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Survivors of 148th O.V.I.

The Register-Leader, October 11, 1911

Survivors of 148th O.V.I. Who Were in Attendance at Dinner Served by Daughter of Colonel of Regiment.

Following is a list of survivors of the 148th Ohio Volunteer Infantry who attended the banquet tendered by Mrs. Julia Reed, daughter of the late Colonel Moore, last week:

A. E. Tompkins, Co. F, Lowell, age 66.
John Drain, Co. H, Vincent, age 62.
I. F. Palmer, Co. F, Barlow, age 67.
J. A. Arnold, Co. J, Vincent, age 66.
David C. Smith, Marietta, age 71.
Milton H. Ellis, Co. H, Bartlett, age 64.
T. J. Mellor, Co. A, Marietta, age 75.
G. C. Henry, Co. F, Waterford, age 74.
Godfrey Leibrand, Vincent, age 70.
S. R. Beebe, Co. J, Waterford, age 75.
R. S. Babb, Co. G, Marietta, age 78.
A. S. O'Blenness, Co. G, Marietta, age 67.
Ezra Mankin, Belpre, Ohio, age 70.
J. P. Smith, Co. B, Marietta, age 73.
W. W. West, Co. B, Marietta, age 79.
H. C. Ferguson, Co. F, Marietta, age 65.
L. C. West, Co. B, Spring Hill, Kansas, age 64.
Enoch Huggins, Co. K, Marietta.
S. N. Hobson, Co. D, Athens.
R. T. Miller, Co. B, Marietta.
R. F. Alexander, Co. I, Cutler, O.
D. J. Richards, Co. I, Zanesville, O.
Roscoe Wolcott, Co. J, Watertown, age 69.
J. H. Gitchell, Co. J, Marietta, age 70.
M. M. Hart, Co. K, Marietta, age 66.
Edward Anderson, Co. K.
A. F. Braddock, Marietta R. D. 2, age 69.
W. P. Racer, Co. A, Marietta, age 66.
R. J. Beebe, Co. J, Marietta, age 73.
Edward Cecil, Co. H, Vincent, age 71.
James McCammon, Co. K, Marietta, age 72.
H. B. Davis, Co. G, Newport, age 71.
W. H. Jennings, Co. B, Reno, age 74.
George Mull, Co. K, Whipple, age 68.
Charles Coffman, Co. K, Marietta, age 74.
A. S. Wilcox, Co. K, Parkersburg, age 68.
John C. Vincent, Co. F, Vincent, age 70.
Albert Riley, Co. J, Waterford, age 67.
James Cain, Co. B, Marietta, age 73.
N. E. Kidd, Co. B, Stanleyville, age 78.
Luther Lapham, Co. G, Cleveland, Ohio, age 63.
Tyrannus Power, Co. J, Watertown, age 74.
J. R. Beebe, Co. J, Waterford, age 75.
A. M. Jordan, Co. F, Beverly, age 68.

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