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Marietta Woollen Factory

American Friend & Marietta Gazette, April 17, 1830

The Subscriber has commenced the various branches of Manufacturing Cloth, at his Fulling Mill.  Carding and Spinning, Fulling and Dressing Cloth, or either of the said branches will be done for customers; or he will take wool in the fleece and manufacture it into Flannels, Satinett, or Fulled cloths, on the most reasonable terms.  His Cards, as well as his machinery are new, and of a superior quality, and he will spare no pains to perform every part in a workmanlike manner; he would however observe, that much depends on the cleansing and preparing the wool before it is brought to the Carding Machine; as well as the management of the Sheep before shearing, (which he would not undertake to describe at this time.)  Those who have Domestic Spinning Machines, should bring their wool in boxes; and particular pains will be taken in carding, to make the rolls of a proper and equal size, and pack them so that they may be transported any distance without injuring them.

The customary price will be charged for carding; varying according to fineness, &c.

Spinning, eight and ten cents per run.

Cloth dressing, at reduced prices.

The subscriber has for sale a new and complete Spinning Gin and Roping Machine, containing 72 spindles.

He has also the exclusive right of using, and vending to others the right of using that valuable and highly approved machine called the Columbian Spinner, in the township of Marietta, excepting a few family rights already sold by Mr. Barnard.

Cash, Wool, and many other articles will be received in payment for the above.

WANTED, - A good Weaver, and three or four young women to spin, splice rolls, prepare wool, &c.

Billy Todd.

Marietta, April 3d, 1830.

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