Friday, July 24, 2009

Pike's Peak Gold Hunters

The Home News, March 19, 1859

The John Buck brought down the Muskingum on Wednesday night, the vanguard of the army of Pike's Peak gold hunters.  Their names are William Bisbee, J. H. Preston, C. B. Haywood, James Cooney, H. M. Davis and Joseph Smith, from Beverly and Waterford.  Dr. J. O. Wright, Isaac Parker, William Bivins, William Moore and R. Moore, from Unionville, Morgan County.  These men possess brave hearts and strong sinews, and with temperance and industry, will be able to work their way.  We hope that success may crown their efforts.  With their first remittance of dust, let each one include fifty cents for the Home News, so that all may hear weekly from the old folks at home.  

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