Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mail Collection By Automobile

Marietta Daily Times, September 30, 1911

Horses and Mail Wagons to be Done Away With in Marietta.

Beginning on Sunday, the horses and wagons, which have been used by the local post-office authorities in collecting mail from the street boxes, will be discontinued, and an automobile will be substituted.  From this date, the mail carriers will not collect mail from the boxes, all this work being done by the collector in the automobile.  In this way, the public will receive their mail earlier than heretofore.

The automobile will also be used to deliver packages, which come through the mails, to the remote parts of the city.  As the carriers have, in the past, been compelled to carry a heavy load around the city for several hours, this will be a welcome departure from the old way to the mail carriers themselves.

The arrangement for collections of mail matter by automobile has been made with the Marietta Motor Car Co. of this city, by Postmaster Alderman.  There will be no additional expense to the government under the new way.

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