Friday, May 7, 2010

Attempted Murder

The Marietta Tiimes, May 20, 1869

A cowardly attempt was made to murder Mr. Merit C. Judd, the night keeper of the Marietta and Harmar bridge, on last Sunday morning, at about 3 o'clock.  Mr. Judd says that at that hour in the morning, a man opened the door of the toll house and inquired the time, and also asked how long it would be till daylight.  Being told that it lacked a few minutes of three o'clock, the fellow commenced cursing because it was so late. 

Paying no attention to him, and thinking he had gone, Mr. Judd leaned back in his chair, and was dozing lightly, when the report of a pistol and the smell of burnt powder caused him to jump to his feet.  His first impression was that someone had fired the pistol to frighten him.  He glanced up at the time piece, and saw that it was just five minutes after three.  Opening the door and looking out, he saw a man by the railing, apparently trying to peep in at the window.  The fellow ran, as fast as he could, toward the Marietta side.  Mr. Judd had but a glance at him, but he is of the opinion that the man was the same that inquired about the time, and thinks he might be able to recognize him.

About this time, Mr. Judd became sick, and feeling a burning sensation on his left breast, opened his clothes and found that he had been shot.  The bullet passed through a thickly padded coat and vest and two shirts, and entered the breast immediately over the heart, lodging against a rib.

Mr. Judd went for Constable Miniear, and the officer came over for Dr. Frank Hart.  When crossing the bridge, on the outside, he heard someone on the inside, but it did not occur to him to search the bridge until after his return.  The bridge was searched, but no one could be found. 

The wound is not a dangerous one, and we are glad to see that Mr. Judd is able to be about.  The object was no doubt robbery, as Mr. Judd says to the best of his knowledge he has no personal enemies, here or elsewhere, who would seek to do him an injury.  All good citizens will strive to bring the would-be murderer to justice.

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