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Indicted Arraigned in Court

The Register-Leader, June 24, 1918

Charged with abandoning legitimate children, James Turner appeared before Judge Edw. B. Follett in Common Pleas court, Monday morning, an indictment having been returned by the last grand jury.  He entered a plea of not guilty and was sentenced by the court to serve from one to three years in the Ohio State Penitentiary at hard labor.  It was the recommendation of the court that the prisoner be released at the end of one year.

Barbara Warren faced charges of keeping a house of ill-fame, inducing one Anna Poole to immoral conduct and harboring a girl under the age of 18, for immoral purposes.  A plea of not guilty was entered to all of the charges and her bond was fixed at $1,500.  As this amount is secured by property owned by Mrs. Warren she was released.

Charles Laughlin, a railroad man who lives near Belpre, was arraigned on a charge of assault and battery.  He pleaded guilty and was fined $10 and costs, which he paid and was released.  The charges resulted from a dispute over the ownership of a dog.  Laughlin pleaded guilty to the same charge before a justice at Belpre but as charges were not brought by the assaulted man the procedure was not according to law and the man was again arrested on an affidavit sworn out by the man whom he assaulted.  In Squire C. T. O'Neill's court he pleaded guilty and was bound over to the grand jury.

Lawrence Singer, colored, was charged with burglary and larceny.  He pleaded guilty and was fined $30 and costs.  Singer opened the cash register at the Blume and Hauck barber shop, where he had been working, and took about $15.

Frank Lemon, charged with burglary and larcenty, pleaded guilty.  His case was continued for sentence and bond was placed at $400.  Lemon broke into the Cottle grocery at the corner of Seventh and Greene and took a number of articles, among them being a flashlight, some gum and candy and a small amount in money.

Charged with assault and battery, Friend T. Dye entered a plea of not guilty and bond was fixed at $300.  He furnished this and was released.

Cora Young faced an indictment charging conducting a house of ill-fame.  She pleaded guilty and was assessed a fine of $100 and costs and sentenced to serve six months in jail.  The jail sentence was suspended during good behavior and on condition that the woman secure and retain honest employment.

Mary Wright pleaded guilty to the same charge and was fined $100 and costs.  The fine was suspended on condition that she leave Marietta and stay away.

Marie West also faced a charge of conducting a house of ill-fame.  She was released on condition that she immediately leave town and stay away.

Ella Smith entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of conducting a house of ill-fame. Her bond was fixed at $300.  Leeper and Leeper are her attorneys.

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