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Rambling Up Town

Daily Register, October 13, 1894

A Few Things Noticed.

Yesterday afternoon, in rounding up "news" in the upper part of town a reporter undertook to make a note of each new building going up on the streets he went over, together with other things noticeable to a passer, and here is the transcript from his note book.
Remodeled front to J. D. Strauss' house, on Washington street.
A young lady riding a bicycle and looking very neat in a reform dress, more often called bloomers.
Miss Katie Kaiser in charge of W. F. Kaiser's store on Fourth street.
About fifty or sixty boys from the Washington street school playing "shinny" on the old Indian mound just back of the school building.  The boys said they were having a half holiday to make up for the holiday they did not get last spring, when the Maple Grove picnic was postponed so often and finally given up.
A new house on Fifth street, just beyond Washington, being built by Mr. Hill, to rent.  Another house next door for Dr. Eddy, and another house next to that evidently just occupied.
On Fifth, just beyond Warren, John Rouse's house was being completed and painted.
Between Fifth and Sixth, John Schramm, the blacksmith, had a house almost completed.
Met a man who said there was a pretty lively "belling" somewhere near the corner of Fifth and Warren the evening before.
William Jackson's new moving wagon.
The United Brethren new church building.  This building is on Wooster street between Sixth and Seventh, and will be a fine building when completed.  The brick walls were up about twelve feet and gave a good idea of the general plan of the floor.  The parsonage is across the street, nearly opposite.  The people hope to occupy the new church about the first of December, and will, if nothing occurs to delay the work.
Coming down town again Weber's old store room was being moved up street about half a block on Third.  His new house near the corner of Scammel and Third is nearly completed.
On Scammel between Second and Third was another house of Mr. Ed. Hill's.
On Front street, the nicest girl in Marietta.

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