Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Famous Bike Rider Coming to Marietta

Marietta Daily Times, June 25, 1923

The famous Bob Lawson of New York City, who for many years has been one of the leading cyclists of America, will visit Marietta on his silver wheel tomorrow.  He will conduct a bicycle parade or run, at the conclusion of which he will tell the boys about some of his thrilling experiences and will give an exhibition on his wheel of the right and wrong way to ride a bicycle and how to get the most out of it in healthful exercise and comfort.
There will be souvenirs for every boy and girl in the run and a gold watch will be given away.
Lawson will lead the line on what is undoubtedly the handsomest bicycle in America, if not in the world.  Everybody who owns a bicycle is invited to participate in this big bicycle event.
Mr. Lawson will arrange the place of assembly and the details of the run as soon as he arrives in the city and these will be announced in the newspapers as soon as possible.
Mr. Lawson has participated in 14 six-day bicycle races at Madison Square Garden, New York City, and for many years held short and long distance records.  He originated the "whirl of death" stunt that was the principal thriller of the leading circuses and later developed the exceedingly dangerous ride down a steep incline that suddenly turned upward and threw him up into the air, landing right side up on his wheel on a platform 50 feet distant.  He made the trip from New York to 'Frisco in 361 riding hours and a trip from British Columbia to New Mexico in 124 hours.

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