer
J. L. Reckard
Jacob Shimmel
J. H. and Mary E. Scott
Libbie D. Snodgrass (two)
John L. Smith
R. K. Shaw (two)
Geo. M. Woodbridge
Frank Weber (two)
A. J. Warner (three)

Third Ward (88)
E. M. Booth (two)
W. H. Buck (two)
Jacob Bast
Wm. D. Bailey
John H. Best, Jr.
Daniel Baker
W. H. Buell
Adam Brown (two)
August Brown
W. P. Bennett (three)
Fred Blume (three)
James Block
John Block
J. H. F. Browning
T. J. Connor
Wm. W. Caldwell (two)
J. D. Cadwallader
Harlow Chapin
L. W. Chamberlain
K. L. Dye
T. D. Dale
George R. Gear
Wm. Gerken
Wm. Geyer
J. Gorrell (two)
Samuel Hart
Mrs. Sallie Hart (two)
James Holden
R. G. Kinkead
Wm. Hoffman
E. O. L. Jett
Charles Jones (two)
Henry Kestermeier, Sr. (two)
C. Ketter
W. W. Lucas
John E. Leonhart
Fred Lohssee
Henry Lawrence
W. C. McCarty
Peter Moser (two)
Samuel Maloney
Samuel Marvin
Murray McMillin (two)
Mrs. Phebe Morse
Lucetta Mason
Craven Nixon
James W. Nye (two)
John D. Pape
Daniel Pfaff
Wallace A. Payne
Chas. R. Rhodes
Geo. Rice
M. M. Rose
J. W. Stanley
Catharine Schmidt
John D. Strauss
C. L. Schlaymaker (three)
W. A. Sniffen
Mrs. Carrie Tresch
Anton Uhnhann
Jacob Volkwein
S. C. Wilhelm
Chas. L. Weber
Stephen Weidner, Sr.
August Weber
M. P. Wells
John Wilking
Z. D. Walter
Louis Wendleken
M. K. Wendleken
Herman Weber
J. H. Young

Fourth Ward (101)
Frank Ackerman
Chas. Baker, 2d
Margaret Benhart (five)
W. W. Babcock, Jr. (two)
Wm. Beck
Peter Backes
John Clogston
George Cisler
Corwin Chamberlain
Mrs. John Carius (two)
James H. Devol
Johnathan Dye
C. C. Davis, Sr.
L. W. Ellenwood
Jacob Gerhart
Wm. Gluff
Mrs. Philip Gephart
Christ. Haag (two)
J. C. Holdren
John W. Hopp
R. A. Henthorn
John Holz
Peter Hartwig (two)
Amon Huff
James Jackson (two)
Harriet Kuntz
Gustus Kaiser
Wm. Kerns
Caroline Kirchner
Wm. Ketter
Wm. A. Lancaster
J. A. Lapham
Charles Lorentz
John Leonhardt, 2d
Fred Mahnken
Peter Maloy (two)
N. C. Morris
Mary Maloy
Adam Morganstern
John Mahnken, 2d
Wm. Meuser
Pearl Nott
Joseph O’Neal
Pitt Putnam
J. A. Plumer
Julia Peters (two)
H. C. Posey
L. W. Phillips
Fred Petre
Charles Pfaff
Rittenhouse Bros.
Adam Reiter (two)
Mrs. Elizabeth Schneider
Peter Steward
R. M. Sheets
Lucy S. Slocomb
Henry Schweitzer
John Scott
Peter Schlicher
Philip Severance
Matthew Strecker
D. F. Sayre
Catharine Spies
B. E. Stoahr
George Trier
Lee Williams
Henry Wendelken
Jacob Weber
James B. Wilson
Aaron Walker (two)
John Weber
Mrs. Michael Wagner (two)
John Weiser (three)
Adam Weber (three)
Jacob Young
Simon Zoller

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