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"A Villanous Act" - Mitchell L. Montgomery

American Friend, & Marietta Gazette, March 26, 1828

Barnesville, Belmont County, Ohio,
March the 10, 1828.

About the first of this instant, an old revolutionary soldier arrived at Pittsburgh from near Barnesville, Ohio, for the purpose of drawing his pension.  While in Pittsburgh, he became acquainted with a man by the name of Major P. Reid, who he previously had seen once or twice in Barnesville.  He informed Reid his business, who proposed going with him to the office, where the old soldier drew ninety six dollars, the amount of his pension.

Reid professed great kindness for the old man, who was very unwell at the time, and proposed taking him under his care until they arrived at Barnesville.  He further proposed that the old man should give him his money for safe keeping, which he did to the amount of ninety four dollars.  They left Pittsburgh together in the steam boat Star, and arrived at Wheeling Va. on the 5th inst. when Reid left the old man under pretence of getting him a conveyance to Barnesville.  He waited for Reid, but he not making his appearance, left Wheeling and arrived at Barnesville on the 7th inst.  Reid also arrived there on the evening of the same day.  The old man demanded his money.  Reid informed him he should have it the next morning, it being in his trunk, which was in a wagon that would arrive about 8 or 9 o'clock.  Reid disappeared the same evening, taking with him the old soldiers money, and has not been heard of since.

Reid imposed himself upon the old man as a brother of a respectable man of the same name, who lives near Barnesville, and informed him that they were about opening a store there, and that the merchandise for that purpose was on board the boat they took passage in.

Mitchel L. Montgomery, is the name of the old soldier.  He is now 84 years old, and depended on his pension for support of himself and his aged wife.  Thus a brave soldier, of nearly a century old, and one that has received many wounds while braving the enemies of his country, is deprived of the means of support by the villainy of one of the most abandoned, callous hearted wretches that ever lived.

Major P. Reid is from Parkersburgh, Va.  He has been long a boatman on the Ohio river, but for some time past, has lived by gambling and other villainous acts.  He is about twenty six years old, about six feet high, slim built, with long legs and large feet.  He generally wears his hat on one side and is fond of chewing a stick or quill.  It is the opinion of many that he is now lurking about Parkersburgh, Va. or Marietta, or it may be he has gone further down the river.  Be where he may, the most likely place to find him will be in a gambling house.  It is presumed nothing further need be said to elicit the feelings of every friend to humanity in aid of the apprehension of the villain.  The pensioner offers $30 reward for the recovery of the money.

Editors of papers will please publish the above.

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