Thursday, August 2, 2012

Arrested After Five Years

The Marietta Register (Weekly), August 2, 1894

Nathaniel Jones is Arrested for a Robbery Committed in 1889.

Justice is sometimes slow, but it is generally pretty sure.

Such will be the case if the following charges are proved true.

This afternoon, Constable Theis brought Nathaniel Jones, of Reynolds' Run, to this city, and lodged him in jail, on a State warrant.

He is charged with breaking into and robbing the store of Fred Hoffman, of Rea's Run, of about $50 worth of goods.

The robbery was committed Aug. 25, 1889, and until yesterday no arrests were made.

Jones was arrested upon information furnished the officers who say they have long suspected Jones and now have a strong case against him.

'Squire Cady bound Jones over to the next grand jury.

A Register man saw Jones at the jail.  The prisoner said that the arrest was a put up job against him and he thinks he can prove his innocence.

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