Monday, October 10, 2011

Accident to Father Walker

The Home News, July 21, 1860

An accident of a severe nature occurred to Father Walker, pastor of St. Mary's Church in this city, at Pilcher's Hill, on Monday last.  He was going out on the train to visit one of his stations, expecting to get off when the train reached the top of Pilcher grade, the Engineer having been accustomed to slacken speed to enable him to do so.  But forgetting that Mr. Walker was on the train, he neglected it, which the unfortunate gentleman perceiving, he determined to risk jumping.  In doing this his head came violently in contact with a stump, and he fell to the ground insensible.  He was soon discovered by the friends who were expecting him, and removed to their house, where he was properly cared for. 

A brakesman saw the accident, but neglected to give notice until the train had passed two miles beyond the place.  The conductor immediately returned, but finding Mr. W. in good hands, went on.

Father Walker was severely hurt.  He was removed to his residence in this city the same afternoon, and is doing well.  It was a narrow escape.

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