Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Vein of gold

The Marietta Daily Times, December 4, 1899

A Death-Bed Confession Tells of Gold in Washington County.

In Maysville, Ky., there died three weeks ago, a man who upon his death-bed made the startling admission that fifty years ago he found gold in Washington county.

The confession was made to Robert Watkins, of this city, who was at the bedside.

The story is that fifty years ago he dug a water well at a point about five and a half miles up the Muskingum river and when down to the depth of about 35 or 36 feet he dug through a vein of gold two and a half feet in thickness and of a good quality.

He stated that the well was about 100 yards from the river bank and near a small ravine.

The well furnished elegant water and was used for years, but he thought that it was afterward abandoned.

He confided his secret to no one and carried it for almost fifty years and then only told it as death hove in sight.

Mr. Watkins told his story to Marshal Dye and the matter will be investigated.

It is thought from the description of the place as given in the story, that it is the old well that stands in front of the old mill and is on the place owned by Frank Weber.

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