Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Goods

The Ohio Gazette and Virginia Herald, August 11, 1808

The subscriber respectfully informs the Public that he has received on consignment, at his House and Store in Marietta, a Variety of Goods, of the first quality and elegance, well assorted for the present and approaching seasons – which he will sell at the most reduced prices:

Consisting of Groceries & Liquors of All Kinds.
With an Assortment of Crockery & Dry Goods viz.

Fine Madrass Handkerchiefs, Leno Shawls, Tamboured Leno, Superfine Leno, Plain Leno, Black Cambrick, White Gauze, Black Gauze, Hat Band Crape, Silk & Cotton Suspenders, Silk Handkerchiefs, assorted, Linen Diaper, Cotton Napkins, Long Ankeens, Short Ankeens, Tape, assorted, Bobbin, assorted, Thread, assorted, Black Lace, White Lace, Turkey Red, Printed Cotton, Amer. Manufac. Bed Ticking, Irish Linen, Fancy waistcoating, Curtain Calico, mamoodyes, Company Garrah’s, Gold-headed Mamoodys, Superfine Black Cloth, Superfine Blue Cloth, Black Kersimeere,Blue Kersimeere, Double milled Kersimeere, Tamboured Leno Caps, Men’s Silk Hose, Ladies Cotton Hose, Twist, Buttons, &c., &c. Ribbons, assorted, Fine Calicoes, Silk Umbrellas, Morocco Shoes.

A small Assortment of Hardware. viz.

Carving Knives,
Table Knives,
Dessert Knives,
White Chapel Needles,
Fishing Hooks,
Snaffle Bridle Bitts,
Stirrup Irons,
Ivory Combs,
Horn Combs,
Rasor Straps,
Gimblets, assorted,


Writing paper, assorted,
Copy Books,
Receipt Books,
Register’s Paste Boards,
Fine Holland Quills,
Pocket Books.


Looking Glasses,
Spye Glasses,
Liquor Proofs,
Perfumes of different kinds,
Cordial and
Preserved Fruits,
Spanish Segars,
American Segars,
Cloth Brushes,
Painter’s and flesh Brushes,


A very Elegant Assortment of Fancy Goods & Ladies Bonnets Lately Imported from Europe.

Dried Codfish,
Smoaked Herring,
Pickled Herring,


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