Monday, May 10, 2010

John Greiner Song

The Marietta Times, May 20, 1869

The following original song was sung by Governor Greiner at a gathering of the Odd Fellows, in this place, on Wednesday night, 12th inst.:

Floating down the blue Muskingum,
     In the merry month of May;
Forests filled with sweetest music,
     Fields with flowers in bright array,
Coming all, with hearts as lightly
     As the dancing waters flow;
On the way to Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

Nestling homesteads, blooming orchards,
     "Cattle on a thousand hills;"
Sparkling through the fragrant meadows,
     Murmuring brooks, and crystal rills;
Valley of the happy Elk-Eye,
     Richer landscapes who can show!
Journeying on to Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

Odd Fellows of the Ancient Order
     Built the mystic Covered Way;
"Campus Martius," "Sacra Via,"
     Mounds and Plain, their skill display.
Good old fellows - funny fellows,
     Did a heap of work to show
Our Grand Lodge in Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

Proudly thought the ancient builders
     Of these Mounds and Way and Plain,
Monuments of skill and labor
     Should forever here remain.
Vain! - for hands so sacrilegious,
     Clay upheaved so long ago,
Make the bricks for Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

Now, strange fellows, queer good fellows,
     All Odd Fellows, here we see,
The White - the Pink - the Blue - the Green
     And the scarleted degree.
Boasting nigh four hundred Lodges,
     Thirty thousand members true,
All like these, in Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

The feed the hungry, clothe the naked,
     Stand by those who stand in need;
Fear the Lord and love your neighbor,
     Is the true Odd Fellows' creed.
Aid the Daughters of Rebecca;
     Then, when you to Heaven will go,
You'll remember Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

When our Order it shall govern,
     Men no more will be deceivin',
Wives no longer will be scolding,
     Odd Fellows will then be even.
Every maid shall have a sweetheart,
     Every widow have a beau,
And a home in Marietta,
     On the river Ohio.

Daughters of Rebecca, blooming,
     Brethren, they are something slow,
Don't get home till nearly midnight,
     Dearest Becky's - is that so?
Ridin' a goat is rather tiresome,
     Sad experience tells us so;
Prove it we can in Marietta,
     On the river Ohio!

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