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The College Foot-Ball Team Defeated by Ohio State University

Marietta Register, November 30, 1893

The foot-ball team left, Friday, for Columbus, to contest for honors with the State University in foot-ball.  They were full of enthusiasm and expected to hold their competitors down.  The account of the game from Sunday's State Journal tells the rest.  It says:

The Ohio State University defeated the Marietta College, Saturday afternoon, in a onesided game of foot-ball.  The attendance was very slim, due to the fact that there was no advertising of the game.  Not even a notice appeared in the halls of the University buildings and many students will be surprised to learn that a game was played.

The State University team was an experiment, new men being played in several positions to try their strength as possibilities for the Kenyon game on Thanksgiving.  Of these Potter fought through the line with some success, but was a failure going around the end and tackling.

Snediker played his second game at center to the satisfaction of everybody, with the possible exception of a few Marietta people.

The visitors had  a strong line but were weak in tackling.  Nelson, Moore and Rorebeck did some good individual playing.

O.S.U. scored the first touchdown after thirteen minutes, in which the ball changed sides several times on downs.  Nagle and Reed each made 25 yard gains.  Touch by Howard.  No goal.  O.S.U. 4, Marietta 0.

In seven minutes O.S.U. scored again, after they had secured the ball on downs.  Nagle made a 20-yard run, and Foley made 20 yards and touch by hard fighting through the line.  Goal.  O.S.U. 10, Marietta, 0.

Next after O.S.U. received the ball on downs the ball was advanced within two yards of Marietta's line, when Howard carried the ball over for a touch.  No goal.  O.S.U. 14, Marietta 0.

Marietta made her first score by a kick for 20 yards, several short runs and Rorebeck's 12 yards and touch.  No goal.  O.S.U. 14, Marietta 4.

In the start off Wood gained 25 yards.  Then the ball was lost and regained on downs.  After the ball was advanced to the 5-yard line Howard carried it over for a touch.  No goal.  O.S.U. 18, Marietta 4.

Marietta next got the ball to the O.S.U. 20-yard line when Howard kicked for 20 and Wood secured the ball and made a 60-yard dash for a touch.  No goal.  O.S.U. 24, Marietta 4.

In second half O.S.U. made a touch after the ball had changed sides on downs and fumbles.  Potter carried it over.  Goal.  O.S.U. 34, Marietta 4.

Marietta tried to make a field kick, but was blocked by Reed, and Thurman securing the ball, carried it to the 5-yard line.  Nichols then crossed the line with the ball.  Goal.  O.S.U. 40, Marietta 4.

Marietta scored the last touch on Rorebeck's 40 yards and Nelson's 3 yards over the line.  No goal.  O.S.U. 40, Marietta 8.  The teams lined as follows:

O.S.U. - Nagle, Right End; Mullay, Right Tackle; Reed, Right Tackle; Gibbs, Right Guard; Snediker, Center; Calkins, Left Guard; Carson, Left Tackle; Boynton, Left Tackle; Thurman, Left End; Wood, Capt., Quarter; Foley, Right Half; Nichols, Right Half; Potter, Left Half; Howard, Full.

Marietta - Nelson, Right End; Hughson, Right Tackle; Williams, Right Guard; Keyes, Center; Middleswart, Left Guard; McLaren, Left Tackle; Dana, Left End; Brown, Capt., Quarter; White, Quarter; Moore, Right Half; Rorebeck, Left Half; Sloan, Full.

Summary:  Touchdowns, O.S.U., Howard 3, Foley 2, Wood, Potter, Nichols.  Marietta, Rorebeck, Nelson.  Goals, Howard 4.  Length of halves, 15 and 30 minutes.  Umpire and referee, Messrs. Haas and Sears.

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