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Notice - Ohio University

Western Spectator, June 13, 1812

Agreeably to appointment by the late board of trustees, the undersigned are authorised to inform the public, that the Ohio University situate at Athens, is now open for the admission of Students in the various branches of useful education.  To witness the progress of the Arts and Sciences, in an infant settlement, and to behold the youth of our country improving in knowledge and virtue, is indeed worthy the attention of a Parent, and the fostering care of the Legislature!

In this seminary of learning, the Latin, and Greek languages, History, Geography, Rhetoric, Astronomy, Mathematics, Navigation, Surveying, Arithmetic, and English Grammar, are now taught under the direction of the Revd. Jacob Lindly, who is a Gentleman of liberal education, and will carefully attend to the morals and improvement of the pupils entrusted to his charge.

As the Ohio University, has been liberally endowed by Congress, for the common benefit of the State, the Trustees have thought proper to require no tuition money from the Students.  The funds arising from the College lands, have therefore induced the Board to admit all students free from the expense of tuition and the necessary fire wood used in the Academy.  Good boarding and washing may be had in respectable families, on reasonable terms.

In justice to the institution, we can further state, that it flourishes beyond expectation, and that during the late meeting of the Board, the students acquitted themselves with credit in the examination of the Latin and Greek languages, in Geography, Rhetoric, English Grammar and Arithmetic.

N.B.  Students who they wish to attend to any branch of Literature, will apply to Mr. Lindly, the Presiding instructor, and conform to the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees.

R. J. Meigs
Jesup N. Couch
Edwin Putnam

May 6, 1812.

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