Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Ohio Gazette and Virginia Herald, December 9, 1811

About an hour before day on Friday morning, the shop of Messrs. Justus and Manly Morse, Tanners and Shoemakers of this town, was discovered to be in flames.  In a short time, the shop with all its valuable contents, including a great quantity of leather, was reduced to ashes - and in all probability a very extensive and destructive fire was only prevented by the favorable course of the wind.  The owners have sustained a serious loss, and there is a suspicion that some vile incendiary committed the act.  It is a fact, that night robbery and pilfering have been carried on to a very considerable extent in this town, for several months past: the idea of keeping the business still or secret, until the thief is taken, is ridiculous.  The more sly and crafty the thief finds his adversary for his detection, the more caution and dexterity will he use in keeping the secret.  Whoever the thief or thieves may be, they have evinced much skill in their occupation of late. 

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